Female Spirit Dolls and Native American Masks

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather

Amazing Art Pieces

I've recently had the pleasure to build a commercial site for a couple of artist friends. They are a married couple and produce some ot the most exquisite and unusual "dolls" and "masks" I've ever seen.

Ray and Besty Shaw are retired after careers as a music teacher, Ray, and as an interior designer, Betsy. Both are very gifted and highly detailed oriented in their approach to creating these exceptional, large-sized collectibles.

Antique and Exotic elements

Betsy's dolls are fashioned out of turtle shell heads, antler arms, exotic fabrics and other unusual decorative elements. She is inspired by her years of working with fabric in the interior design industry, and her love of "spiritually-feminine" icons. Here in the southeast mountains of New Mexico, her work is cherished by many households who exhibit her dolls in the most prominent locations in their homes. Anyone with a sense of flair and artistic appreciation will know the value of these spectacular creations. Each piece has its own personality and magical presence.

Flute Player with Blanket

Flute Player with Blanket
Flute Player with Blanket

Native American Masks

Ray spent a career as a high shcool music teacher while maintaining a creative interest in working with wood. Creating the masks came from a fascination with Native American figures as well as rock art throughout New Mexico. The masks are made of natural aspen tree trunks and are stylized to depict the Native American culture. The use of natural materials, such as antlers and horse hair, complete the very colorful pieces. Recently Ray became interested in clay and began utilizing ceramics to create new stylized subjects like the horses. All pieces are one-of-a-kind and Ray will accept custom commissioned requests.

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Sally from Green Bay 5 years ago

'Saw Betsy's dolls at Dancing Ladies Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. "Spectacular" is the only word to describe them.

ruminator 5 years ago

yes, they are exceptional!

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