Cardholder Services

Has Cardholder Services called you?

You may have recently received a call from "Cardholder Services" offering you a lower interest rate. The calls are made by an auto-dialer which plays a pre-recorded message saying something along the lines of:

"Hello, this is Rachel (or some other name) from Cardholder Services. Although there are no problems with your account, but you have a limited time to take advantage of an offer to lower your interest rates."

You are then given the option to either press a button to talk to a representative, or press a different button to have your number removed from the list. Pressing the button to be removed from the list doesn't seem to work; the calls simply continue. If you press the button to talk to a representative and attempt to find out anything about the company - their phone number, where they are located, etc. - the representative will usually simply hang up on you. The caller ID number seems to invariably be fake.

There appear to be a number of illegal things about these calls:

1. They are often made to numbers on the national do-not-call list.

2. They keep calling you even if you tell them to stop.

3. They refuse to provide any information about who they are.

4. They call cellphones.

5. They use auto-dialers to play prerecorded messages.

Although this is very annoying, there appears to be little that can be done. Since they won't tell you who they are or what their real phone number is, there's no way to file a complaint with the FCC.

An internet search reveals that this behavior appears to have been going on for years, at least as far back as 2007: . It is astonishing that such behavior could go on for so long without anyone doing anything about it.

Do you have any experience with Cardholder Services? Do you know anything about them? If so, please leave a comment below.

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wrypatch profile image

wrypatch 6 years ago from Virginia

My wife has been getting daily calls from a number saying something similar. An attempt to get a human always fails, so I too question the motive here. I suppose it's not entirely impossible that it's just calling en mass looking for some very specific response, that there are numbers erroneously (or just carelessly) left on a list that doesn't route to the con-artists behind the call, or it could just be malicious for the sake of someone's amusement. It's so easy to get numbers and emails nowadays, a guy with a computer and $30 software can spam a million people a day.

Sue 6 years ago

I have been getting their calls for a few months. Sometimes as often as 3 times a day. They have a way of using phone numbers that are disconnected so they come up on my caller id as local calls. They refuse to give me any company information and are incapable of taking me off of their list. We are also on the Do Not Call list and have no credit cards that could give them information so I know the calls are illegal but there is no way to track where they are from.

Carl 6 years ago

I found out who owns Cardholder Services See my page at for all the contact info. Go get 'em!

victoria 6 years ago

I've gotten numerous calls from them. Have filed a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General's office since my number is on the Indiana Do Not Call List.

Today I received another call from them. Listened to the whole prerecorded spiel and the last thing that they said was to press 3 to discontinue further notices.

So I figured what the heck, it was worth a try.

We'll see if that has any effect.

Will 6 years ago

LOL, carl, congrats, you have just wasted 2.5 seconds of my time, victoria, I have tried that several times on my

home phone, and they will continue to call, and some times ask cute questions like "Ma'am, can I ask you 1 thing, are you masturbating?" to my MOTHER no less, and then hang up, they are cute, and as a former telemarketer, NOT of card who's its whatsa, I am going to make it my mission in life to find out where they are based, and create a rather large ruckus there

jim 6 years ago

These people at card holder services are driving me bonkers.

Been getting calls on home phone for months. now they are calling on both mine and my wife's cells.

All #'s are on Fed do not call. Ky has a pretty tough do not call law. Can't get help from them as the #'s that show up on caller ID are not "good" #s.

sam 6 years ago

Their real phone number is: 954-426-2642, which is registered to PHL International at 836 S Military Trail, Deerfield Beach FL - head honcho is Mark Burton (little jewish guy who is never at the call center). Their parent company is American Debt Negotiators (866-969-4236), owned by Ran David Barnea, supposed home address is 21955 Cypress Dr, Apt 48f, Boca Raton, FL. They use several spoof names such as "Cardholder Services." I've received scam calls about car warranties from them too. Don't rely on the caller id because they use fake numbers. Use the above information to report them to - "file a complaint." You could also crank call them if it makes you feel better. :-D

Scam Message: “Hello, this is Michelle with cardholder services, calling in reference to your current credit card accounts. As a preferred customer, you are now eligible for interest rates as low as 6.9 percent on all of your credit card accounts. It is urgent that you contact us today, since your eligibility expires shortly. Please consider this your final notice. Please press 9 on your phone now to speak to a live operator and lower your interest rate, or press 8 to discontinue further notices."

A_I 6 years ago

umm.. yea I dont know wtf is wrong with these people

How do the FBI agents trace phone calls in all those action movies? I'm gonna look into it

Tim 6 years ago

They are still calling and refuse to abide by do not call list here in Colorado!

Gloria Bratton 6 years ago

card holder services called and asked me if I had credit card debt, I said no, I can't even get a credit card, while I was talking they hung up on me, I tried to call back but the phone lines were fixed where no incoming calls could get through

slangn 6 years ago

man they piss me off. they call me mam when im a guy they laughand hang up. there is nothing to do wtf. someone has to stop them

Cristi 6 years ago

I think I have a solution for me at least. Our identies were stolen 10yrs ago so we now have lifelock. I gave them my husbands info but we recently got the phone number and address of the illegal using his info so I gave them that. Lifelock picks up on it ice picks up on his activity and they bother that guy. Was a win win for me.

greg 6 years ago

they call me once every couple weeks....I hit 1 and tell them to take me off the list....they hang I told them to F off and DIE!

So thay called me back a few hours later like 3 times...I hope they die in an accident!

Someone needs to seriously do something about these scumbags

Noel 6 years ago

This number calls me all the time and I am overly annoyed by it. I have asked 26 times (very respectfully) to be taken off their calling list. The calls just get worse. Just the other day I asked the guy why they kept calling me since I have asked more than several times to be taken off the list "Tim" replied "Well guess what? It's just going to get worse!" I began to ask what do you mean its going to get worse quit calling it's a waste of time (since I have no credit cards nor any debt) when Mr. Tim rudely interrupted me and yelled "eat shit" into the phone then hung up.I was livid! What is wrong with these people? They need to learn the word and rearrange their lives! How could you pride yourself in working for a fraudulent company? It's no more Ms. Nice Gal for me. Enough is enough!

Emily 6 years ago

I am so frustrated with these people. I have asked over and over to be removed from their list. Can't we start a class action law suit?

Ivan Gort 6 years ago

Same here. Been going on for months. Won't stop. Can't block the number or the calls. hitting number "3" option doesn't work.

Furl Hawkens 6 years ago

Just had them call today. Same story as all the others.

I have an idea. They want to waste our time, lets waste theirs. Give them false info and shit, lead them on for awhile, then do something to piss them off.

Cuss them out, prank them, blow whistles and air horns in the phone. Just make sure you waste some of their time and have fun doing it.

Remember, they have no respect for you, and you should not respect them. They are cons.

Every 5 minutes of their time you waste is 5 minutes less time that they could be trying to steal someone elses money. You might just save someone from identity theft without knowing you did it.

Jim H 6 years ago

they are still at! dear rachel called me just today! mu called ID box has a block feature that plays a message saying something like this party is temporarily blocking incoming calls from your number. it says it in English, French, and Spanish so i switch back and forth between French and English. they remain undeterred and i have several numbers blocked from them as it is. i wish something could be done. maybe start fining the financial institutions that they represent? somebody is paying for their service and so making money from it.

Idiot Attorney General  6 years ago

I actually did get a real person this time (first time in over two years) and as soon as I said something the guy slammed the phone down on me! I backtracked the number to 273-000-2989 (bogus)...

Dee 6 years ago

I get several calls a week. I've pressed 9 and asked them to stop but as most say they hang up immediately I've reported them to the Do Not Call Registry but again, nothing. I've heard the complaints the DNCR receive don't mean anything until they get numerous complaints about the same company and then they MAY look into it.

Today I spoke with a man who said I had to agree to the services to have him not hang up so I did. He gave me a number to call to get removed from their list and when I called it was the KKK. The guy on the other end of that phone said I've been pranked and someone wants to mess with me as well as him.

Teresa 11/8/2010 6 years ago

I have been getting calls for years from this Company I am trying to file a comlaint with the BBB they are using other peoples cell phone numbers and other peoples home numbers to call me and what is so funny is the phone number thy call from is only 2 numbers different then my own when you call it back you get the owner of the phone number this needs to stop I need a address for this company and cant get one and cant get them to stop calling so keep a eye out they might be using your number to call people

Joel Nelson 6 years ago

I've been getting automated called for over a year. Last night when I pushed the button to get a human and asked them to stop calling, I was told by the male voice "Hey Dickhead, I can make it so you get 1,000 calls a day".

Catherine 6 years ago

Well, the number listed has been disconnected already. Darn!

Carolyn 6 years ago

I've been getting repeated calls from these guys too. Every time they called, I'd push 3 for no more calls. I pushed 1 the last time they just rang and rang with no answer. I pushed 1 and someone actually answered. I was polite, then asked what company this was that keeps calling my phone. He said it was "Visa Corporate". He started going off with his speal. I stopped him and said, I know what you're offering, i'm not interested. I just want you guys to stop calling. He was matter of fact with me...said he couldn't take my phone number off the list, and to call 1800Visa911 to get my number off the list. Also, that his name was Frank Spade.

He ALSO warned me that if you push 3, that it doesn't take your name off the list. It's a phishing ploy to find working numbers and they will keep calling you again and again. So don't push 3. It's like clicking on the link on spam mail. Your best bet is to hang up on them immediately.

Draco18s 6 years ago

I was getting these calls for a while and finally "pressed 1" to talk to a representitive and said simply "Take me off your list" and the woman on the other end said, "Ok" and hung up.

I haven't gotten a call since (although I wasn't getting them with any frequency, it has been three months since that call).

A coworker of mine got two of them in a week and on the second one I told me what I did and he did it too (pressed one, asked to be removed from their call list) and got pretty much the same response. "Ok, *click*" So far it seems to have had the same result (no more calls).

Frustrated in Florence 6 years ago

I am in this annoying turmoil and have been for weeks. In the past week, we have received 11 phone calls. Each time the rep hangs up on me. I attempted to get info from my telephone company (track call, giving dates and times of calls) but that has been another source of frustration. I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

rick beard 6 years ago

This is very annoying. I get this call about once a month. And yes I want them to stop.

Lauren 6 years ago

I have requested numerous times to be taken off of the call list with no long lasting avail. I called my phone provider, Comcast, and was told of a few features that will hopefully prove helpful.

If you have Comcast phone service, you can press *57 after the call with these "people" and the information will be sent to local law enforcement agencies. I am so looking forward to the next call I get from Rachel.

Celtic  6 years ago

Clearly we are not getting all the government we are paying for! Where is thew FCC and the FBI???

MWP 6 years ago

O. K. I've read the preceding comments and complaints. I, too, am on the do not call list. I, too, have had repeated calls, have hung up immediately on most; have pressed "2", and the calls keep coming; and have pressed "9" and asked to be removed from their data base. All with no result. Today, when I told the agent that I was on the do not call list, he told me that they are not required to abide by the regulations. I find that hard to believe. Since there is a penalty for telemarketers who ignore the do not call list, has anyone found a way to successfully report this organization?

steve 6 years ago

They called me three times today. I got through to one person two weeks ago and he told me they would stop calling but that did not work. How do we get them to stop?

