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10 tips using products in your pantry

Q. Want to help your flowers grow without spending countless dollars on 'miracle products?' A. Sprinkle used coffee grounds 2" around your flowers perimeter.

Q. Want to get rid of warts quickly and without spending money on costly creams? A. Put clear nail polish on your wart twice a day and your wart will disappear within a few short days.

Q. Want your carpets to feel soft after shampooing them? A. Pour one cap of Downy fabric softener in your machines tank and fill with hot water. Run over your carpets like you were shampooing.

Q. Want to teach your puppy to not bark for just any reason? A. Keep a spray bottle of lemon juice in your fridge and spray in his mouth when he is barking at the wrong time. If done consistently, your puppy will soon learn to stop barking when he so much as sees the bottle.

Q. Like to eat jelly on your toast but need to lower your cholesterol? A. Spread a mixture of honey and cinnamon in place of the jelly. Tastes just as sweet and is much healthier for your cholesterol.

Q. Have a simple burn and want relief fast? A. Spread mustard on your burn.

Q. Want to discipline your cat without physically touching her? A. Keep a spray bottle of water near by. Spray her in the face when she is mis-behaving and she will quickly learn her boundaries.

Q. Tired of your closets and droors having that 'shut up' odor? A. Don't waste money on air fresheners, place a fabric softener sheet in them and replace once a week.

Q. Tired of those pesty ants that like your kitchen so well? A. Wipe your counters down with vinegar or an equal solution of amonia and water.

Q. Wake up in the middle of the night with an ear infection and don't have any eardrops? A. Pour a few drops of your own fresh urine, yes urine, into your ear canal. Urine has actually proven to be a self healer with many bodily problems.

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gabriella05 profile image

gabriella05 9 years ago from Oldham

Great hub Thank you for the information

jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 8 years ago from Chennai, India

Very useful and interesting information

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