Living on a Boat

Living on a Boat

Living on a Boat is THE life!! Four years ago my wife, my then 8 month old son and I moved aboard our Alberg 30 sailboat. Then last year when my wife was pregnant with our daughter, we switched into a 40' River Queen steel houseboat. If you've ever considered living on a boat, I can highly recommend it. The lifestyle can't be beat and you will be the envy of all your friends. At this time, we don't ever plan to leave our boat - it is home. Unless we have more kids, of course. Visit my blog at for some more insite into LIVING ON A BOAT.

Living on a Boat
Living on a Boat

Living on a Boat - day 1

"I have some very vivid memories for that first night laying in bed thinking “What have I done?!? Have I made a huge mistake? On the other hand I felt the joy of knowing that I did not owe money to anyone. I was finally debt free and I liked the feeling. (I found out how much I disliked debt when it was gone.) But here I was starting over again, living on a boat no less. Nothing but adventure and the unknown before us - almost like being 20 again.

Yes, it is called a mid-life crisis?

I can't recall much of our first day living on a boat. I seem to remember a lot of nervousness and giddyness. We spoke about how wonderful it was that the house was gone. now we could do anything we wanted - we could go anywhere - do anything. Now, which way to go?

The most lasting memory though was the fear that I felt laying in bed that first night.

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infoaboutalaska profile image

infoaboutalaska 8 years ago from Alaska

Good to see you on the web with weliveonaboat again. Hello from Alaska!

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