Free ways to build backlinks. Tips and suggstions.

Perhaps it is presumptive of me, by all definitions still a newbie to hub pages, to be offering an answer to the question of how to cultivate a large network of back links to your hubs when I myself am still in the process of doing so. But I'm of the opinion that the best way to learn is to jump in. If the wiser and more seasoned correct the wrong things I suggest here, excellent! I will have succeeded in eliciting a jewel of truth that might not have come out otherwise. With that thought in mind, here are a few of the ideas I will contribute on this topic:

  1. Intra-HubPages Backlinks Commenting on other people's hubs and contributing meaningful conversation in the forums (all sincere, not thinly veiled self promotion). Wouldn't you agree that you're more likely to give to someone who's giving to you?
  2. External Sources Within Your Control This is how I refer to comment areas on other people's blogs (see item 1 above), your own websites and/or blog(s), and other websites where you can open an account (like mySpace, Facebook, digg, etc...). Again, linking to more than just your own sites/hubs might not make a difference to your page rank or any other technical factors, but giving to others, as stated in item 1, can come back to you by others doing the same for you.
  3. External Sources Outside Your Control How do I get links to my site/hub on sites run by other webmasters, you ask? It is certainly true that there is no way (that I know of, at least) that you can without fail convince someone else to place a link for you on their site. One thing you do have the power to do every time is ask! Sure, the likelihood of a request from you leading to a link to your site on the front page of the CNN, Apple, or Slashdot website is slim to none, but here for instance is a successful guy with a strong website who is offering to place a link to your site out there if you do the same for him. Granted, his niche is computer programming, and you should probably only ask if he would kindly reciprocate with you if your topic is at least in the same ballpark as his intellectual domain (a link to your article on beekeeping would be a little out of place on his site) but this just goes to show that there are people out there with sites who are nice and willing to reciprocate in developing back links. These are the kind of people to find and sincerely introduce yourself to. (Note: The same guy has this site which has great information on White Hat Search Engine Optimization.)

There are probably many more tips worthy of mentioning for developing a strong network of back links to your sites/hubs, but I hope these three tips offer a good start.

Good Luck!

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Pam Pounds profile image

Pam Pounds 8 years ago from So Cal Girl in the Midwest!

Hi Pete - some good info for another newbie like me. So far, I've learned a lot from fellow hubbers and I'm slowly, but surely, increasing some traffic. Thanks!

Pete Michner profile image

Pete Michner 8 years ago from Virginia Author

Thanks, and congratulations on your growing success!

koncling profile image

koncling 8 years ago from Nice Winding Room

Hmm need alot of time.....

jim10 profile image

jim10 8 years ago from ma

Great suggestions for getting more backlinks, thanks.

profile image

al114 8 years ago

One of the ways to get backlinks is to find blogs with the "do-follow" tag or plug-in.WordPress by default uses the "no-follow" tag for comments, however savvy bloggers have started to use a plug-in that overwrites the "no-follow" attribute. That way you get the link love from WP. Google seems to really like WP. If you want to find high PR wordpress blogs that use the "do-follow" plug-in you can sign up for more information here:

jane 7 years ago

thanks for sharing bout seo tips

Abdul Wahab 7 years ago

thanks & interesting....

profile image

Newbacklinks 7 years ago

I just stumbled upon your page and your number 1 tip above inspired me to sign up at Hubpages today for the first time. Thanks for that. There are also some interesting videos on Youtube that came up when I searched for "Free ways to build backlinks" (you need to use quotes or else you will get too many unrelated videos)

Jon Myers 7 years ago

For one of my sites I did social bookmarking to a dozen of the top bookmarking sites. Then submitted my bookmarking profiles to Google. This gave a quick PR 3. Not earth stattering but quick and free! Hope this helps. Jon

Mack 7 years ago

Looks great so far. Keep up the good work

Get Backlinks 7 years ago

I think the picture of the tree says everything people need to know!

Backlinks4seo 7 years ago

Whatever you have been bloged..I like it but the most thing I like in your blog is the picture you choose.. Oh my goodness...its pretty cool ..The tree is telling more than your blog about Backlinks..

thanks for share

kelmen 7 years ago

thanks for sharing

Engagement Rings 7 years ago

Thanks for the great tips, as always good advice

S Kay 7 years ago

You have concentrated Great and realistic tips in such short page. I have had good results in PR by twitter. Don't forget to update your tweets every week. See the result by yourself.

Anna 6 years ago

Great tips on quick link building.

xtremewrs 6 years ago

Hi, Thanks for your wonderful tips, but i think need to expend a lot of time.

by the way great! hope u will continue

BMG profile image

BMG 6 years ago from timor laste

is that tips need more time?

cleanenergy profile image

cleanenergy 4 years ago from Bitola

Pretty interesting dude. Hope to see more of these excellent articles. Keep up the good work

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