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So you are or aspire to be an EverQuest 2 player who makes money while they play. You are definitely in luck because EQ2 has two special servers that allow players to buy and sell game currency, items, and characters without any shady dealings. I would recommend that you start out on either 'Vox' or 'The Bazaar' since these are the two servers where making money can be done in a way that isn't going to get your account banned. A third party company is used by Sony for this purpose called Live Gamer. The process used to be run Sony, but the Transition to using Live Gamer finally occured in April, 2008 after a long delay.

Issues and Workarounds

The Live Gamer system is not without it's problems. The current user interface makes searching for what you want to buy a bit tedious. The platinum for sale isn't searchable per server which is crucial. The items, gear, spells, etc for sale have never had too signifigant of an impact on the market, but character sales do and the listings for those is in the worst situation of all. Currently you can't really tell anything about the characters from the listings provided in the Live Gamer search. The good news is that you can work around the platinum listing problem this by using a free website "EQ2 Plat Buying Guide from Gamespanker.com". As a seller you will find this site useful to determine the best prices to sell plat at. Currently there is no solution to the character listings problem.

Getting Started

If you are a seasoned player of EQ2 you can skip this part. I'm just going to offer a few tips to new players who might be joining us on how to get started. On your very first character a good way to earn more money is to save every item marked "Treasured" and post it on the in game broker (not the live exchange). People looking to raise a skill called transmuting will buy these items in large quantities so there is always some decent demand for it. The other thing you want to save is the materials from low level rocks. Leaded loam in particular always has some demand, and of course any rare items you get while gathering rocks are also good to sell on the in game broker. You're not going to make tons off this strategy but it will move you quickly up to making your first plat (days) where as skipping these steps it might be a week or more. I've also noticed that the low level status items (scrying stones, amulets, documents, relics) and the three items needed to feed a plant (bones, water, and compost) sell amazingly well even for the low level versions, but this only applies to The Bazaar server for some reason. Once you have higher level character things are a whole new ball game that I leave you to figure out.

Platinum Stock Market

Another possible way for money to be made is playing the value of platinum like a stock market. If you enjoy the whole buy low and sell high mentality you can have your own mini game going on Live Gamer. The EQ2 Plat Buying Guide mentioned above can aid you in finding auctions with a buy now or a bid that is far below the current market. Buying and reselling the outlying platinum is a nice way to almost instantly generate a little cash. Always remember that a 10% fee is deducted from your sales when you consider profit. If you like long term investments and a little bit of gambling the price of platinum has ranged between $1 and $3 over the past year. I did over a 3 month period get a 50% return on money "invested" into platinum, but I tend to lose hairs over it so that style of income isn't for me but it is viable.

Wrapping It Up

The whole EQ2 platinum income scene from Live Gamer has been rather dynamic so I plan to do periodic updates to this hubpage to keep it relevant. You can contact me via email at banadux at gmail dot com if you have any questions or concerns regarding this hubpage or the EQ2 Plat Buying Guide. Good luck making money and always remember you are playing game so have fun!

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Banadux profile image

Banadux 8 years ago from Cary, NC Author

I updated things a little bit to fix some typos. Also, Live Gamer had some issues with paying out and most of those have been resolved to my knowledge. Payments are not instantaneous, but you do eventually get your money.

Banadux profile image

Banadux 8 years ago from Cary, NC Author

LiveGamer has been doing some updates to their site. Some say it is improved and others not. I'm not sold either way yet, but will investigate further. The plat trader site I linked above is unavailable until it can be updated to match the changes LiveGamer has made.

yiyizhong 8 years ago

is livegamer the samely safe as farmer100 what provides wow , eq2, lotro, L2 gold and items ?

Banadux profile image

Banadux 8 years ago from Cary, NC Author

Actually LiveGamer only has EQ2 right now and it is ok to use it on 2 of the servers. The other games you mention do not support RMT in anyway and you risk getting your account banned by buying or selling currency. LiveGamer is not your typical currency seller since they do things with the company rules as opposed to breaking them.

kity 8 years ago

ok, thank you for your help

monika 7 years ago

i was thinking about reactivating my eq2 account to sell off my characters by transferring to a exchange server. i just went to the livegamer website however, and saw very few characters and items getting bid on. do you still make profit using this system, or is it oversaturated now with characters and items and lacking demand? please let me know, as i don't want to pay the subscription for nothing as i no longer play eq2. thanks!

Banadux profile image

Banadux 7 years ago from Cary, NC Author

I'm still playing and still making a profit. :) Use the contact button up top and we can discuss your particular case so I don't have to make a super long post here.

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