What movies have been filmed in Chicago?

Sweet Home Chicago !

Well,since I am a Chicago girl, I can name some films. Sorry I am not adding pictures, my computer is messed up at the moment. Here are a few Chicago filmed movies, in no specific order.

* The Fugitive- Harrison Ford

* Ferris Bueller's Day Off-Matthew Broderick

* Untouchables-Kevin Costner

* The Blue Brothers-John Belushi

* The Break-Up-Vince Vaughn

* The Dark Knight-Heath Ledger

* Risky Business-Tom Cruise

* Straight Talk-Dolly Parton

* Never Been Kissed-Drew Barrymore

* High Fidelity-John Cusack

* Backdraft-Kurt Russell

* Adventures in Babysitting-Elizabeth Shue

* Running Scared-Billy Crystal

* Child's Play-Chuckie

* About Last Night-Rob Lowe

I am sure I have missed a few, if so I will enter another list. Happy Hubbing!

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Tim Falletti 8 years ago

I can't believe I forgot Backdraft in mine! D'oh!

saralise profile image

saralise 8 years ago from United States

Thanks for answering my hub request--I'm a Chicago girl too, so that's why I asked.

CINEMAniac profile image

CINEMAniac 8 years ago from Chicago Author

Tim, I forgot a lot on my list. Good thing you posted yours.

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CINEMAniac 8 years ago from Chicago Author

Saralise, thanks for the fun request. I look forward to reading your hubs.

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gatewaykiddo 7 years ago

Stranger than Fiction also

CINEMAniac profile image

CINEMAniac 6 years ago from Chicago Author

Thanks gatewaykiddo! Sorry it took so long approve your comment and reply back. I don't have time to get on Hubpages like I used to. I have school full-time and work part-time.

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