Decorating with Antique Tabriz Rugs

Antique Tabriz rug #3247
Antique Tabriz rug #3247 | Source
Antique Tabriz rug #41890
Antique Tabriz rug #41890 | Source
Antique Tabriz carpet #43571
Antique Tabriz carpet #43571 | Source

Antique Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz rugs come from the city of Tabriz, in Persia (modern day Iran). If you have never heard of Antique Tabriz rugs then you are missing out on a beautiful addition to your homes decor. Tabriz rugs are hands down one of the most breathtaking & beautiful type of rugs out of all the Persian rugs on the market today. They are so versatile that one could easily place them in either modern or traditional home's decors. Since these timeless rugs come in earth-tone as well as rich color palette finding that one special piece might prove to be easier than you think.

Out of all the countries, England is the one country that appreciates the fine craftsmanship seen in the Tabriz rugs. The European market as a whole seems to really admire the looks & quality of these antique works of art.

The Nazmiyal Collection in New York City is home to one of the largest collections of antique so you are pretty much guaranteed to find what you like. When purchasing an Antique Tabriz rugs or set of rugs one must remember that certain criteria must be taken into account as they will affect the price range for what you want. Things like min and max size, overall pattern vs. medallion, age, colors and condition will all play a factor so the more flexible you are the greater the selection that you will be able to see.

So next time you are in the market for Oriental rugs make sure to ask about Antique Tabriz Rugs - you will be happy you did!

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Eloise Hope profile image

Eloise Hope 5 years ago from Portland, Oregon, USA

Can I just say how much I love these rugs? I'm curious about what age range qualifies as 'antique', and whether more are available for sale in England than in the US. How can we assess the condition? Thanks for your help -

nazmiyal profile image

nazmiyal 5 years ago from New York Author

Hi Eloise,

Thank you so much! This is exactly why we spend so much time and energy - you make it all worthwhile :) In the USA the historical society give us the right to call anything over 80 years old antique (unlike art which has to be 100 years old. But you don't walk on a Modigliani painting so chances are it will survive longer). My guess is that the USA has the same amount of good pieces if not more and I was not too sure about your last question so if you could elaborate that would be great!

In the meantime - please feel free to visit our website at:

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