How to be an effective supervisor

giving intructions

Being a supervisor is challenging. To let someone work under you takes a lot of understanding on how toget her started with the job assigned to her. The first thing to do is the step by step procedure of an assigned task. Let her do the first step then the second step then to the next. This procedure refers to painting a firelog that needs five times to be coated in paint. This step by step procedure is very important because she will work on her own to make a set of firelogs.There will be eight pieces of firelogs in one box and sixty boxes of these will be ship out within two days. So there the patience of the supervisor to train depends on how the task is being done.

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Shaina  6 years ago

Why does the author use 'her' and 'she' to refer to the supervisee? The author seems to have sexist and biased language. Instead of 'her' and 'she' the author could use him/her and he/she to include both genders.

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