Dear Heart 6 years ago

I just talked with these folks for several minutes and went along with what they were saying until they got to the part where they wanted to do a transaction. They gave me the same 800-VIsa 911 number with an employee ID as well as another number 888-499-0383. When I asked the guy about being on the no call list and how he got the number, he said he got it through the Credit Bureau Experian. I told him that any number I typed in didn't have a company name and he said he didn't want to talk about that. He finally said that the name of the company was SWAN billing which I couldn't find anywhere as he said they were located in Atlanta, GA. I informed him that I wouldn't be doing business with ANY company that I couldn't confirm and he finally said "thank you for wasting my time" and I hung up. I've called my credit card company just in case there is a charge already too. I didn't give them an expiration date on my card so they can't use it. Evidently they are using credit reports to contact people. Just my 2 cents for what it's worth. If anyone finds out anything about how to stop these annoying people, I'd like to know. Also if someone prosecutes, I would like to know that information as well.

Mere 6 years ago

Last night my phone rang, caller ID said "unknown" so I picked up and said hello, then it began to ring on the other end as if I had dialed out. Suspicious, so I hung up. Today while at work another call, this time I waited and was instantly inserted into a phone tree where a recorded voice told me all of their personel were busy, but I waited. Finally I was contected to some voice mail box for "Cardholder Services" where I said "I want to know who you are and why your calling?" now that I've looked it up, I guess I can look forward to lots more calls. How obnoxious.

Card holder dick 6 years ago

I tell them what they are doing is wrong and tell them about jesus

Mary 6 years ago

I got a return call number for this company: 877-342-4260. Camm them and see if they want to lower THEIR interest rates. It's fun

Adam 6 years ago

I just called 1-877-342-4260 as well. I got in touch with a person in the customer service department, but it is all one big company. I spent 7 minutes with her bitching at me. YAY!

Ruby 6 years ago

Today AGAIN I got a call from "Cardholder service". i got only one option to press a number. it was #9 for representative. There was no other option. so I pressed 9 and got a Rep. I told her i wanted off the call list and she hung up on me.

I started to research to see if I could get a number to which to contact to be removed from their list. it is never ending and I, too, am omn the no call list.

I am about to contact my attorney firm to see if they can do anything about it.

Phil 6 years ago

Just spoken to them telling them that I'm interested in reducing my interest rates; who wouldn't want that? Except I don't have any debt which accrues any interest. Spoke to a pleasant gentleman today who was non-committal about their automated offer to reduce my rate to 6.9. We talked for a few moments until I asked to be excused while I attended to another call. Hopefully he's still waiting for my return.

Mike 6 years ago

Good one Phil i to just received a call and the caller ID was some poor ladies cell phone so i called her and warned her she may be getting some very upset callers I do have a plan if they call me back i am going to give them a prepaid credit card and see if they don't charge to it that way i can turn it over to the AG office once they make a charge there will be a paper trail....IE the thing with the prepaid card is i can keep $20.00 only so they can't hurt me sence i don't use it for any thing but nailing these $*$%&^## people

Ben 6 years ago

These folks have been calling, and my wife just answered, and told them again, not to call back. They pestered us all of last year, and I have turned them into our KY State Attorney General, without much luck it would appear. It would also appear that our National no-call list is not making a difference, or they are avoiding prosecution. Any State Attorney Generals reading this? It is your job to prosecute, go get them.

Tina 6 years ago

I read another article and the person got taken "off the list" finally when she blew a coaches whistle into the phone when the operator picked up.

I am going to try that one.

Mindy Lynn-Kallunki 6 years ago

They have called me several times. I asked to not be called & they hung up. Today I got the girl to say her name was Ida & when I said don't hang up or I am going to sue she said "who cares" & hung up anyway. I consider this harassing & isn't that against the law. I don't have any credit cards so don't need my interest lowered.

Sam 6 years ago

Has Sam's address and phone from 4 months ago proven valid. If so, surely they can be prosecuted.

Mark 6 years ago

I have gotten several calls with this recorded message over the last few months. Problem is, they are using a phone number of a person that is not related to their business, sort of like identity theft. The number is a cell phone # which belongs to a guy in my area. Is this legal and can I turn it over to the FTC?

Roger 6 years ago

Rachel at Card Holder Services...

Gina 6 years ago

Gina 6 years ago

here's the cell phone number from which I've been getting calls (from Cardholder Services). Called and can't leave a message. 214.298.7037

bothered in Omaha 6 years ago

I tried Sam's name, and called the Boca Raton Florida Sheriffs office. As she checked out the address, she came up with yet another bogus credit business name. I suggest more people complain to law enforcement authorities. If someone threatens to call your number 'every day next week' and calls you a 'piece of sh**' , that is disturbing and annoying -- if they continue doing this, these people should be locked up... and why waste any taxpayer money on food for them, really.

justmike48 6 years ago

I to been getting calls from this jokers-as of lately somehow they found my cell number-with this clowns this household usually gets calls from them every 2 weeks. When I do try to get the number off of there list this calls are bugging my folks and they are seniors they just hang up

Philz 6 years ago

Just got mhy 3rd call in one hour from Racheal. Pressed 9 and got the hang-up. Have friends in law enforcement and will ask them if a trace is possible. Next time the call I'll tell them you are with the FBI and no matter how fast they hang up, a trace has been made to their phone number. Enough of us work on this together, we can shut them down and put them in jail.

Dave 6 years ago

Just called 1-877-342-4260 and got a hold of a "representative". Played "You Spin me Right Round (like a record" by Dead or alive until they hung up.

Josh 6 years ago

I plan on trying all of these ideas. They've been calling me since 2009. I'm done being frustrated. I'm going to have as much fun messing with these people as I possibly can, such as blowing whistles and wasting their time. I also made a page on Facebook in which everyone can share stories and ideas of how to prank these scammers. It is:!/pages/Cardholder-Services-oh-how-we-loathe-you/199324923417215


Nancy Levgard 6 years ago

I have been getting these calls on my cell for some time. I am also on the do not call list and have tried to get them to stop calling. The last straw was today when they called and the number they used as theirs was my own number. Now I am really worried.

Sue Brown 6 years ago

I have been getting calls for about two years now and quickly learned it does no good to press any of the buttons, not to speak to a representative or to be taken off the call list. Yesterday I got a call from what looked like a Hispanic woman with a local phone mumber, it was cardholder services. I hung up, five minuters later I got the infamous Unknown Number. I pushed the number for a representative and barely strted to say quit calling me you ass... but he hung up before I said the first work. Jeez, this is 2011 someone somewhere should be able to make this stop.

Paula 6 years ago

I stopped last year by blowing an air horn into the phone. Now they're back. Time to find the air horn again.

Dave 6 years ago

I got a call from a Maryland area code (433) last night but didn't say who it was, pressed 3 and a spanish lady got on there, told her 'hey Juanita don't call me anymore" and hung up. Today I received a call from 'cardholder Services' and hung on, they hung up immediately. EVERYONE should file a complaint with the Florida Attorney Generals office whenever they receive a call from them. And I hope these asswipes enjoy reading all this stuff, they should get a LIFE!

Jim 6 years ago

Don't waste your time contacting the BBB, FTC, or the Attorney General... ...You're wasting your time if you do. These ppl are ghosts. If you don't have a number, or an address, they can't do jack. This has been going on for over 3 years.

If someone ever finds out who these people are I pray they have the balls to walk into the call center, open fire and kill as many people as they can. When you're done burn the place to the ground.

The only justice is vigilante justice!

thanks sam! 5 years ago

so the number sam posted i called 20+ times till some one finially spoke with me... i started getting an adress so i could call law authorities and a woman in the back ground yelled, dont give out our information to that crazy... then she proceeded to tell me not everything i read online is real.... they deny all relation to card holder services

Sargon Bighorn 5 years ago

Every one that has received these calls should get the phone number and address of the parent company (see above in earlier posts) and call your State Attorney General's office and go through the process of filing a complaint. Of course this will take time and effort. There is no single silver bullet. But if we all do the same thing time and time again, we will be heard. Stick with it, take your time as there is no way to do this fast, we can only do it right.

"Their real phone number is: 954-426-2642, which is registered to PHL International at 836 S Military Trail, Deerfield Beach FL - head honcho is Mark Burton (little jewish guy who is never at the call center). Their parent company is American Debt Negotiators (866-969-4236), owned by Ran David Barnea, supposed home address is 21955 Cypress Dr, Apt 48f, Boca Raton, FL. They use several spoof names such as "Cardholder Services." See above for complete post.

Melissa 5 years ago

Cardholder Services robo called my cell phone today at 3 pm PST. I called right back, was on hold for a minute, and when I got a person at the other end of the line, I stated my name and asked to be removed from their call list. They hung up on me after I got that far. They need to stop doing this, and our state attorney generals need to do this SOON! I live in Oregon.

mb 5 years ago

They have been calling me for months and I always hung up on them. I was so annoyed with them Tuesday night that I pushed "1" to speak to the representative. When the live person came on I asked to not be called any more.

He interrupted me by calling me a "fu**ing c*nt" and I was told I was wasting his time while other people needed help. He told me again what a "b*itch fu**ing c*unt" I was and told me I was going to rot in hell and be called twice as much from now on.

He laughed and told me there was nothing I could do to stop him and asked to speak to my husband instead.

Crystal 5 years ago

I had 1 call me today as I get the calls often on my home and cell. I asked the lady nicely to please not call again she said hold on you did not let me explain I told her again I said do not call me anymore. She was like excuse me I did not call you have a nice Fucking day BITCH. I want to find a way for revenge any answers.

tcb 5 years ago

After trying most of the phone numbers listed on this site, the only one that got through for me was 1-888-499-0383. I was directed right away to a teleoperator and threatened that my company, who they had been calling ALL DAY every 15 minutes or so, would be suing them if they did not take me off the list ASAP (after previously hitting 3 to discontinue the calls, as well as talking to a representative in a previous call). She got nervous, told me to calm down, that she would take the number off their list, etc, but who knows if that will work. If it doesn't, at least it is a number that can be used to call them and waste their time.

Lila 5 years ago

This place has called us for several years now, and we don't even HAVE a credit card. Well, today they called and they caller ID listed the name and number of a LEGITIMATE LOCAL BUSINESS!

I called the business (it's our accountant) to see if they knew anything about it and they did not. I reported it to our sheriff's office. If they call under the guise of a legitimate and local business it is likely some unknowing victim will fall prey to whatever "services" this place offers.

JohnP 5 years ago

Heh, just hang up. Nothing we can do about it... I hang up on ANY phone call that I get that is a telemarketer. NO TALK, NO LISTEN, JUST HANG UP!

arron 5 years ago

I am willing to put money on it that they are using a voIP company. The services use numbers that cannot be traced, as the numbers arr randomly generated, and I would assume that they can use fake numbers by call screening. Anyone know of a national archive providing data on numbers used by time? If that is the case, I would imagine there is a way to pull an IP address, trace the IP. This could help get closer to a resolution. 5 years ago

I have been getting these calls on a daily basis on both my home phone and my business cell phone (some times twice a day) and both are on the "Do Not Call List". WTF??? What is going on here?? Why is the FCC not doing something about this? I am embarrassed to be an American Citizen when I see this kind of behavior take place. I am harassed by some individual of Indian (far east) descent that I can barely understand and our government allows this to transpire! Is this not America?? How shameful it is. The FCC has dropped the ball and has not had our best interests at heart! Shame on them!!!!! If I had to take this into my own hands I would track these individuals down and put a bullet between their eyes!! They talk to my wife and I in a very filthy way! They have sworn at us and called us horrible names just for asking for their phone number or their supervisors name, or the actual company name. This is despicable in my view!!! I want action!! I want the Government to do something about this type of behavior!!! NOW!!!!! 5 years ago

I have been getting these calls on a daily basis on both my home phone and my business cell phone (some times twice a day) and both are on the "Do Not Call List". WTF??? What is going on here?? Why is the FCC not doing something about this? I am embarrassed to be an American Citizen when I see this kind of behavior take place. I am harassed by some individual of Indian (far east) descent that I can barely understand and our government allows this to transpire! Is this not America?? How shameful it is. The FCC has dropped the ball and has not had our best interests at heart! Shame on them!!!!! If I had to take this into my own hands I would track these individuals down and put a bullet between their eyes!! They talk to my wife and I in a very filthy way! They have sworn at us and called us horrible names just for asking for their phone number or their supervisors name, or the actual company name. This is despicable in my view!!! I want action!! I want the Government to do something about this type of behavior!!! NOW!!!!! I too am willing to donate from the company I own, and from my own funds, whatever it takes to put these pieces of SH*T out of business or behind bars!!! Just let me know how much you need!! You have my e-mail.. Send me a contact and I will return it to you!!

