Christopher Paolini, Author of Inheritance Trilogy Books

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Christopher Paolini - A Few Facts

Christopher Paolini was born November 17, 1983 in California. He was raised in Montana and still lives there. Paolini has one sibling, Angela.

He was homeschooled for his entire academic career. Christopher graduated high school at age 15. After graduating, Paolini started writing a fantasy book about mythical dragons that would be named Eragon. He also wrote a second book , titled Eldest, in the series containing the same mythological beings.

When the first book was finished, Christopher's family helped him start self-publishing the fantasy book. Paolini even did the cover art of the first edition. It featured a close-up of Saphira's eye. He drew maps of his imaginary world inside the book covers. Paolini toured schools and libraries talking about reading and writing while dressed up in a medieval styled costume. Christopher's break came when a student at one of the schools he visited showed the book to his stepdad, who was a writer. The writer, Carl Hiaasen, was so impressed that he introduced the book to his publisher.

Knopf, a division of Random House publishing, offered to buy Eragon and the rest of the books in the series, called the Inheritance trilogy. Knopf published the second edition in 2003. Christopher Paolini had become a New York Times best-selling author while still a teenager. Both books hit the #1 spot on the New York Times best-sellers list. Eragon has been made into a movie and there are rumors of Eldest also coming to film.

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Christopher Paolini, Author of the Inheritance Trilogy Series of Books
Christopher Paolini, Author of the Inheritance Trilogy Series of Books

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Christopher Paolini Author 25 comments

motonurse 8 years ago

I would love to see Eldest made into a movie. Does anyone know if and when it may be coming out?

Christina 8 years ago

When is Empire coming out because I really love the eragon books and I want to know what happens next?

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Motonurse, rumors are that Eldest will be made into a movie. But to my knowledge there have been no official announcements made.

Christina, the newest Eragon book will be released September 20. It is called Brisingr and it can be pre-ordered from this page at a big discount!

elizabeth 8 years ago

does any1 know christopher's home address because i wrote a book and i want his opinion?

T. A. Northburg profile image

T. A. Northburg 8 years ago from Colorado, USA

I loved reading Eragon and am a fan of Paolini. He is an amazing writer. I am just starting Eldest can't wait to see where it takes me.

T. A. Northburg

Danny 7 years ago


DANEL 7 years ago



sci-fifantasy 7 years ago

What is "Eldest" about? Where could I find infos about it?

Carla Rodrigues dos Santos  7 years ago

sou fá dos iivros tenho todos eles já ii todos gostaria de saber se vai ter continuaçao deles

Nick 7 years ago

dude if you want to know what it is about READ IT

Rosa 6 years ago

Ha Ha the guy called Nick said dude,and sci-fifantasy is really stupid. READ INHERITENCE. I think I spelt that wrong. Oh well.

Rosa :-)

Quinten 6 years ago

LOVE THE BOOKS THINK THE NEW ONES called shur'tugal I LOVE REDI?G AND THANS TO YOU im now int owriting (srry i keep hitting caps lock)

ANISHA 6 years ago


Austin 6 years ago


Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 6 years ago from Around the USA Author

Austin, Agreed! I wish they would put out another movie, too.

Zack  6 years ago

The movie was terrible compared to the book, but id still give the movie 3 stars.

Minnie 6 years ago

I agree with Zack and can't wait for book 4.When is it coming out?

Will 5 years ago

I have just finished Inheritance and it is the best. But i think Christopher should add on to the series... They should make a movie for all the books but try to be more accurate.

Will 5 years ago

i am a huge fan. I have just finished Inheritance and it is the best. But i think Christopher should add on to the series... They should make a movie for all the books but try to be more accurate.

Will 5 years ago

Srry didnt mean to post that 2.

Sparky14785 5 years ago

Love the books find a way to make more

Heather 5 years ago

I think he should definetely write more books about eragon, inheritance wasn't final at all

Garrett Sullivan 4 years ago

I really loved all the books and i am a huge fan. but what the crap happened with inheritance you just rushed through it, you should have written another book.

stone 4 years ago

You should make eldest a movie. it was a good book I want to see it become a better movie.

Zach Butts 4 years ago

U need to redo Eragon as a movie and make the other three books a movie too, u should also write another book, don't stop here u can easily make more books off the endin u had, which was to sad to end the trilogy with

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