Fight the Flu With Olive Leaf

Magical Olive Leaf

The olive has historically been considered a food for better health. Ancient Greeks and Romans used olive and its leaves for its medicinal values in controlling fever and infections. Today's science has demonstrated olive and its leaf as an effective germ killer.


Olive leaf extract has been shown to inhibit a range of viruses, such as herpes, influenza, and the common cold. It is also very effective with many types of bacteria. It works by disabling the viruses from replicating and inciting the immune system cells into destroying bacteria.


Olive leaf promotes better circulation by relaxing the constricted arteries. This results in lower blood pressure.


Olive leaf extract reduces blood sugar while fighting the free radicals as it is a potent antioxidant.


kellyjean profile image

kellyjean 9 years ago

Very cool. I also heard something about olive leaf tea beneficial in lowering cholesterol. Have you heard this. I am drinking it anyway..cant hurt and it taste yummy!!!

vic profile image

vic 9 years ago Author

I haven't heard about its cholesterol lowering properties. But, olive is an ancient plant and must have a lot of health benefits.

Donna 9 years ago

Are you taking olive leaf in capsule form?

vic profile image

vic 9 years ago Author

I take olive leaf extract supplement for its antioxidant properties. I am an active athlete and prone to the generation of a lot of free radicals. Olive leaf's active ingredient oleuropin is an excellent antioxidant.

Rick 9 years ago

Thanks for the info. What company do you buy from?

vic profile image

vic 9 years ago Author

I get most of my supplements from

They offer different grades of the olive leaf extract.

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