This Woman of Today

Jenny 2007
Jenny 2007

This Woman of Today by Bonnie Ramsey


It seems like only yesterday I held you in my arms,

Baffled by God's blessing of all your little charms.

That tiny little "miracle" would all too soon become

A bouncy, teen-aged heart throb, now, a woman of her own.

All the time we spent together, all the talks we had back then

Were not just Mother/ Daughter, it was sharing, friend to friend.

I pray that we will always keep the friendship that we share.

And may any road you travel hold great blessings for you there.

You'll never know how much I miss you when we're so far apart.

You're forever in my thoughts and even deeper in my heart.

As I look back in my memory on the child of yesterday,

I'm very proud to see you now, this woman of today!

© 1999 Bonnie N. Ramsey

Written for my youngest daughter, Jenny Armstrong Weaver on October 14, 1999 for her 18th birthday.

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