Cheap Rat bait station

Simple and Cheap rat bait station

Welcome to the school of creative thinking. The only introduction of mine is that i can think or i have started to think from today, this does not mean that people can not think or billion people in this world can not think but the only difference is that they think but they can not materialise their thoughts or can not reach to other thinkers.

i have started this hub or this page just to motivate and create people to think. i am trying to reach as many as people through this articles and bring a revolution in thought process. Till now my article seems thoughtless but in next few lines that we have stopped thinking nowadays.

Take a simple example when you want to catch a mouse in your house what do you do?

Simple :-

1. Go to some hardware store

2. Bring a rat bait station ($.32.00) and some rat poison ($10.00).

3. Put the poison in rat bait station to the rat to come and eat the poison and die.

4. You invested around $42.00 to kill the rat.

Now do it otherwise

  1. Take a hollow pipe (waste in your home).
  2. Drill two holes in the middle of the pipe.
  3. Take a piece of soft wire.
  4. Pass the wire through the holes while putting the rat baits in the middle of pipe.
  5. Your rat bait station is ready to kill the rats. This bait station will serve all the purpose which an expensive one would do.

now do you think is it worth buying a rat bait station or use the hollow drain pipe and make a rat bait station yourself.

This whole exercise does not mean that i am a smart person, it is only that i thought which is the cheapest, easiest and safe option. There could be something which can be used to be rat poison and still cost you nothing.

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Robert Heiney 6 years ago

This certainly is not a bad idea but it may not pass EPA criteria for 'tamper-resistance'. The wire through the pipe concept works but may require extra servicing time. Well designed bait stations open quickly and easily and the bait can be easily replaced. Pipe can roll - even with the wire in place. Bait stations are designed with flat bottoms for stability. Most professionals glue or otherwise secure the flat bottomed bait station for additional security.

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