I am interested in where and how you chose your children's names and why?

Reasons for choosing a name

There are many reasons people choose certain names for their children. They can range from being named after a beloved family member to being chose simply because it was different than most.

When I became pregnant with my first child, I already knew what she would be named (provided I had a girl since I didn't know at that point). This was because before I got pregnant, I was living next door to a wonderful friend in Alexandria, LA that I considered to be my sanity at the time. My husband (now ex) worked very long hours for an oil company and I was home alone most of the time. Being a newlywed, we didn't have a t.v. yet, no phone, he took the only car we had to go to work and things would get pretty bad sometimes. I would even just cry and scream sometimes because I felt so alone.

That is, until I met Shara Lynn Bingham. She and her father moved into the trailer next door to us and we were both 16 (yes, I married young!) so we became close friends very quickly. It was as if we were all that each other had at that point in time. We had such fun together and would just talk for hours like giddy school girls. When I found out that my husband was being transfered and I would have to move, she, at the same time found out that her Dad was also being transfered so we were both unsure of where we would be next. We had no phone so we couldn't swap numbers (this was before cell phones and computers in every household). Our hearts broke when we parted and I promised her that if I ever had a daughter, she would be named after her.

I kept that promise a year later when my daughter was born. Her name would have been Shara Lynn if my Mom hadn't had a fit about it (personal reasons having nothing to do with shara). But I did name her Christye Lynn after her namesake. I have always wished that for once, I had not listened to Mama and given her the name I wanted.

Although I have tried over the years to find Shara, I have had no luck. The last I heard, they had moved back to Oregon but so far, I haven't found her. I have promised my daughter that I will never stop looking for her. She knows the story well as I have told her about her namesake over the years and she wants so badly to meet her. Hopefully, one day, she will.

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G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 8 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

What a beautiful and sad story.  It is so sweet that you have told your daughter all about what you promised your giddy young friend... I pray you will find her, I bet that will be one wonderful ,tearie visit. God Bless you answering my request my dear...G-Ma :o) hugs

Bonnie Ramsey profile image

Bonnie Ramsey 8 years ago from United States Author


Thanks for requesting it. Yes, it did make me sad to think how many years I have searched but it also brought a smile from many memories over such a short time. I promise if I ever find her, my hubber friends here are sure to know! Thanks!


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