Relationship Tip #3-Flowers

Do you think flowers are romantic, or a waste of time?

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Why do women love flowers? Think about the five senses:

  • Flowers are beautiful
  • They smell wonderful which also entices
  • Saliva, which is good for kissing
  • Which leads to touching
  • And hearing the words, ‘I love you'...among other things.

Need I say more? Flowers are as diverse as women, and when you give your girl a bouquet of her favorites, it shows that you actually pay attention. That scores big points in the romance category.

Who started this whole flower thing? You can blame Greek and Egyptian people who gave the flowers symbolic meaning. Later in history flowers were sent as messages, such as a man beginning a courtship with a bouquet of flowers, or a rosebud signifying the beginning of a relationship. In Celtic history, daisies were scattered on the ground to keep the parents spirits up after the death of a child. Of course, red roses mean love, yellow roses are for friendship, and red and white roses mixed together signify unity.

Don't know your gal's favorite blossom? Ask her best friend. You don't have to go all out on a fancy flower arrangement to make her swoon.

Try this tip:

Stop and pick every wildflower along the way to your lover's house, the reward will more than likely be much more passionate than if you stop at the local florist and get a random mix of flowers. Try it and see. You'll thank me later.

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