Hymn:The Lord Is Always On My Side

I'm alone in my little room/ how deep is the silence and quietness/How wide is the emptiness/ That surrounds my whole being/here I am sometimes crying/sit- ting laughing and talking alone/by myself and no one knows /other than my own body and soul Ref. Who would hear my cry if not Him/Who would laugh with me if not Him/Who would talk to me if not Him/When I'm angry He'll calm me down/The Lord is always on my side/ In time of sorrow , in times of pain /In times of laughter, in times of joy/He'll always be with me/Now I know I'll never be lonely/Now I know I'll not be alone/I am happy to be with Him/The Lord is always in my little room


In His Grip 10 years ago

The cool thing is, he's here in my room at the same time:)

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ardin8572 10 years ago

most of the time i think nobody listens

but there'a always this unheard of voice thats telling me

everything's gonna be okay

i thought nobody cares,but there always comes this unknown warmth hugging my soul each day.......

he is in my little rom too! =)

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