Nothing WORST than terrorism--Terrorists. What they do and WHY they do it?

Terrorists not needed

Terrorists are the creation of a fundamental loophole that originated long long back. While the terrorists shed blood in the name of jihad or holy war, the democratic governments dub their activities as Terrorism.

Terrorism is nothing but a sheer mismatch of power, money, religious ideology, conventionalism, and the zeal to reign supreme in the world. In the name of religion, terrorists fight for their so-called rights, and such a blindfolded committment gives these hypocrats a large fan following.

Terrorists cause immense loss of life n property and feel themselves to be the rulers

of the world. Thanks to their patrons that they have reached such an extent that

nothing bothers them. Sometimes, I wonder how can humans be so savage?They

don't hav a heart.

Is it really needed? Please stop shedding innocent blood in the name of religion.

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warrior4321 profile image

warrior4321 9 years ago from Canada

nice reply, thx

Brandy Owens profile image

Brandy Owens 9 years ago from Wherever life takes me

I completely agree. And of course it's cowardly on top of hypocritical.

Anonymiss 8 years ago

Terrorism isn't nessecerily caused by religion; the United States funded and trained the Contras Terrorist group in Nicaragua in 1981.

This group was a thousand times worse than the people who flew the planes into the WTC. In order to put pressure on the Nicaraguan government by disabling school children and crippling thousands of innocent people which tied up the governments free medical care system.

The Contras

The CIA handbook given to the Contras:

The UN courtcase against the US

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