Kenny 5 years ago

Ok, after researching this topic for a while I have finally been able to find some companies that use these robodialers. I have contacted all and asked to have my number removed from their system. None have denied using the robodialer and the first actually admitted they were users of the system.

Premiere Debt Solutions

4207 Vineland Rd., Suite M14 Orlando, FL 32811

Telephone: +1 866-387-4705

FAX: +1 407-219-5975


Unknown Company


American Debt Negotiators


RB 5 years ago


CAP from Missouri 5 years ago

I have been getting harassed by these calls for months now and nothing, I mean nothing will stop these people from calling. The latest was today - Salt Lake City, UT at 1-801-657-8177. They hang up on you when you ask nicely to be taken off the list. You can't get any cooperation from them. I would like to get enough people together to do something to get this stopped. Maybe a nice little lawsuit would do the trick????

tacounis 5 years ago

I found this # on another blog 877-342-4260. It is a # for cardholder services they do answer I asked who they, what cc they represent did not give any info on myself but asked to be removed from their call list will see what happens. She said they get # from credit bureaus to review accounts and represent 512 financial firms. I have been called all kinds of names in the past when I have pushed 9 to talk to someone and asked to be removed.

See C 5 years ago

Has anyone gone to the AG and your financial instution that carries your prepaid card to set a trap - to create the paper trail? If I am going to expend any energy, I want results. I would like to see these anoyances stopped permanetly. Blowing a horn in someone's ear, does not satisfy me. Even putting a few people in jail would not satifsy me. Putting an end to the technical access that allows people to block their identity would satisfy me.

Gena 5 years ago

Go to DoNotCall- Listing & File A Complaint Against Card Company There, That Is What I Just Did, And Hangup On Them When They Call.......And Be Really Careful On The Net....

RSD 5 years ago

This is a scam. As soon as you 'press 9' to speak with a representative, a real person gets on the line. If say anything like 'take me off of this list' or 'I don't have any credit cards' - they simply hang up. Next time they call I will speak to a person and answer the questions and see how far I can get - then hopefully someone somewhere can shut these folks down.

vlj 5 years ago

I have also received these calls. They have become more frequent and more per day. I am on the national do not call list, but since everything is prerecorded and I don't see a phone number there isn't much I can do, except not answer. I screen my calls so that is an option. You would think someone could do something about these frauds.

olga 5 years ago

I have $105.00 taken out of my checking account by cardholders services. I didn 't write the check and the endorsement isn't visible. Its is not one of my checks. I'm on my way to the bank now.

Diana 5 years ago

I gave up and went to Walmart and bought an inexpensive set of phones that have the Block number feature. It will ring one time and hang up on them!

troy 5 years ago

I was receiving these calls 3x a day. I started hitting 3 to talk to a representative every time and would string them along for as long as possible. After a while of "looking for documentation", I would talk to them to make sure they were on the line then place the phone mic up to a 135db door alarm (they hang up pretty quick). After doing this a few times, they stopped picking up when I hit 3 and would leave me on hold for 20+ minutes (their bill, not mine.) When someone finally picked up, they would instantly hang up. I guess the operators know me by now :). I was left on hold about 5 times and then the calls stopped. I kind of miss card services. I was just starting to have fun.

Meeka 5 years ago

Contact the Attorney General and make a complaint.

Marlene 5 years ago

My Husband & I get this call Everyday on our Homephone & his Cellphone!!! We have NO Credit Cards so this is indeed SPAM!!! There has to be something that can be done, this is Harrassment!!!

Al 5 years ago

I have gotten at least 5 calls from "rachel" and have used both the button and talking to a real live person about being removed from the list. Today I filed a complaint with the FTC. A waste of time as they tell you that they don't handle complaints, but forward them to law enforcement.

Gina 5 years ago

Yep, "Rachel" calls about twice a week, around 6 or 7 PM, and I invariably hang up as soon as she starts talking.

That hasn't discouraged "her" yet.

BlazinMad 5 years ago

When Rachel calls, I press "1" to talk to the live representative. When they answer, I treat them to a blast in the earpiece from a marine signal horn.

I may not be able to stop their calls, but I can mess with their hearing.

just happened yesterday 5 years ago

I've had the same issue as some of you though with far fewer calls (or they just call when I'm not here). Yesterday, I got another one. In the past I've tried to talk to them to be removed or to find out who they are and if you ask me, pressing any button does the same thing. I tried 0 to talk to an operator this time and when the guy answered

"thank you for pressing 1" I told him I pressed 0 to speak to a supervisor, he then claimed to be the supervisor (he's done this before when I just waited on the line usually hanging up when I asked for the supervisor and he made the same claim and I told him "no, you're the same guy I was just talking to").

Well, this time I flat out asked what company he was calling from (I've done this before too, and it's failed). He said the usual "Card Holder Services" and then I asked what the company address was and he gave the following:

4386 St West Blvd.

Lane #3

Atlanta, GA. 64783

and a callback # at 800-979-7900

If any of this is correct, I haven't found yet as I only just started looking this up again today, I suspect fake as everything about "Rachel" and her company seems to be fake.

Also, after he gave me this info, without even lewtting me explain why I wanted it, he asked me to hold on so he could remove my number from the call list (sweet! if real).

no name 5 years ago

I've tried the "DIal 9 to speak with a representative" option at least three times. On two occasions my request to be taken off the list has been met with extremely vulgar responses. We're not talking about swearing here—we're talking pure graphic obscenity. The accents of the men who responded in this way sound Indian.

5 years ago

Company is DHS Financial Services out of FL

Principal owner Michael S. Finn 561 793 4317

13658 43rd Rd

West Palm Beach FL 33411

Olivia 5 years ago

We are having the same problem. I used *69 to get the number, and it came up as 239-603-6698. But when I call it it just plays plays music.

Emma 5 years ago

We get these calls two or three times a day. In this age of technology, surely some smart person should be able to get rid of cardholder services.

Edge of Idaho 5 years ago

Actual president of the company is:

Cardholder Services, Inc.

Attn: Robert Pitsker, President

20441 Kenworth Circle

Huntington Beach, California 92646-5446

This info comes from an official citation issued by the FTC.

david 5 years ago

This is a link to the current 11,00.00 a day citation against them. Apparently not being strictly enforced?

Mark 5 years ago

I like to talk with them, and continue putting them on hold while listening to their spiel. Each time I come back from my "hold" I mention it was call waiting from some robo-dialer, and ask them to continue.

Mark 5 years ago

I like to talk with them, and continue putting them on hold while listening to their spiel. Each time I come back from my "hold" I mention it was call waiting from some robo-dialer, and ask them to continue.

Charles 5 years ago

I too have been getting these calls, since 2004, and have tried just about everything mentioned here, to no avail, The numbers showing up on my caller ID are varied, and from different locations, Denver Colo., Salt Lake City, Orlando Fla.etc etc, and when you try to call the number back, it is set to not allow incoming calls.I am now receiving up to 10 calls a day from these people, and I want it stopped too, this is just harrassment, and a scam to get your credit card numbers.

drf 5 years ago

I found my whistle and the netx time they call, guess what they'll hear

Annyoed 5 years ago

Got my 100th call from Rachael today. Hit the button talked to a mand with an Indian accept named Kevin Peterson. He told the company name was Card Holder Services, that their number is 800-847-2911 and that he would put me on their do not call list. I said well thanks you are the first person who didn't hang up on me when I told you I don't have credit cards and you actually game me information. Apparently he must be new, there was dead silence on the other line. I called the number and it said thanks for calling Visa so I hung up. Really Visa. As if....

Tammie 5 years ago

These calls are annoying I get them on both my home and cell phone several times weekly always fron a diiferent state and when I get soeone on the phone they are rude and hang up, I am tired of Rachel, Heather, Michelle, and now Bridget from card holder services. I have done evrything registered with the do not call center, reported this to both my home and cell companies and made a police report because one agent kept calling me back to back 5 times saying he was gonna call my house everyday for the rest of my life. They seem to be using Verzion cells numbers.

noliptoday 5 years ago

Actual president of the company is:

Cardholder Services, Inc.

Attn: Robert Pitsker, President

20441 Kenworth Circle

Huntington Beach, California 92646-5446

Robert Pitsker President at Cardholder Services, Inc.

President at Arpy Ventures

President at The Fulfillment Center

Dude 5 years ago

They call me from this number

(216) 212-1703

Cleveland, OH

profile image

sibso 5 years ago

How about we all take the same day off and we all keep calling all these numbers we have over and over on the same day and see what happens to their lines?

Bill 5 years ago

They called today (not mentioning Rachel, maybe her reputation has spread, but I recognized “Consider this your final notice”–don’t I wish), and their representative asked for my credit card’s expiration date. I gave him one (and made sure it was not the one that actually went with my credit card). Then he asked for my credit card NUMBER. This is the first time this has happened (the last time they asked for the bank’s 800 customer service number) and it is outright evidence of criminal intent.

Don't use a whistle, they will just hang up. I told their rep I did not have the card with me, and I would have to go get it. I kept him waiting a good 5 minutes, and he finally asked, “Are you sure you are looking for the card?” I replied that I hadn’t been looking for it at all, and I was on the Do Not Call List. He said angrily, “I bet you think that’s funny, don’t you?” I said it was funny as hell and that, if he didn’t want it to happen again, his organization should never call my number again. I think he hung up before the last part but he was obviously mad while I was not upset at all, so he got stressed and I didn’t. Keeping somebody on hold while you read the paper, work on the computer, or whatever is probably the rudest and most disrespectful thing you can do–worse than cursing them out (they just hang up) or telling them not to call you again (they just hang up).

Rick 5 years ago

They are using my Huntington Beach address I have received mail for the company but had never heard of Robert Pitsker

Is there anyone I need to contact?

BetteBaker 5 years ago

I am so sick of these people, how do they get away with this crap for so long, today was the worst. I am so angry I want to scream. I pressed the number to speak to someone. I thought if I could find out where they are, I could report them to the Attorney General. When I asked the man where they were he said " where are you, do you want me to come visit you". When I said "do not call here anymore". He said " You really need a service call". The gall of those people. I want to track them down and put them away. They call several times a week, so sick of it.

Rick in Huntington Beach 5 years ago

I have gotten these same calls! The FCC and reverse directories list my address in Huntington Beach as the home address for this Robert Pitsker.

He has never lived here. I reported this to the FCC.

