Making A Bunny Cake

My son was born around Easter time and for several years I would make him a bunny cake. You'll need a cake mix, icing, coconut flakes, candy pieces (jelly beans, candy string, gum drops), red food coloring, and a large flat cookie sheet.

Use any cake mix you want and bake in two round pans. Let them cool so they won't flake or crumble. Take one half and cut two narrow ovals from opposite sides. Those are the ears and the middle piece becomes a bow.

Place them on the cookie sheet - bow at the bottom, round head from the second piece, and two bunny ears at the top. Now ice the cake and sprinkle with coconut flakes for fur. Now give your bunny gum drop eyes, candy string whiskers, and a jelly bean dotted tie. Mix some coconut flakes with a little red food color to give your bunny's ears a pink interior.


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