Renting can be hell

My family and I have been long time renters, and no matter where we move we always seems to get screwed, are we alone? In eleven years we have rented eight different home in five different towns an no matter where we go we end up paying too much not just in rental fee's but also we pay from the stress and headaches from terrible landlords. Two years ago we decided to move to the country to raise our kids and dogs and try to save money to buy a house,yeah right we are now scrambling to find another rental becuase the house we are in now ha been leaking water in my kids room. This is the fifth time ths has happened, and let me tell you that isn't the only problem. So I have to ask my self is it just us or are all renters having the same problems. If we could buy the house we wanted today I would but like most north americans we have to work hard for what we want. I'm sick of paying people to live in shit. We pay good money and shouldn't constantly continue to get screwed. Well one more year of renting then no more, it doesn't matter how nice our rental house is we won't take it anymore. If anyone has any good advice for my family or want to share your rental stories please leave a comment.

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Rudra profile image

Rudra 8 years ago

One day you will be able to. Put aside a little every month for it.

Iðunn 8 years ago

in this U.S economy landlords for the working class are not expected to follow laws (like fixing things in rental homes and returning deposits, cleaning a house before re-renting it, painting the walls and doing the carpet fall under health legislation), only are the renting poor are supposed to show personal responsibility. 

landlords, like the rich are exempt from personal responsibility and legislation. 

It's a sad state of affairs and reflects an often unseen caste system in the U.S.

LisaG profile image

LisaG 8 years ago from Caribbean

Well, it is better you make the sacrifice and try to buy your own home. It will be less frustrating in the end. I am not sure what is the criteria to buying a home where you live, but in my country, the government has a housing programme where you make a downpayment - 20% of the total cost of the house and you have your home. You just pay the mortgage every month, which incidentally is much less than a rental fee.

Check around and see if there is a house you can afford even and improve on it as you go along. It's worth a try.

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