Carl from TN 5 years ago

I just learned a new piece of information. In order to find the company that is affiliated with the autodialer you look at the area code. The area code listed on your caller ID is the only part of the number that is real. Evidently there are multiple companies that are all working together. the number that called me 321-800-9999, but its bogus.

Butch 5 years ago

I am getting unknown name, unknown phone, and am getting about 10 to 15 a week. Back in the good old days the phone companies had traps that could lock the line,and could trace the number even if they hung up. We used it a lot when we had a lot of false alarms coming into our fire depart.. Now to think dont they do tracing on hang-up on 911 calls. I think the FCC just dont want to be bothered. They like to write big fines TV stations that accidentaly say a off colored word that not approved. Some I says should fine if intentinal, but not if accident. Real time sports are now delayed telecast to edit out locker room chatter, or an "live" interview.

Ken 5 years ago

While waiting for a call about the fate of my step sister who had just been taken off life support, I got two calls in the space of 10 minutes from these S.O.B.'s. I am on the DNC registry, have filed numerous complaints with the FTC and spoken with both the FTC Chicago office and my Congressman about these calls. The FTC is grossly incompetent. So, I have taken matters into my own hands and each call I get from them I push "1" to talk to someone, then blast them with a 120db airhorn. Hopefully I've broken a few eardrums, because, quite frankly if I could find them I would break a few kneecaps.

Judy 5 years ago

I just got another "Rachel" call and I'm very tired of them. I pressed "1" to speak with someone to get me off their call list AGAIN and, of course, they hung up. I'm on the DNC list and shouldn't even be getting these calls. I like Ken's idea - the airhorn.

HubbChick 5 years ago

they are relentless, I've tried all of the above and nothinig works. Yesterday they called at 10:27 and while I was waiting for Rachel to finish her speel another call was coming in from them at 10:28...Insane. Today my caller ID listed it as a wireless caller...tried to call that number back and the box was full.

I've gotten the following numbers off my caller ID from them.





404-226-7528 (wireless caller)

Reported to state AG's office, not much they can do. Its torture and harrasement.

I think the next time they call I'll say I have $2999 in cc debt, since they've already told me the benchmark they work with is $3000 I may not qualify.

Whistleblower 5 years ago

Literally, blow a whistle as loudly as you can, at least they won't be able to hear for a while.

Joe 5 years ago

Per Jason, call 877-506-4908 and tell them to remove your number from their list.

They skirt the law via a DNC loophole meant for legitimate credit card companies. These guys are just a scam. Waste their time if you want.

Shella 5 years ago

We have GOT to get rid of these fuckers!!! they call me all the time! They used to just hang up on me when I said "do not call list" but as late, they've taken to insults and outright lies. The person today said that my bank sold her the number, and they could not "legally" remove me. She also refused to transfer me to a supervisor and told me that her "three year old daughter complains less". A week or so ago, the rep accused me of lying when I said I have no debt and spotless credit. And started yelling at me for implying that people in debt are irresponsible. I've been calling all these numbers posted for awhile. Just to tell them that I just filed complaints with FCC, FTC and BBB. then "burn in hell! have a nice day!"

MouthyMarsha 5 years ago

These guys hate it when you blow a whistle in their ear. It hasn't stopped them from calling me twice a day, but now I get a good laugh out of blowing their ear drums out.

Set271 5 years ago

has anyone discussed that it is the cell phone companies that started using it initially to get people to discontinue their land lines and they call cell phones enough as smoke screen???

they could contract for millions for someone else to do it and not bat an eye.

Marti D 5 years ago

I am filing my second complaint with FCC --get several calls per day on both home and cell---when ask to be revoed from list they hang up

Tina 5 years ago

I've got calls from cardholders services three times a day everyday and now the have got my cell number Sat they called my housephone so i picked up and pressed one to talk to someone when she got on the phone i told her i dont own a credict card and she said "aww you poor little black bitch and said a lot of horrible things to me i got my cell phone so i could record her so as she kept sayin horrible things to me i finally hung up and tried to call the number back so her supervisor could her it but the number was fake and they keep calling both of my phones from different number different states all over th globe

Jerry 5 years ago

If the FTC & FCC get enough complaints maybe they'll get the message about what a nuisance these calls are and how ineffective and useless their current system for the "NO CALL" list really is! Action should have been taken long ago against this group!

Keep them up:

profile image

bandmom2 5 years ago

I have received these annoying calls on do not call..tell them that and they yell at me,curse at me, tell me they can call as many times as they want, and I then began to yell, scream, blow whistles, etc. and you would think they would got in touch with phone carrier..told they would put trace on phone calls..I have to then hit a number to trace it, then call local police, report it, (they told me they got the calls too, and were even threatened..) and then get report # and badge no. of deputy handling it, then report to our phone carrier's legal dept. and they report to police dept. I block these no's on my cell by texting 'BLOCK' and the number. I am also going to lodge complaint with local representative and state rep. to try and get enough people involved to go after these 'terrorists' trying to scam info and money from citizens.

Ken 5 years ago

They called themselves Card Services from 828-581-9705 and needed the last 4 of my CC to talk to someone who could tell me what their website was. The guy actually said he wasn't "authorized" to give out a website. Click .. hung up

Dawn 5 years ago

I just called the 877-506-4908 and asked to be removed from their database. I let her know that I am on the do not call registry and have gotten hung up on dozens of times and need all three of my phone numbers removed. She said it will take 24-48 hours but that even though they have call center "all over the world" this should remove my numbers. Good luck!

Piss Off 5 years ago

I just got a call from "Credit Card Services" 620-487-3032 which turns out to be a disconnected number. Rachel answered the phone when I pressed 1 and refused to give me the actual company name and while I was telling her she was not allowed to call me she hung up on me. I tried to call back but the number was disconnected. I HATE SCAMMERS may she live a life of misery!

lonesomepine 5 years ago

I just received a call from card services. I did press 1 to speak to a live agent. I verfied the name of the company, and asked for their telephone number. They gave me 1-800-945-2000. I then asked to be taken off their call list. I then called the number they gave me, and it went to Chase Card Services. I don't have a Chase account.

Mayhem21532 5 years ago

March 2, 2007



Cardholder Services, Inc.

Attn: Robert Pitsker, President

20441 Kenworth Circle

Huntington Beach, California 92646-5446

RE: File No. EB-07-TC-604

Dear Mr. Pitsker:

This is an official CITATION, issued pursuant to section 503(b)(5) of the

Communications Act of 1934, as amended (the Act), 47 U.S.C. S 503(b)(5),

for violations of the Act and the Federal Communications Commission's

rules that govern telephone solicitations and unsolicited advertisements.

As explained below, you may appeal this citation. In addition, future

violations of the Act or Commission's rules in this regard may subject you

and your company to monetary forfeitures.

Attached are consumer complaints regarding prerecorded messages that your

company, acting under your direction, has delivered to a residential

telephone line or lines. These complaints indicate that you and your

company have violated section 227(b)(1)(B) of the Act and section

64.1200(a)(2) of the Commission's rules. See 47 U.S.C. S 227(b)(1)(B); 47

C.F.R. S 64.1200(a)(2).

Under Section 227(b)(1)(B) of the Act and section 64.1200(a)(2) of the

Commission's rules, it is unlawful for any person within the United

States, or any person outside the United States if the recipient is within

the United States to initiate any telephone call to any residential

telephone line using an artificial or prerecorded voice to deliver a

message without the prior express consent of the called party, unless the


(i) Is made for emergency purposes,

(ii) Is not made for a commercial purpose,

(iii) Is made for a commercial purpose but does not include or introduce

an unsolicited advertisement or constitute a telephone solicitation,

(iv) Is made to any person with whom the caller has an established

business relationship at the time the call is made, or

(v) Is made by or on behalf of a tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

Accordingly, it is generally unlawful to use an artificial or prerecorded

voice to deliver an advertisement or telephone solicitation to a

residential telephone line unless the call is made: (1) by or on behalf of

a tax-exempt nonprofit organization; (2) with the prior express consent of

the called party; or (3) to a person who has an established business

relationship with the caller.

The attached information indicates that your company, acting under your

direction, delivered an unsolicited advertisement or telephone

solicitation, through a prerecorded message, to one or more residential

telephone subscribers who either (1) had not expressly invited or

authorized the call(s) or (2) did not have an established business

relationship with you or your company (a transaction within 18 months

prior to the call(s), or an inquiry or application within 3 months prior

to the call(s)). As explained above, this action violates section

227(b)(1)(B) of the Communications Act and section 64.1200(a)(2) of the

Commission's rules.

If, after receipt of this citation, you or your company violate the

Communications Act or the Commission's rules in any manner described

herein, the Commission may impose monetary forfeitures not to exceed

$11,000 for each such violation or each day of a continuing violation.

You may respond to this citation within 30 days from the date of this

letter either through (1) a personal interview at the Commission's Field

Office nearest to your place of business, or (2) a written statement. You

may use this response to appeal this citation. For example, you may claim

that you can document that you had an established business relationship

with the called party at the time of the call or that you are a tax-exempt

nonprofit organization. In addition, your response should specify the

actions that you are taking to ensure that you do not violate the

Commission's rules governing prerecorded messages, as described above.

You may schedule a personal interview at the nearest Commission field

office. These offices are located in: Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Chicago,

IL; Columbia, MD; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Detroit, MI; Kansas City, MO;

Los Angeles, CA; New Orleans, LA; New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; San

Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; and Tampa, FL. Please call Al

McCloud at 202-418-2499 if you wish to schedule a personal interview. You

should schedule any interview to take place within 30 days of the date of

this letter. You should send any written statement within 30 days of the

date of this letter to:

Kurt A. Schroeder

Deputy Chief

Telecommunications Consumers Division

Enforcement Bureau

Federal Communications Commission

445-12^th Street, S.W.

Rm. 4-C222

Washington, D.C. 20554

nicholas 5 years ago

This may not be of much help but i bought a pre-paid credit card from safeway today and when i called the number to check out the card it is cardholders services. hope it helps a little

Dee 5 years ago

Just got a call from them tonight at 6pm. Same "robocall" saying something about "Rachel from Cardholder Services" etc. Pressed one and got Tiffany. Was very nice and polite, and tried to extract some information from her. She said to qualify I needed at least $4000 in debt on combined VISA and MasterCard accounts. I asked if this was a re-finance. She said no, they were just lowering my interest rates. I asked how they could do that and she said they were working with my credit card company. I then asked if she realized she'd called a cell phone with a marketing call, which is illegal, and she claimed "your credit card company gave us this number." A lie, of course, as I do not have a VISA or MasterCard in my name, nor do they have my cell number for my husband's accounts. Filed a complaint with the FTC's website. My number is on the do not call list.

Bill 5 years ago

Just received yet another call from these scammers. This time the CID showed "Florida 1-321-304-9999" and, as usual, calling it resulted in nothing. In an effort to determine who these people are and where they're located, I have been hung-up on, yelled at, cussed out, etc... I gave up on pressing the magic #3 to stop receiving calls (once it even connected me to a telemarketer). I have filed numerous complaints via the site, but Cardholder Services constantly changes their phone line by using the auto-dialer and, most likely, internet connectivity from an overseas operation. Also, they call my cell phone but not as often as the home line. I am resigning myself to just getting one of their live telemarketers on the line and having a field day messing with them. The next one that calls is going to get the fake suicide by gunshot routine -HA-

Bill 5 years ago

One more thing for the few who think that THIS "Cardholder Services" is the same as what is on the back of your credit, debit, or pre-paid card (Nicholas), IT IS NOT!!!! That is the scam. They want you to think they are affiliated with your lender to gain your confidence. Now, back to loading the .45...kinda looking forward to the next call LOL

Dawn 5 years ago

I hear they are located in the whiteplains ny area, and the phone number is a landline - and its through a phone carrier called cortel ny inc. Someone needs to stop this

Bill in DC 5 years ago

If you can't beat them harass them back. Read the following and accept the challenge.

