Baptism and Testimony of an Apostolic Messianic Believer

Brief Description of the Apostolic Messianic Movement


The Apostolic Messianic Movement places emphasis on the Apostles' doctrine as stated in the Book of Acts (2:42). Messianic believers prefer the use of the Hebraic name of the Deity - "Yahweh Yahshua ha Messiah” over the English "Lord Jesus Christ". However, they are not dogmatic and insist that every believer of different nations and languages must use the Hebraic name.

Baptism and Testimony of an Apostolic Messianic Believer

Baptism in the Likeness of Jesus’ Death with Head Bowed

The Apostolic Faith Movement began at the beginning of the Twentieth Century in America and spread to all parts of the world. The Christian mode of baptism in the likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ’s death was revealed to the early pioneers of the Movement during the Camp Meeting held in Arroyo Seco, California in 1913. Here is an excerpt from web site of Pentecostal Assemblies of the World

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“In 1913, hundreds of preachers attended a camp meeting in Arroyo Seco, California. The truth of the Oneness of God was given accompanied by the new revelation of baptism in the name of Jesus. Evangelist R.E. McAlister was selected to preach on the subject of water baptism. He began with the accepted baptismal message and spoke on the different modes of baptism, mentioning triune immersion by which the candidate was immersed three times face forward. He summed it up by “they justify their method, by saying that baptism is in the likeness of Christ's death, and make a point from scripture that Christ bowed his head when he died.” that to them, it was necessary to baptize once for each person in the Godhead (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). He concluded his message abruptly by saying that the Scriptural answer to this was that the Apostles invariably baptized all their converts once in the name of Jesus Christ. He ended by stating the words Father, Son, and Holy Ghost were never used by the early church in Christian baptism. McAlister was taken aside at the time and told not to preach this new theory about the “baptismal formula.”


The baptismal mode “in the likeness of Jesus’ Death with head bowed” was also revealed to Paul Wei in Beijing, China in 1917, and since that time millions of Spirit-filled and Commandment-keeping Chinese Christians in the True Jesus Church have been baptized in the forward mode all over the world.

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einron profile image

einron 8 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Amen. Biblically authentic. God bless the movement, and those who obey His commandments

einron profile image

einron 8 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Amen. Biblically authentic. God bless the movement, and those who obey His commandments

Darrell K Whitfield 8 years ago

Thank you Brother Paul for blessing me with one of the most fond memories I have of my salvation experience.

I do not baptize/immerse in living/running natural body of water in the name of the Roman Catholic transliteration that is popular in it's Angisized form, Jesus. I only immerse face forward in the likeness of Yahu'ah-yashua's death in living water, in the name of Yahu'ah-yashua/Saviour/salvation the Messiah which is further education as transliteration, sound for sound, from Yemenite closest to Biblical form of Hebrew know to us now to English today instead of going through Aramaic, Yeshua, then Greek,Iesous, then Latin Iesus, then into old English as Iesus, then about 1725 C.E./A.D. about fifty years before the American Revolution, Jesus, due to the influence of the J or dz sound on the English tongue. Latin according to the Roman Catholics in the past was a holy language which is why they insist upon the Latin form of Iesus to be transliterated into English. I do not believe any nation can blaspheme this way and still be blessed by the Creator. Yahu'ah has in times past winked at this ignoring of the true pronounciation of our Saviour's name but now calls all nations to repentance as he desires shown in ZephenYahu/Zephaniah 3:9. I am not your judge but this is what I truely believe. Being immersed in the name of Yahu'ah-yashua in living water face forward in the likeness of his death is the most correct method and if one choses so to do so in your skin only is even more perfect but I do not feel is absolutely necessary. I hope you rejoice for the sake of the evangel in seeing the record of my immersion. The one immersing you should be filled with the Holy Spirit/Ruach Ha Kodesh with the initial evidence of speaking in languages/tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance to be qualified to immerse you in water since by one Spirit we are all immersed into one Body, the Body of Messiah, the Anointing. Feel free to pass this along to anyone you feel might be blessed by it.

I know what I am saying is controversial but each one must be responcible for what we share as the Truth, and each of us need to work out our salvation with fear and trembling regardless of what others think. Be sure to study to show yourself approved unto Elohim and by rightly dividing the Word of truth we know that those that hunger and thirst after righteousness will know the Truth and be filled with His Spirit. Shalom, Darrell K Whitfield

Darrell K Whitfield 8 years ago

For understanding Yahu'ah is pronounced ee ah oo ah with the accent on the u the oo as Yahu or Yahoo as in th e-mail isp. The emphasis is therfore on the u and not on the yah.

lionswhelp 8 years ago

I guess it depends where you are when one gets baptized. I habve read in the Voice of the Martyr's in China that there may be a lack of water to baptize n prison. So which way would you choose to do then? Immersion of the whole body is important but what if no large body of water available to those that wish to baptize. A facial immersion? A sprinkling method? Maybe just being in prison and being persecute is the type of baptizm by fire many will go throgh during the Great Tibulation. What do you think about this point?

If no water is available and you accept Christ as your Savior just before you are executed for professing Christ name, Rev 3:5-8;1 John 3:23-24, 1 John 5:13, Romans 10:11-13. No time to baptize in water then, can you still be part of the mixed multitude Revelation 7:9?

the Lionswhelp

Darrell K Whitfield 7 years ago

Why Lionswelp do we alway seek to make the exception the rule, and promote the idea erroneously that all can be saved without immersion? Americans are bad at this. Always seeking to point out the exceptions to make them the rule. The rule is we should always seek to be immersed in water and when it is not made available to us before death of course our faith will save us, but if we are rebellious and disobedient and do not take the opportunity seriously to be immersed in the name of Yahu'ah-yashua the Messiah in living water and to seek the immersion by the Spirit into the Body of Messiah which can be recieved in any open heart under any condidtion we could be in serious trouble come judgement day.

Paul Y. 6 years ago

If Yah wants to have them baptized..and they are truly desiring a living water baptism..then Yah will allow an oppurtunity for the jail mates..

Armando deloa 5 years ago

This is not correct. Yah is a moon god name look up eygptian gods

Josh 4 years ago

wow!! this is freaky!!

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