Into the chrysalis I crept,

Retreating from a life I'd painfully outgrown

And was unwilling to wear.

And I dreamt the reality that could not be borne while awake.

How did I allow such pain?

In loving you, I hated myself.

And so I gave 'til I was gone

While you were never there at all.

Pretty words were pretty lies

While your breath sustained them.

I wanted so much for them to be true

That I breathed my own life into them.

Inside the chrysalis I wept

For the loss of something never owned

But I'd believed had been saved

And I knew reality was but a dream that drifts away upon awakening.

Today the butterfly has flown

Leaving the chrysalis behind

And with it the fragments of dreams

And discarded ideals of reality.

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spryte profile image

spryte 5 years ago from Arizona, USA Author

Thank you bright...I have to say for a moment I was caught off guard. I don't think many of my followers have even realized that I have written poetry. :) Thank you for the link to your piece. I had to go and hunt it down because I was incredibly curious and I really loved the piece that you linked it to...very appropo.

I'm going to have to explore more of what you have written. I'm intrigued by you!

brightforyou profile image

brightforyou 5 years ago from Florida

This is lovely, thank you - in fact, I have linked it to my latest piece.

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