Interesting things about Japan

Masaaki Sakai
Masaaki Sakai

This is a list of some interesting things in japan. Maybe some you have already heard, others may be very surprising.

* In general, Japanese people can`t drive very well. If you meet enough people, many stories of reversing into parked cars or poles will emerge.

* When moving into a Japanese apartment, it is almost always mandatory to give the landlord a gift (or key money) of $1,000 - $2000. This does not include the bond. It is merely a "thank you" for letting you give the landlord money each month.

* Japanese people love corn in and on virtually everything, including pastry rolls and pizza.

* The green traffic light is called "blue". I have asked many Japanese why and their answer is usually "because that`s what my teacher said".

* Many Japanese people snort instead of simply blowing their nose. It`s almost like they are too embarrassed to blow, yet snorting is okay...?

* Cigarettes are very cheap in Japan. They cost about $3.00. Most alcohol is also very cheap - less than half as to what you pay.


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