Tennessee tax Free Weekend

Its here, the big weekend. Tennessee is one of few states that has a tax free shopping weekend. From Friday, August 3rd till Sunday August 5th at midnight, sales tax is waved on the following items.

Clothing under $100, school supplies under $100, and computers under $1500. Thats per piece, not a total. There are of course exceptions, and anybody interested should make sure they are aware of them before shopping. This weekend is primarily to help ease the burden of back to school shopping for parents. Kids going off to college, new kids in school, or even returning students.

I am not aware of any store that does not honor this, except maybe those who do not sale anything that meets the requirements. Most places even have decent sales on top of the tax free, so get out and boost the economy.

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Dona Rosa profile image

Dona Rosa 8 years ago from Tennessee

All states need this!

tennessee resident 7 years ago

This information is wrong.The correct date for the tax free weekend in Tn. is August 7th -9th.You can verify this on the Tn. dept of revenue website.

tennessee smart person 7 years ago

You can also tell by the comment above this isnt for this year.....

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