Teresa 5 years ago

I have been getting calls several times a day. Let me tell you that blowing a whistle in the ear of the wrong representative is only going to piss them off. I did that and now I am getting calls from other people thinking that I am Cardholder Services because they are giving out my personal phone # to the people who call them wanting off the list. I have filed a complaint with the FCC, BBB, and my local sheriff's department to no avail. They said the only way I can handle this is to change my phone # and have it unlisted. I am not willing to do that for these arrogant pricks because then I feel like they will have won and I don't like to lose. I will continue to do research of my own. If anyone has any further suggestions I would love to hear them. Thanks!

Natalie 5 years ago

I just got this call when I hit 0 to ask that my number get takin off the call list. I was asked if I am a striper and called a whore. I said "WTF do not talk to me like that take my fuckin number off this list" he then said "no whore will keep calling"

Co 5 years ago

I had a similar problem a couple of years ago...but it was a person calling, not a recording. I bought a whistle and blew it as loud as I could into the phone. I'm going to do that with these people when I can get a human on the phone. They've called twice today and I can't wait for the next call so I can blow my WHISTLE!

marilyn 5 years ago

Better business bureau says they have received no complaints about this company "card holders services". The BBB gives a phone number of 973-323-5824 in orange, NJ 07050. Their address to file a complaint is I have been receiving calls from card holders services for almost 2 years now..marilyn

5 years ago

We are receiving Cardholder Services calls at least two times per week. It is our phone paid for by us and their alls are not welcome. We are on the Do not Call list and yet they continue to come. Surely, there must be some way to make them stop. They receive no information from us so what makes them continue?

Beth 5 years ago

They have been calling us for months. Today they called using two different names and told me they do not have to comply with the do not call registry because they are required by the federal gov to call each time a card is flagged for review by a creditor. After I hung up on Cardholder services, Rachel called back within ten minutes. I dialed star 69 and retrived the number 352-561-9999 and filed a complaint with the do not call registry. It is really sad but they are trying to convince people they are a part of the government.

So Fed up 5 years ago

We cannot stop them--I have tried everything. I have done the Do not call list--the filing of a complaint on them--I responded to them, when I told them I only had $800 debt, they hung up on me, I didn't get a chance to ask them at that point to stop. I have asked them to stop without going along with them, and they immediately hung up. I have waited for them to answer, so I could hang up on them. The only thing I haven't tried is asking them what they are wearing....I get multiple calls daily. I'm afraid I'm going to have to change my telephone number,and get a private one. It is pure harassment!

jh2 5 years ago

I get a call infrequently. Try this, talk really quietly, so they have to turn their volume up to hear, then do the whistle.

Cyndi 5 years ago

I got two calls in a row from that number. The first time I spoke with a woman and asked to be removed from the calling list. She said no problem then hung up. I got another call half an hour later and it was a man. I explained I had already asked to be removed from the calling list and he told me it was a different company. I argued with him telling him that it was the same exact number, the same exact company name and I don't want to be bothered when he hung up on me. Now that I have seen this site, I am just waiting for them to call me back!!

Michael 5 years ago

Anyone ever thought of actually requesting a congressional inquiry?

Shawna 5 years ago

I think I'm going to try to get a "live" person and blow one of those air horn or coach whistles each time they call my phone! Even if they keep calling bothering me I will irrate the crap out of someone. It may be worse for them since I am a stay at home mom and can answer almost every call they make...LOL

Jon Doe 5 years ago

Please be aware that there is another company called Card Holder Services as well. Obviously the calls that we're getting is a bunch bs scams. The other company called Card Holder Services is a in-house collection agency that has to do with "adult entertainment calls"...

obviously the wrong company. I was told they are no way affiliated with anything that has to do with credit card debt. i checked their company out, and its ligit. They are also called Spectrum Billing Services.

Flora 5 years ago

I contacted my credit union about these scammers. Since my only credit card is with them, they said it was obviously a scam. They said there was nothing they could do about it and that the best thing to do is hang up.

Justin 5 years ago

Call 1(877)506-4908 it is Cardholder Services. Call and harrass them. Told them I would keep calling and harrassing them as long as they kept calling me.

Richard 5 years ago

What I'd like to know is why no prosecutor has done anything about these people?

Mark 5 years ago

These girls have been calling our house for the last year. It can not be stopped?

Diggy 5 years ago

I was just looking at his house on Google Maps, street view. If this is still his house, if the address cited above is correct. Why don't we all go over to his house and see if he wants to talk it over?

MR T 5 years ago

I’ve been getting the same automated message from "Cardholder Services" on my cell for about a year now. I’ve tried everything to get rid of them; from pressing 3, 9, speaking to the rep nicely to be removed, yelling at the rep, pretending I was a cop receiving these calls on my cell. Nothing worked until now! Two days ago I received the same automated message. I spoke to the rep and gave them a bogus name, told them i had two credit cards, one visa, on master, and that I had a total of 20,000.00 on them with a 19.99% interest. then I gave them a fake date of birth, fake zip code, fake last four of my SSN, and a "TEST CREDIT CARD NUMBER" that I found online. then they asked for the expiration date on my visa and the toll free number on back. When I asked why the rep told me "we need to call them up and verify your balance and that you made your last two payments" so I gave them a fake expiration date and the real phone number on the back of my card. The rep put me on hold for about two minutes then came back on the line and told me my credit card number was invalid, so I gave the rep another test credit card number and she put me on hold again. About a minute later the rep comes back on the line and started to yell at me telling me to quite playing around and that she did not have time for games! I replied “How does it feel!" and she hung up... I figured I would get another call from Cardholder Services in about two weeks as usually but to my surprise I got a call today, just two days later, from a live person asking for the Fake name i gave the rep two days before. The person on the phone, Stephanie told me that she could not give me the name of the company that gave her my number but could give my number to her boss to have it removed from the call list. The great thing is the number she called me up on is a real phone number, NOT A SPOOF! The number was 407-398-1429. So everyone!!! CALL this number and tell them to have Cardholder services remove your number!

Jess 5 years ago

Actual FCC complaint against them - referance this on

Get the FCC to inforce the 11K a day fine - We have to keep on them (might help the government actually make some money!)

Diggy 5 years ago

Mr. T and all:

I called 407-398-1429 today and asked the girl who answered to connect me with her supervisor. I spoke to the supervisor, a young man, for quite a while. I gave him the link to the FCC citation and told him that in my opinion, his company is lined to a criminal organization.

He was defensive, but he explained that the lead lists his company gets come from outside. He called the sources of these lead lists "other rooms," and his own organization as "this department."

I did not ask to be taken off the list, as I want to nail these people. And also, why try when I feel 100% certainty it won't work?

I told him that if there's any justice, he will serve jail time. He seemed convinced that he is not a crook.

But don't all jail birds say that?

Diggy 5 years ago

To the group:

We are obviously all on the same list.

It's also obvious that we are not on the list because we have bad credit ratings, or because we have skipped out on our debts.

We are on the list because someone wants to harass us with annoying phone calls. But we are not, by the posts I've read, candidates for debt reduction, by any measure.

It's a fair question to ask why we are on the same list. I mean, what do we have in common?

I have done little in my life to warrant harassment. The one thing I've done that presumably made me enemies, was political. I've been vocal in publishing online my disdain for the Bush family and Presidency. I've published disdainful commentary on human stupidity, wherever I've found it in American politics - on the right, 99% of the time, but also on the left.

Could we be on this list for making political comments that upset one of these debt-data farmers? Have the rest of the victims of this brand published similar political views?

If so, we could have a civil rights issue, not a phone annoyance calls issue.

MR T 5 years ago

Diggy: Good Question... Who knows how they got our numbers, I'm the type of person that does not speak out on Blogs or any Political Debates... Besides that I’m pretty sure none of us posted our cell phone numbers out on the web. More than likely a computer program just random dialed us and we picked up and that was that... Anyways... I did speak to a live person at the FCC who seemed very happy that I had a direct number and that they were going to peruse it immediately! The FTC on the other hand thought that the phone number was just another spoof and I couldn’t get it through her thick head that a live person did call me back and I double confirmed the number. I will keep you guys posted on what arises...

Diggy 5 years ago

I agree, politics seems to be an unlikely connection.

However, I do not consider the calls random. I have been receiving such calls since 2005 and earlier. They will occasionally stop for a month, but then resume.

Back in September or October, I gave the problem a lot of thought, and I remembered that back at the beginning of the century I gave my SS# to a debt collection agency that asked for it. They wanted proof that I was not the person they were seeking, a person with the same name as me, who had skipped out on paying for an automobile at a dealership in the metropolitan area near where I live.

I thought there might be a connection to these calls, so I filed an Identity Theft complaint with the FTC.

The calls stopped within 2 days.

But three days ago, they resumed, with a single difference.

This time, whenever I press to connect with someone, they cut me off. The line goes dead - the caller/robodialer has been programmed to hang up on me.

So I don't even get a chance to "lower my interest rates."

If any of this is criminal harassment, this has got to be it. The purpose is not to get my business, but to harass me.

The company I named in my complaint is Sentry Credit. They're out in Oregon somewhere, or Washington State.

A lot of the calls I get come from that part of the country. This one, for example: Caller ID gives "Gresham, OR 971-220-1002." It came in a 2:16 my time, December 7, 2011. I called back on my phone and got a busy signal. I called on my cell phone and was timed out...they never picked up, I presume.

There is, I think, a brain behind this that is not an auto dialer. It is a person with a grudge or an agenda not tied to making money off us by lowering our rates.

Has anyone else had an encounter with Sentry Credit? Is that the connection?

Diggy 5 years ago

I left out a detail. After I gave my SS# to Sentry Credit, the calls from them, as well as letters threatening to pursue recovery of the value of the automobile, did not stop. The situation only got worse.

I finally called Sentry and asked to speak to the boss. I told him that if the dunnings and calls did not stop, I would file an Identity Theft complaint.

He told me on the phone that he would stop all contact with me, but not to contact the company again, as that would trigger more pursuit of me.

Foolishly, I agreed.

I reiterate, if you have been contacted by Sentry Credit at any time, that may be the connection.

Diggy 5 years ago

Another detail left out. Sentry DID stop calling and mailing bills to me. I thought the problem was over and done with. So I did nothing until two months ago, when I put it all together. I could be wrong, but I'm determined to hang these people out to dry.

I have an idea! 5 years ago

a) Tell one of the operators "Listen carefully, I am (insert fake name here) with the (insert organization name here). There is a substantial reward for anyone who can lead us to your boss. Make contact with me after hours at this number if you are interested". At this point, human greed usually takes over and the fisherman becomes the fish.

Here's where it can get fun. If everyone who posted a complaint about this company pitched in a dollar, we would have far more than enough to hire professional hitmen to put a final end to their calls. All kidding aside, I'd be happy to see it happen in RL, especially since our government doesn't seem to care.

Diggy 5 years ago

I can't support that. I'm a law and order guy.

Getting them to stop is not going to be easy. We may never do it. But I'm not going to lose my humanity over it.

I do suspect that the debt consolidation firms have dishonest "rooms" in their houses. I also suspect that these firms get data from outside databases that they do not double-check.

