Need Help To Travel In Sarawak? Pay Me A Few Dollar and I'll Try My Best To Help. Contact Me.

I'll help you, just contact me...

Dear readers and Huber's,

I'm proud to be a Sarawakian. For everybody knowledge, Sarawak is one of the biggest state in Malaysia, which is situated in the Island of Borneo. Sarawak has a lot to offer. I myself is a government servant, that is a teacher cum a school athletics's coach. As a school coach, I travel quite a lot in Sarawak. My home address is in the state capital, not far from Kuching International Airports.

As I said, Sarawak has a lot to offer in terms of Tropical Paradise which is still in its pristine condition, although Sarawak itself is fast growing into a modernise state. Everything that you need for convenience during your stay or travelling in Sarawak is all modern, and if you have a right guide to travel or holidaying in Sarawak, you doesn't have to pay much, and you can save a lots.

Have a dreams or plans to come to Sarawak, contact me through my e-mail as follows : to discuss your plans.

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