Organizing Your CD's, DVD's, and Videos


If you are like me, chances are you have a rather large collection of assorted CD's, DVD's, and maybe VHS tapes, if you haven't thrown them out or sold them. Regardless of how many discs and tapes you own, there are a few ways you can keep them organized so that if you go looking for a favorite movie, you won't have to search through every disc you own just to find it.

Racks especially designed to hold CD's, DVD's, and videos can easily be purchased through a department or media store. Most of them designate how many discs or tapes each rack can hold. If you own 100 DVD's and one rack can only 50 DVD cases, you will want to purchase at least two racks. You can do the same for your CD's and VHS tapes.

There are two ways you can organize your discs: alphabetically, or by genre. Of course, you can do both, with genre first, then alphabetically, the way many video rental stores arrange their discs. A third option is by favorite actor, then alphabetizing the movie titles that way. By keeping your discs well organized, you will avoid having them gather in a disorganized mess the next time you are looking for that favorite movie.

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