As I say, I was getting these calls back in 2005 and even earlier. I've had my credit card number stolen by a gas station near Springfield, Mo - I know because I got a call from a debt collector there because someone else used my card number. The debt collector accepted my story, but I'm sure these people don't care what they do with the names of innocent people who come into their sights.

Years ago, my daughter lost her purse, and a while later my health insurance company called about payment to a hospital for my daughter's daughter didn't have a baby. Someone used her card/my insurance to pay for their baby's hospital birth.

That was in Iowa. The card turned up again in Southern Illinois, when a young man gave my name and used my card when he broke his arm and had it set at a St. Louis hospital. In that case, I traced the bill to the doctor who treated him. But there the trail ended, as the doctor had left the hospital, and no one there would tell me under what circumstances, or where he went. I suspect he was a crook. But no one at his old hospital would help me, citing legal reasons. I located someone with my name in a nearby town. I called, but no one ever picked up the phone.

I used to contribute to political campaigns on the phone with my credit card. That was stupid.

In conclusion, I imagine we're on the lists because we made a mistake once. It's also likely that the data collectors hope we will make another one, so they can get more information about us and eventually get into our bank accounts.

Revenge might be a motive, too. I'm not immune to paranoia. I sometimes wonder if my first wife works for one of these data collectors...

I do think that every time we cuss one out, he/she puts us on another list, just for revenge.

The people at the debt agencies seem fairly basic. Few emotions, few needs. Hand to mouth. Lives that are "nasty, brutish, and short," as (I think) Hobbes says; lives of "quiet desperation." Their boredom is relieved by drugs or drinks, sex, the job. They may feel that they have a lot of payback to hand out to us for what they imagine we have done to them. We've kept them from fulfilling their dreams, etc.

They're not going to tire of the game. So getting them is going to take a lot of time and work. Legal work. Ultimately, a change in the laws.

I want to understand why it's happening, and stop it if I can, without violating my own ethics. Revenge may be their thing, but it isn't mine.

Gail 5 years ago

I have been receiving calls on both my landline and cell phone from card holder services. I have listened to the whole message and pressed 3 to be removed from their list but they still call. I have tried talking to a person but I get hung up on before I can finish asking to be removed. Is there anyway I can stop these phone calls. I am on the do not call list

CanWeGrowUp? 5 years ago

I was called by Cardholder Services today and decided to pick up the phone and ask to be taken off the list, and what does the guy on the other end say "you sound really sexy, can you say please?" and I said no, just take me off the list and he responded with "I will if you say please really cute" at that point I just hung up. Has anyone else been solicited by a perv?

Jeni Greene 5 years ago

I don't even have one(1) credit card and I get them! They say they some important informatiom about my credit cards.I just received one 5 minutes ago and the number it came from is (253)246-8518. Oh by the way my phone is a cell,I'm on the "do not call list" and my number has not been in the book for 3 1/2 years. Its my old land line number. This is really irritating!!! I just called it back and they have their own 'do not call" list. I put my # on it so I'll see what happens.

grandjohnny 5 years ago

I just got a call from them an hour ago when I asked who they were they insisted the name of the company was Cardholder Services when I explained to him that that wasn't the name of any company public or private he said he didn"t know who they were he just does what he's told when I asked to be removed from the list he hung up on me

Steve 5 years ago

I strongly suspect that anyone who can find and kill "Rachel" could easily become President of the United States in the very next election. No party affiliation needed... just destroy the whole operation in a cataclysmic explosion or a hail of gunfire. That should be the first question for any of the would-be candidates; "Do you promise to eliminate robo-calls from 'Rachel' and her ilk in your first 30 days in office?" If they could find and kill Osama bin Laden, I'm sure that finding "Rachel" would be easy.

John 5 years ago

Got a call this am. Maybe we should give them the phone numbers of our senators and house reps. Maybe something would be done about these idiots!

Don 5 years ago

I'm going to buy a whistle. The next time I get a call from Rachel, I'm going to get a real person on the line and blow that whistle as hard as I can for as long as they're on the phone.

Don 5 years ago

I'm going to buy a whistle. The next time I get a call from Rachel, I'm going to get a real person on the line and blow that whistle as hard as I can for as long as they're on the phone.

Spoof 5 years ago

Guess what they're doing to me? They're spoofing my phone number. I just got it a few days ago and I've gotten so many angry calls from people screaming at me for calling them... after I changed my voicemail message pleading for any information about the company calling and that my number is being spoofed, people relaxed and started talking- so after some intelligence, it's dun dun dun... Cardholder Services! Awww, how sweet. I called the numbers listed above multiple times and get a round about different answer from each person- one guy said they were an attorney's office, funny because the lady who answered right before him hung up on me at the mention of spoof and robodialer.. and another said "Oh, we don't make outbound calls, but if you give us your name and number..." to which I said "nah, I'm just reporting this to the FCC, FTC, and the BBB" which got a "bitch" and a phone slamming...

Any ideas how to stop them from spoofing my number to call other people?

kenny 5 years ago

you can call them at 407-965-3979

Mike 5 years ago

I have found it very irritating to Card Holder Services to stay on the line with them as long as you can, telling the operator false information just to waste as much of their time as possible. It’s the only way I have found to get to them. I have stayed on the line this way and talked to a supervisor but was not put on a no "call list", YET.

Robin 5 years ago

I called what claimed to be the legitimate Cardholder Services and the man on the other end got very indignant. Maybe because it's not him getting these calls constantly. Maybe I will recommend their phone number. How can it hurt, they already have mine.

MR. T 5 years ago

I'm Keeping my Fingers crossed but ever since I called the place direct (as seen in my previous post)I haven't had another call from them!

John 5 years ago

Can we hire a " hit man " to blow them away,.?

tired of the calls 5 years ago

Got a call 30 minutes ago from "Austin TX" and it was them. Told them I was on the "Don't call list" and they hung up. Then got another call 15 minutes ago. Decided to play along to see what they wanted.

1st question: do you have credit card debt over $3K?

(said "Yes")

2nd question: What is the expiration date on your card?

(gave them a fake date)

3rd question: what is your credit card number?

Pretended I was looking for it... for 15 minutes.

They said they needed the number to verify that I was the primary card holder.

I asked them if they knew my name. They knew my last name only. I told them that if they were valid, they should already know my card (visa or MC) and my Name as well as the number. I put the phone down and let them listen to me making lunch... they were still on the line... they stayed on the line till I decided it was enough. The first caller didn't have an accent (the one that hung up on me) the second was a women and sounded like she was from India and then her supervisor (male) also had an Indian accent... and their call was from Portland O.

Ed 5 years ago

I have submitted a complaint to the FTC and still get these calls. Why doesn't the governemnt do something about these people who will just not leave us alone?

Mel 5 years ago

Like everyone else I have been receiving these calls daily for the past 3 months. I am on the do not call registry, I have called the Attorney General's Office and my phone company. It appears NO ONE can stop this Card Holder Services and it has been going on since 2007. I too, tracked them to being located in Florida. It is very annoying to say the least when they are calling several times a day every day of the week. My phone company said they cannot block the call but I could purchase caller ID or blocking for an additional monthly fee like 15.00 mo. In this day and age no one in this country has the power to stop these people? I am a senior citizen living on very little social security and cannot afford these extra fees the phone company wants to get rid of Rachel at Card Holder Services.

Ken 5 years ago

Everything Stated above is TRUE. I was truly interested if Legit and when I said I had a few questions They hung up on me.

Doug 5 years ago

I just got a call, pressed 1 to speak to a representative and asked how I get off their call list. He hung up on me.

Marilyn 5 years ago

I just had the same thing happen--pressed 1 and the representative hung up on me. What to do? Someone needs to organize a lawsuit for harassment--very tired of the calls!

Diggy 5 years ago

The calls continue for me, too. I'm still operating on the idea that a political entity might be behind it. It is the kind of scam that would appeal to an anti-government party. I once had a run-in with just such an organization, The Heartland Group, run at the time by a self-professed Economist named Joe Bast. I'm not accusing Joe, of course. I already took him to task years ago in a letter to the editor of Chicago Magazine. Bast the Economist had been quoted in Chicago Magazine as an expert on global warming, which of course he said is, to paraphrase, just a reporting error caused by the fact that all the thermometers are on asphalt in the middle of major urban centers. Baloney! And I said so. About that time, these calls started.

I have to ask: Have we made any "common enemies" who might also be connected with a person or an organization that wishes only to harass us?

I ask because it is become quite evident that in calling us time after time, and in insulting even the nicest of us, the voice at Cardholder Services Press # is not interested in our data, which we will never surrender, but only in harassing us.

So, without giving away any personal information, is it possible we have anything else in common besides being literate persons who regularly receive harassment phone calls like these?

Another possibility is that the force behind all these calls is a high-functioning psychopath. This doesn't exclude the "common enemy" idea above. The two may go hand in hand.

There are a number of books out now about psychopaths, and I recommend that any who want to read about them, check them out. The most accessible to the person who just likes to read is titled The Psychopath Test.

Psychopaths leave a trail of ruin behind them wherever they go, and they hurt whomever they touch. They don't feel anything, and they don't remember pain or incarceration, so they never learn by being convicted and imprisoned. Yet they take anyone who follows them on a wild ride that feels high-flying and liberating...until they crash. I'm talking about the men and women who answer the phone when you Press #. They may work for a psychopath, and if they do, they eventually will end up worse off than any of us!

Again: I see the possible traces of a psychopath behind these calls. The very irrationality of it, combined with the emotional energy it evokes from his victims, are a mark of a psychopathology, IMHO. [I'm not a doctor - I'm a writer by trade]. It fascinates him [or her] to see us so frustrated and angry. Why does it fascinate him? Because he does not understand emotion; he has never experienced it. He is, perhaps, studying us.

Reminds me of a kid I knew in grammar school who would catch a fly, pluck off its wings, and tie a thread around one leg and peg it to his desk while he went on with school. Was he a psychopath? I don't know. But if he still does it in adulthood, I'd say he is.

At any rate, the political nutcase and the psychopath are, IMHO, often the same person in the USA these days.

Diggy 5 years ago

The information that appears on your caller ID could be faked. Oregon could be just text; the robodialer could be calling from Chicago or Florida or anywhere. And the location of the mopes who answer the phone could be anywhere, too.

One call I got had a distinctly local quality to it. The person asked if I had any connection to a local ice cream shop in my neighborhood that was famous a year or two ago for not paying its employees and for absconding in the night with all the cash and leaving behind a pile of unpaid bills. Everything about the ice cream shop was a fraud, including their claim they made the ice cream themselves. They defrauded investors, too, apparently.

The shop was about four blocks from where I live, and the person at Card Holder Services Press # to connect thought I was connected to it... That's a very personal connection. And it wasn't about debt consolidation, but about illegal bill-collection practices.

BTW I'm not connected to the ice cream shop. I ate there once, paid with my credit card.

windsurfer 5 years ago

For those that have the time, please consider an alternate approach to make their solicitation process uneconomical. Pass the word. Every one who gets a telephone call from them should press 1 and seek to speak with a live operator until the operator gives up on being unable to make a sale. Alternatively, as a minimum, put your telephone down on your desk or table, so the message plays through its entire script before hanging up. Either way, while you're on the line, you're keeping them from dialing another target. If the above practice is adopted on a sufficiently wide basis, we could significantly increase the cost of their solicitations to the point where it might no longer be economical.

