How to get rid of mice in your home

Country mice may be cute but dangerous!

I  was a bit reluctant in hiring an exterminator or investing in some mouse traps once I moved in a mice infested home. I always thought mice were cute creatures that did no harm. However, I was concerned about hygiene, not to add the substantial noise they were making when they scratched again the air vents and were squeaking amongst each other. Fortunately, they lived in the basement and my cats made sure they never surfaced in my home.

However, after learning about a potentially fatal disease transmitted by mice, I did not hesitate anymore in calling my exterminator. The disease is not too well known and it is called Hantavirus. While not that common, you do not want to take any chances with this disease as it is highly fatal.

Hantavirus is transmitted when humans inhale dusting made of mouse droppings. This occurs most likely when humans go to clean a dusty basement or attic. Ultraviolet rays seem to kill the virus. Symptoms may resemble a common flu, there will be fever, muscle aches and shortness of breath. The time frame between exposure and the beginning of the Hantavirus symptomatology is between 2 and 4 weeks.

So after learning about the health risks, I ensured that my exterminator stopped by. When it comes to getting rid of mice there are various methods. Each method has its pros and cons.


Cats can do a splendid job in getting your home free from mice. It would be preferable though, not to allow your cat to eat the mouse. There can be various diseases transmitted my mice. It is best not to take any chances.

-Rat poison

Many types of rat poison contain anticoagulants such as Warfarin. What these poisons do is that they cause the mouse to bleed internally as their blood is no longer able to clot. While this method can be effective, it is not a good method if you own pets. Pets are attracted to rat poison and often consume it. Having worked at an animals hospital, I have witnessed many pets being poisoned by Rat poison.

-Snap traps

These are effective methods of getting rid of mice. They allow you to dispose easily of dead rats. However, traps must be kept away from pets. Check the traps daily, you do not want the mice to decompose. Spray the dead rat with a bleach mix and then put gloves on and dispose of the mouse.

-Glue traps

These are squares of paper with potent glue on them. If placed in strategic areas the mice will eventually walk on them and get stuck, I am not sure of how the mice die once they get stuck, I have personally picked up such trapped mice and they were still alive and breathing. So I guess it is a slow death possiblyy from starvation or distress.

-Live catch trap

This is the most humane way to get rid of mice. The mice will not die and you will be responsible for freeing them somewhere else. While this is a great way to get rid of mice, the disadvantage is the fact that you have to drive somewhere, as mice have been known to return if freed within 2 miles.

Mice may be cute to some and horrendous to others. Whichever your point of view, mice carry the potential to spread diseases. So you must take action to eradicate them from your home. Always practice care in disposing mice and call the experts to clean up areas covered in mice droppings to play it safe.


And how to keep mice away

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oparu profile image

oparu 8 years ago from Jamaica Plain, MA

Nice hub! I used the sticky traps last year and got about 13 in one or two weeks! They seem to be more effective than the snap traps for some reason. Rat poison works but the disadvantage is that you might find mice in the most inappropriate places sometimes or they die behind something and you don't notice it until it starts smelling bad.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 8 years ago from USA Author

Stickies worked best for me too. However, I am always concerned about Hantavirus so I try to collect them after a few days.

michifus profile image

michifus 6 years ago

Loved your hub. I recommend using a live catch trap with a feline waste disposal unit.

SamtheWoman profile image

SamtheWoman 6 years ago

I like how you included the Victor electronic trap as one of the humane traps for the Amazon products. Some people don't realize that electric mouse traps, although lethal, are still humane since they kill instantly without causing suffering.

Victor released a Multi-Kill trap that catches up to 10 before needing reset:

michael debatto 3 years ago

How do you get mice out of AC in truck? Dealer tried and failed, even w/Hazmat suits. We are catching w/traps in truck-messy and inconvenient. No poison desired, either.....We use gloves and double plastic bags w/lysol & Bleach.....

michael debatto 3 years ago

How do you get mice out of AC in truck? Dealer tried and failed, even w/Hazmat suits. We are catching w/traps in truck-messy and inconvenient. No poison desired, either.....We use gloves and double plastic bags w/lysol & Bleach.....

alexadry profile image

alexadry 3 years ago from USA Author

We had a pack rat in our car, we kept the hood open all day and night over it all night because rodetns feel safe in dark, covered areas. We also put traps in the car near all the compartments and we eventually got the trouble maker.

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