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writing children stories

Children stories may vary according to a child development. I have a bunch of unpublished stories still hoping to be publish for the benefit of impoverished children who needs help. There are eleven titles written about fourteen years ago.High cost of publishing is one reason why it is sitting in my closet. When writing children stories make it interesting by choosing topics based on a child imagination drawing from simple things they could see around them and also topics that revolve within the family circle. It maybe drawn also from a child environment as the child is growing up, in a school setting, home setting or even growing up in the farm. In the farm , writing about animals in a child's mind like how to feed them, and making description of their features, the sounds they make can be an interesting.

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Rapidwriter 9 years ago from UK

If you want to get your stories published cheaply, you could invesitgate  They publish free and only charge for the services you choose and the bumber of books you buy.  Otherwise, they handle orders etc. and charge a percentage of what they sell and send you the rest.  Good luck.

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