Bob 5 years ago

Been calling for months several times a month. Have filed many complaints w/National Do not Call list.

TimeRanger 5 years ago

When you finally get connected to a "rep", tell them that your battery is dying and they need you to call you on your office phone - then give them the number for your local FBI office

Benjamin 5 years ago


We were getting calls from cardholder services and didn't know how to make them stop.

So we went to dollar tree & bought an air horn. The next time they called, We asked to speak to a representative & before they said anything, we BLASTED them! And they have never called since!

FedUP 5 years ago

I got an air horn weeks ago, use it everytime...but they still keep calling. Blasting hasn't stopped them yet. In fact the last time I put the phone up to my ear after blasting and he said you know that didn't even bother me. I told him to F off! Maybe just need to lay on the horn a little longer.

Debby 5 years ago

My experiences are similar--can't get rid of them, and if you get to the person and ask questions (or mention "Do Not Call" list, they hang up. I don't have time or energy to track them, so I simply hang up immediately. But I'm trying to log when they call, so that eventually I'll have a pattern of calls to report to whoever will listen to it.

Mike 5 years ago

Has anyone started a class action suit against them yet? That should be the easiest way to knock them out - hit them in the wallet! I just received another call. I pressed one and waited to speak to someone. A woman answered that I reached the complaint department. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She rudely responded that I reached the complaint department and asked for a supervisor, so now I get to speak to nobody, and she hung up. I say trace the source and sue them for harassment!

Larry 5 years ago

I am using the technique of acting like I am very interested and have a lot of credit card debt and am in good standing with my cards. I keep answering questions with made up information that reveal nothing personal. In short I waste as much of the real person's time as I can before they determine that their call is not going to get them the information that they need to steal my identity or process a fraudulent charge.

Patience Is The Key 5 years ago

I received a call a few minutes ago for the 8th time this week from "Card Holder Services". I enjoy screwing with these people as much as possible, because I know I'll get a new person each time.

One time earlier this week when they called, I pressed the option to speak with a rep, and I was asked about how much debt I owed on my credit cards. Just a ball-park figure. I told the guy I owed $65,000 on one card, and he let out a gasp and hung up.

The call I received a few minutes ago, I chose to speak with a rep again, and told the lady that I was in debted to 3 different cards for around $9,000 total (just to keep her interested). She told me that her group was calling because Experion reported that I had made timely payments on my card(s) for the last 6 months, so I started arguing with her that I've been behind paying anything for the last 9. This actually lasted about 6 minutes.

So, eventually, I told her that if Experion decided that I was "worthy" of having someone lower my interest rates, then I was ready to listen. She asked me to verify the last 4 digits of my SSN, so I told her that I didn't know it by heart, but I do have my Social Security Card in my filing cabinet, and asked her to hang on a second while I found it.

I set the phone down for 9 minutes (according to the timer on the phone), picked it back up and told her I was still looking and appreciated her patience. She said it was no problem, and I put the phone back down, fixed something to drink, and went to the other room to surf on the internet for a few minutes.

I came back, picked up the phone, and this time, it had been sitting there for 16 minutes, and SHE WAS STILL ON THE LINE!!! So I appologized for the delay, and asked her to provide me with a number I could call her back at, since I was unable to find my card.

She gave me 1-800-847-2911, extension 1045, and her name was "Lisa Smith". So after we hung up (and she sounded very depressed after I told her I would have to call her back, much to my chagrin), I called the number she gave me. It is actually Visa's number, so I told a supervisor about what happened, and he let me know that they're getting blown up with complaints every day about the issue.

So, rest assured, if we, the "little people", can't do anything about it, these credit giants that are getting their name thrown in the mix and having their reputations wrenched through the mud (worse than they already are) should be able to back up some of these complaints.

Have fun with them the next time they call. Make up bogus info, argue with them, use profanity, speak with an accent that isn't your own, act like you're get the picture. The longer they're on the phone with you, the less productive they're going to be. Patience is the key, my friends.

Diggy 5 years ago

I'm getting calls again, after a brief break.

One tactic that may eventually produce results is to write your Congressman and Senator, as well as state legislators and state Attorney General, outline the problem to them, give them the web address of this and similar sites, and urge them to see for themselves how large the problem is, and to change the Do Not Call Law, to give it teeth.

As it's written, the Do Not Call List simply does not work.

The technology exists to enforce the law. The telephone is not such a huge mystery that nobody can figure out how to regulate calls like these. Seriously, the only thing between us and justice is a legal setup that favors these bums.

Right now, Card Holder Services holds all the cards, and they know it.

No one is enforcing the law, except the callers.

That is, the law depends upon voluntary enforcement.

Well, the crooks aren't volunteering to enforce it.

So we need to demand a change in the law. We want law enforcement to have an easy way to enforce the law. Are Americans so dumb that our tech people can't figure out how to do this?

Also, keep filing those Do Not Call complaints with the FCC and if applicable, the Identity Theft claims with the FTC.

And good luck, all.

BTW, if you do want to join the Heartland Institute in Chicago, think twice. When I joined, to get a look at their data base years ago, they insisted on me logging in, and then scanned and for all I know copied my entire computer system. It took more than half an hour for them to "scan" my computer over my highspeed DSL connection at the time. They said it was for security. Riiight!

They are very computer savvy. They are a libertarian think tank with a gigantic data base. They live to collect and disseminate half-baked propaganda. They're on my list of places I wish I hadn't gone on the net.

Patience Is The Key 5 years ago

The problem with what "Card Holder Services" is doing is that they are routing calls through bogus phone numbers, and often through currently used residential and business phone numbers.

There are actually apps for smart phones on the app market now for both Android and iPhones that allow call routing, some for free. The only way to trace these numbers is for the phone company to trace the call back throughout the various routing that takes place, which is going to cost them time as well as money. The only way to convince them to do this is for the police to get involved and/or provide proof that these calls are of a harrassing nature.

The thing is, these traces don't always work. It's not that the phone is a mystery, it's that tracing calls can be complicated and expensive.

Since this company isn't calling as much as a stalker would, it's not going to qualify as a harrassment issue, I can promise you. It's merely an annoyance in the eyes of the law at this point, given that you have the option to either hang up or not answer the phone at all, and the calls only come through 2 to 3 times a day at the most.

I agree with writing Congressmen about the issue, and see about getting some more teeth in the Do Not Call law, such as demand that the phone company that you subscribe to trace each call you complain to them about.

Until that happens, though, make them regret calling you in the first place.

Patience Is The Key 5 years ago

After thinking about it for a minute, I decided to visit, just to research the law, and what I'm about to quote is directly on the front of the website (I have to admit, this made me laugh a little):

"Scammers have been making phone calls claiming to represent the National Do Not Call Registry. The calls claim to provide an opportunity to sign up for the Registry. These calls are not coming from the Registry or the Federal Trade Commission, and you should not respond to these calls. To add your number to the Registry you can call 888-382-1222 from the phone you wish to register, or go click on “Register a Phone Number” in the left column of this page"

That is, unfortunately, how deep this issue goes.

Barack Obama 5 years ago

I promise to take care of this problem as soon as I am re-elected!

7Moons 5 years ago

Barack....riiiiiiiiight. lol Why would you help us with this? You haven't helped us with anything else.

But on a more serious note....this place is going to make one of us "snap" and I have a feeling that won't be pretty.

These people are the scum of the earth. I use verizon wireless. They give me 5 numbers I can block for free for which I was eternally grateful. I blocked the first number that card holder services was calling me from and the block worked great until they started calling me from another number. Got that call just a bit ago. GRRRRRRRRrrrrrrRRRRRRR! I asked to speak to supervisor after she asked me "how are you today?" (pissed beyond all belief!!!!!!!!!!!) During the transfer to the supervisor my connection was (not surprisingly) dropped. So aggravating.

My advice...disable your cell phone's answering machine ability so no calls are answered unless you answer them manually and do not answer ANY calls that you do not recognize. If someone legit really needs to get a hold of you then they will have your address on file and can contact you via the good old postal service. Answer the call either directly or via answering machine notify them that the number is a working number so they keep calling.

Scum of the earth I tell ya!

Dave 5 years ago

Rachel calls both my home phone and cell phone day and night. I have filed a complaint with the no call government organization a number of times. I think that the federal no call program is a joke too. I am sure we pay a lot of tax money for that. They will not stop. the only thing that you can do is hang up as soon as you answer. I did push the option to connect one timme and the man that answered asked if I wanted to reduce all of my credit card debt. I asked him which card he represented and he said none.

Rick 5 years ago

I have received MANY, MANY, MANY calls from these clowns. I have pressed THREE MANY, MANY times. The one time I did speak to a lady she hung up on me.....

Anne 5 years ago

Just got another call from 402 206-7411. So I pressed the button to speak to a rep who when I told him I wanted to be removed from his call list, he told me to "drink his sh-t water." When I asked for his supervisor, he told me no and then made believe that he gave me his supervisor and called me a "c--t." Lovely. I want these people destroyed or at least locked in a room with someone calling them all day long with this nonsense.

Todd 5 years ago

Just got hung up on again. Last month I tried to ask "Mike" a few question. It went like this: What company do you work for? Answer: Visa / Mastercard. Which of my cards are you referring to? Answer: Do you want to lower your rates? Q: On which account? A: If you don't want to lower your interest rates, then don't press one. click.

skywalker37829 5 years ago

I actually got one of their "representatives" on the line after getting 9 million calls and actually going over our cell phone limit. I was polite and explained I didn't have any credit cards and calling me was a waste of their resources. He told me off and said "if you ain't got no credit cards don't answer your dang phone." .... It's my dang phone. How about you stop calling it you moron!!! Sorry, lol. I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one plauged by this.

Patty 5 years ago

I can't stand these people. I'm on the do no call list and they call my cell, my home, and my husband's cell. I've tried every approach - even blowing a whistle in the caller's ear. He told me, "that wasn't that loud, I'd have to do better than that". I just got a call and tried the nice approach. I said please don't hang up on me. I was going to ask her how to stop these phone calls. I never got that far. The b*tch hung up on me. I wouldn't all myself a privay fanatic, but I feel this is at the very least harassment and an invasion of privacy. It's not right that I have to let a call go to caller ID when I don't recognize the number because of these buttheads. I can' believe this is profitable for the, but it must be or they wouldn't be doing it.

Dina 5 years ago

When I tried to talk to someone in order to stop these calls, I was told that if I did not want to ever receive phone calls again, I should just drop my phone in the toilet. And then he hung up on me.

little 5 years ago

hmmmm So the do not call registry has our home and cell numbers................ and cannot do Anything to stop this.

Also, the phone companies cannot "do" anything except charge us more money to "maybe" stop this. [ they still have access to your phone number whether it is unlisted or not]

I agree with previous poster who said there is a common thread here, we just don't see it. These punks aren't selling anything, it is just blatant harassment. Our phone numbers are coming from some list, question is who and where.

Frankie 5 years ago

Their parent company is American Debt Negotiators (866-969-4236), owned by Ran David Barnea, supposed home address is 21955 Cypress Dr, Apt 48f, Boca Raton, FL. I called that number. & through trial & error found one extension of 101 is David. Everybody start calling him & leave messages & voice mail. Finally!

Ms.Soap 5 years ago

Oh, but they are getting more aggressive in the way they can intimidate you! They call me every day. Sometimes two or three times per day. Now, they have some kind of a phone device that even if you are trying to hang up your phone to disconnect, your phone cannot be disconnected. I tried to hand up the phone 3 times, and still I hear their annoying word diarrhea. I told them to kindly stop calling me. However, they still come me. Once they called me at 7:00am. I went to the point that I said I will set their f... office on fire. The guy I spoke with told me he is going to call a Homeland Security! What a joke! I told him he can call to Satan himself. I do not care.

