Tips for the first time gardener.


Tip #1: Anything looks better in groups.

It might be the ugliest flower on earth, but when planted in groups of at least 5-7 plants, it will look better. Repeat series of plants in two-three spots in the garden, and it will create a good composition.

Tip #2: Mix the groups of plants: tall and short, dark foliage and light, fuzzy and glossy, plants that will bloom in the spring next to the flowers that will bloom in the summer and fall.

This provides interest for the viewer, and gives your garden a finished look. As long as you keep your plants in groups of 5-7 plants, it will give enough interest and flow.

Tip #3: Read the label.

When planting from seeds, follow the instructions on the label! It seems like a no-brainer, but we choose to try itour way over and over, just to wake up to a disappointing empty flower bed day after day. If it says that the plant needs sun - it means it needs sun. If it says that the seeds need to be planted in the fall - they need to be planted in the fall. Especially when you are just starting out, follow the instructions.

Tip #4: Fertilize.

You might be putting it off for a while, but as soon as you will purchased and spread some Miracle Grow around the garden - it will explode in the most beautiful way. I speak from experience...

Tip #5: To save the money: check out e-bay, and research easy to grow from seeds plants.

It helps to purchase a few plants already started. Nothing like adding a new group of flowers to your brand new garden! However, the cost can add up very quickly. To keep your budget reasonable, look for large groups of started plants on e-bay, and plant from seeds.

Tip #6: Plan your garden accessories to fit one style. Stick to your plan!

Choose a style for your garden and stick to it. Come up with a definition for your garden, it will be your guide for selecting accessories. Add a seating area, a bird-bath, and a few garden sculptures to begin with. As time goes on, make sure that everything that you buy abides by the rules you set for yourself.

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avorodisa profile image

avorodisa 5 years ago from Russia

Great hub! I will stick to your advice when I have my own garden!

Bukarella profile image

Bukarella 5 years ago Author

Thank you. I did it because I was looking for beginners' tips when I started out this spring. I hope people find it helpful.

jetta17 profile image

jetta17 5 years ago

I like your eBay tip for the seeds. I garden indoors during the winter and it is almost impossible to find seeds at stores, so eBay is the way!

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