How do i show my eBay feedback on my personal website?

Copying eBay feedback to a website.

Sign in to Ebay and select My Ebay tab on the top right. Then on the left side under My Account select Feedback. Select Recent Feedback (View all feedback)

Now position your cursor at the start of the first feedback you want to copy. Left click with your mouse and hold the left button down as you drag the mouse over the feedback comments you want to copy. Release the left buton when you have highlighted all the feedbacks you want to copy. Now, Right click and select Copy.

Go to your web site design and locate where you want to place the feedbacks. Right click and select Paste and your feedbacks will appear. Save your modified page and publish it.

You are done.

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Caryl Oliver profile image

Caryl Oliver 8 years ago from Australia

That was a very long way of saying "cut and paste"!

(no insult intended, just amused!)

captainbruce profile image

captainbruce 8 years ago from Sidney, BC Canada Author

Hi Caryl,

My thoughts were does the person who made the request understand what "cut and Paste" means? Probably comes from my 30+ years of instructing, never assume the student knows something that is basic.

Rusty Green profile image

Rusty Green 8 years ago

I agree with you Captainbruce!

Even after this detailed instruction, there are still some peole who won't get it. Great hub!

Harish Save 7 years ago

This copy-paste solution sounds premitive. People will have to repeat this step every time new feedback is added. Don't you have any autogenerated code which he can be put in HTML and the feedbacks will get shown there. So that the feedbacks will get show in real-time.

captainbruce profile image

captainbruce 7 years ago from Sidney, BC Canada Author

eBay Policies now state "you will not...take any action that may undermine the Feedback or ratings systems (such as displaying, importing or exporting Feedback information off of the sites or using it for purposes unrelated to eBay"

N Blake 7 years ago

Works a treat - nice darts!

idiot killer 5 years ago

you on my list realy !!!

ebayer 4 years ago

you are genius

prashant 3 years ago

you are a fool ... saying to use cut and paste

AndrewL 12 months ago

Great tip ...But here i also want to share a another great eBay seller tool it is a little badge which can display eBay feedback score profile on any website or blog.. This widget can be customize through variables. Here you can see how to use it:

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