DARNA: All-time Favorite Pinay Superhero

Why she is ABOVE them

As a little kid, I did really enjoy watching our make-believe superhero characters like superman,ninja turtles, batman and robin and so on and so fourth. I do really like their outfits and how the kick the asses of the bad guys.

Here in the Philippines, we also have a number of local superheroes like Kamandag (Snake Poison), Lastikman (Plastic Man), captain BarbellKrystala and Super Twins. We have more in our list but for me, the best and unbeatable ever is DARNA.

The first darna movie was shown as early as the 60's. Several Filipina actresses played this role and the latest was a TV version which was portrayed by Angel Locsin under GMA-7.

DARNA was created by the talented Mr. Mars Ravelo. He is also the genius behind other pinoy heroes, but why did Darna stood out?

For the boys, it is because of the skimpy costume and volumptrous body.

That is for the boys LOL

Ok, let's get serious now.

Here are five reasons why I'm picking her as the all-time favorite superhero

Family-Oriented. For Darna, Family is her first priority (Just like what everyone should be). She sticks to her brother named Ding and works hard as Narda doing odd jobs like cleaning, selling and all the decent jobs that can give her money.

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polleen 8 years ago

gnda mu tlga ksng gnda ko charing

tonton 7 years ago

angel locsin is hot

leo 7 years ago

still angel locsin is the best darna ever made in the philippine television, the stand, the move and the act, all for the the battle of good against bad!

melinda david 7 years ago

mas sexy si angel kasi mukhang fresh at flawless

pa 7 years ago

walang makakatalo kay vilma santos as DARNA!!!!!!!!!!

angel 7 years ago

ANGEL LOCSIN is the hottest darna in the world

dyesebel10 profile image

dyesebel10 7 years ago from USA

the best Darna is Vilma Santos and Marian Rivera.

liesaro 7 years ago

ayaw kona sayu angel

a fan 7 years ago


dondon 7 years ago


cutie girl 6 years ago

khit lumipat k pa i am ur no 1 fan ever,,ms maganda k p rn ky marian,,at sexy na,mabait pa,, san ka pa

carina gilig 5 years ago

super ganda mo talaga ate angel wlang makakatalo sa ganda mo sana magkaroon din nang darna sa abs-cbn na ikaw ang bida kasi super sexy mo and galing mo umarte..........

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