Classroom Management

Quiet down! Getting kids quiet and settled in record time.

Quick and easy strategies for getting your class quiet!

Set a timer. Kids love to try to "beat the clock".

Count down from 10. This works especially well with little ones.

Boys vs. Girls--- whoever is quiet in the shortest amount of time gets a point. Tally points at the end of the day. This strategy can be used to achieve many different goals.

The Quiet Game-- Choose one child to pick the "quietest" person, who will then choose next. Again, little ones love this game.

1-2-3 Statue! When you have worn out the quiet game, try this one! Call out "1-2-3 Statue!" and students must freeze like a statue. The stillest person is the winner and gets to choose next. Great hallway game.

Imaginary glue sticks-- This works wonderfully w/ pre-K through 2nd graders. I ask students to get out their imaginary glue sticks and glue bottoms to the floor, legs criss-cross applesauce, hands in lap, lips shut. Really helps kids to visualize what they should be doing!

Whisper-- Kids often quiet down instantly as soon as they realize that you are talking and they can't hear what you're saying!

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