Alfred Johnson 5 years ago

If our Government can go after the Craighslist and Seattle Weekly (back page) for allowing illegal activity to go on, on their wed sites, why can't they spend a little more time and efforts to get these RIP OFF Companies that is costing our Citizens millions and Law Suits to get out of DEBTS!!

Alfred Johnson 5 years ago

Go after the phone companies for allowing Illegal activity to be did over the Telephone Lines!! Illegal Wire activity!!( ITS CALL WIRE FRAUD )!!Local and Federal Governments!!

Dawn 5 years ago

I've gotten these calls for years. What I've learned:

1) Don't bother researching the company's name and number. They change all the time, and apparently Florida law (where they're usually based) is ineffective against them.

2) Do file a complain with the FCC and your state's attorney general. But don't expect it to accomplish anything.

3) Don't bother asking nicely to be removed from the list, or informing the live operator that you are on the DNC list. They don't care and will just hang up on you.

4) Don't waste your time with airhorns, whistles, or screaming. Those sounds do not come through on the other end at high volume, and you're only hurting your own ears. And these tactics don't make the calls stop.

5) Do try to waste as much of Rachel's time as possible. Put down the phone and walk away, tying up your line for at least a few moments. Or string along the live operator by making them think you are searching for your credit card for a while.

6) Do try to have fun with Rachel. Frustration and anger are totally understandable but you're only hurting yourself. I love the guy who told Rachel all about his foot that was amputated (it wasn't) but still hurts. LOL!

Tim 5 years ago

We need to establish a public data base of calls received, from number, time and date. Here's my entry : 720-539-6698 Jan16 2012 7:06pm

Matty 5 years ago

Earlier this evening, a Cardholder Services rep. belched at my wife and told her, "Go f**k yourself." When I got on the line he spent a good five or six minutes describing - in explicit detail - how he was going to rape my wife and make me watch. Annoyance and harassment is one thing, but making verbal threats is another entirely. I called the local police, and the officer told me there was nothing they could do - but that he was also sick of getting calls from Cardholder Services.

little 5 years ago

seriously, there are no real options here?

Doesn't homeland security deal with terroristic threats?

Seems like I just read where Obama just passed a law where citizens can be arrested for this without benefit of a lawyer.

Jeff 5 years ago

As Frankie suggested, I called American Debt Negotiators (866-969-4236). The 101 extension did not work, but I spoke to a receptionist. The more the merrier.

Sheryl 5 years ago

My experience is much of what is described above. I did show an incoming number 720-539-6698 and the mailbox was full. I'm going to try Dawn's suggestions next time.

wolf 5 years ago

here's one from Pomona CA, 909-374-9789 1/20/12

Diggy 5 years ago

I've copied and pasted the text of a press release by Public Citizen, a group I recently joined. If what some posters here and elsewhere are saying is true, it seems we might have a legal option in the courts. By what this says, it would see the more calls from the same group you can document, the more you can win in court. However, documenting the identity of the person or group making the calls will be difficult. I'm going to do more research into the case just decided. But for now, here is the press release.

Jan. 18, 2012

Win! U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Federal Jurisdiction Over Consumer Telemarketing Claims

Statement of Scott Nelson, Attorney, Public Citizen

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled in Mims v. Arrow Financial Services that consumers injured by violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which outlaws abusive telemarketing practices, may bring lawsuits in federal courts as well as state courts. Public Citizen represented Marcus Mims, the successful plaintiff in the case. The court’s opinion, written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, accepts without reservation all of the arguments we made in support of his right to choose a federal court to assert his claims.

The TCPA forbids such practices as calls to cell phones that use automatic dialers, calls to residences that use prerecorded messages, and unsolicited junk faxes, and it says that consumers who are victims of such practices can sue for up to $1,500 per violation. The act specifies that those lawsuits may be brought in state courts. But, as the court ruled today, the act does not prevent consumers from going to federal court instead, by invoking the federal courts’ general jurisdiction over all cases that are based on federal law.

The decision will make it possible for plaintiffs with large claims that are suited to litigation in federal court to choose a federal forum for those claims. It also may facilitate class actions that could not be brought if TCPA claims were limited to state courts.

Note: Attorney Donald Yarbrough of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., served as lead counsel in the lower courts.


Public Citizen is a national, nonprofit consumer advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. For more information, please visit

April 5 years ago

I'm so sick of these people. 971-217-9515

Holly Wilson 5 years ago

American Debt Negotiators (866-969-4236) claims to have no relation to Cardholder services.

I have had the same problems as above with them calling me on my cell phone and at home constantly, if I talk to anyone, as soon as I say I'm on the no call list they hang up!

little 5 years ago


Anymore info on what you found? How can we form a class action?

I'm sure everyone would love to sign up.

Mike 5 years ago

This is obviously what happened to Card Member Services. Did you know there is a law that allows for the use of an alias in business practices? If we could get rid of that law it would help.

I have a friend who plans on talking to them as if planning a crime. The crime will be arson on one of the offices connected to them 'because the owner needs it done'.

Fed Up with Rachel! 5 years ago

She just called me again! Gave her another earfull of the airhorn after pressing 1. The guy called back from a different number this time and asked why I'm doing that when he's only doing his job...I told him I've asked many times to be removed from their calling list and that they only get rude. I suggested he get another job and stop working for a scam company like Card Holder Services and then hung up!

jakob 5 years ago

The caller i.d the phone company sells and charges everyone for each month is DEFECTIVE !

Any other business selling a defective service or product can and will get sued in a CLASS ACTION Lawsuit.

So why don't everyone get a class action lawsuit going against the phone company?

The caller i.d. the phone company charges everyone for is defective as it doesn't give correct caller i.d. information.

If the phone company get's sues in a class action lawsuit, watch how quick the scam rachel calls and the like get stopped.

When the phone company get's sued for enough money they will install the proper equipment to identify the correct name and number of the calling party.

Chuck Gramberg 5 years ago

We could pool money together through the FBI and offer it as a reward to any of the operators that call. Turn inh your boss and make a few grand. That would deffinately be the begining of the end of these calls.

Mad Momma 5 years ago

Some man with an accent called and asked my very young child sexual questions. If you know these people personally please do the right thing. My daugter is only 7. This is a whole nother level!!

edward ditch 5 years ago

Wish there was some way to stop these maddening calls. We are considering calling in Seal Team 6.

D.L.Hodge 5 years ago

I am soooo glad that I searched for this info.I received a message from this "service" and being as naïve as I am sometimes,I may have fallen for it.I would not have given my card number but you never know what they can get by you just answering the call.Thanks for posting this and I will pass it on,DH.

ed sachetti 5 years ago

My take on rachael and card holder services.

If you answer the phone that tells them it is a good number.

If you press the button to be removed that tells them that you are listening to ALL of their message.

How to get away, damn if I know.

I do not answer any calls that do not have a name. It is so bad I get 2-3 calls a day 7 days a week. I have shut off my answering machine.

They use so many different states and numbers it staggering.

Like many of you I can not understand why something is not done by the fcc or attorney gen.

Maybe these cruds pay off fcc. Maybe if john gotti was still alive he could stop it.

leslie 5 years ago

Damn cardholder services. I have a plan to be the one to irritate you next time you call. With a shrieking noise right in the phone. ARGH I hate them.

Trap 5 years ago

call this number 1- 212-395-1000 this is the corp offices of verizon communitions inc. they in turn own Terremark,a verizon Co. which runs and operates "card holder services" I searched the net for about an hour before i found that verizon ownes the co. that makes everyones phone life a misery with card holder services.... thats Terremark, a verizon co. call the number ubove and ask to speak to Lowell c. Mcadam c.e.o. of verizon communications inc they probably won't let you talk to to the ceo but talk to the person you get.....if enough people call the BULL$*&# should stop.... YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO GO TO THE TOP TO GET ANYTHING DONE...............GOOD LUCK

BP 5 years ago

After pressing 3 for months and not getting removed, by Rachel, I pressed 1 and spoke with a live rep. He said they were affiliated with Visa and M/C but were only of value to me if I carried debt and it was at a rate of over 12%. He indicated he was calling from Panama (SA). He politely repeated my number on his screen and said he'd remove me from the call list. We'll see !

MC 5 years ago

Surely pressing "3" just confirms a valid phone number.

Similar to 'asking' internet spammers to 'Unsubscribe' my e-mail address!!!

Eric 5 years ago

I get calls from them all the time. I usually press 1, talk to a representative, and tell them that they are f-ing scum.

Michael 5 years ago

Report these calls to the Do Not Call Registery if you have registered I received two calls from Rachel this morning within 3 minutes of each other. Apparently they call from many different numbers. The number calling was 503-457-1085.

Register a complaint with the FCC and your states Attourneys General Office.

SS 5 years ago

You have to call your phone provider to get the # blocked. This is a 920#. I have just called and it take effect tomorrow. Hope this helps.

DavidJ 5 years ago

I live in Canada and am continually getting the calls to all of my telephone numbers. The FTC can't stop these people, the CRTC in Canada can do nothing since the call come from the US. What's the use of having this type of "robo" calling being declared illegal if the authorities can't find these people and jail them.

Maybe the FTC & CRTC need to look in the mirror (as in at their own backside), since they can't seem to find that with both hands either!

Mark 5 years ago

I have nothing but disgust and hatred for "Cardholder Services". These people will NOT stop calling, sometimes calling multiple times in one day. Being nice doesn't work. Asking them to be removed from their list gets you a hang up at best. At worst you have to listen to them calling you a "cocksucking nigger". Why is nothing done to STOP THIS!

Frustrated 5 years ago

At this point I have gotten about half a dozen calls but they are increasing. I am hung up on each time-once for saying I have less than $5K in debt and ofter that when I asked to be removed. the latest came from 918-227-9118 (disconnected), also 201-632-2362, 484-489-0922. VERY frustrating and I did file a copmplaint with the Do Not Call Registry but from what I am reading-it will not help.

Frustrated 5 years ago

Today they called me on 386-202-2002 which is supposed to be from Pierson, FL.

John 5 years ago

I called Verizon to complain about this, and they said there is absolutely nothing they can do. The person I talked to said she gets two or three calls a week from them on her cell phone. She also advised me to hang up immediately and not talk to them, as they can be rude and obscene (A point I see is being made by others too). Also, she said the government is building a case against them and its just a matter of time until they are shut down. Finally, she stated this company has been openly disregarding the Do-Not-Call list; to them it is meaningless.

I definitely propose that when this "business" is uncovered we should engage them in a massive lawsuit. I have been keeping track of how often they call, and what they say (when I have talked to them). My record is only about four months old, but they have been doing this for years. If I get the slightest chance, I intend to make them pay for all the harrassment.

Theresa 5 years ago

I am so sick of getting these calls from card holder services. I am on the do not call list & have requested to be taken off their list twice now. I have been reading all these comments on the internet about these people. I can not believe there is no way to get this to stop! I have resorted to upluging my phone just so my children can get thru a nap without them calling.

Chris 5 years ago

I tried a different approach with interesting results. After hearing from my state AG several times about how they can't do anything, I called my one of my state's Senator's office in Washington. I was surprised to hear that they had never heard of Cardholder Services. As I talked with the office representative he Googled them and sounded surprised. I explained it was a national issue with the new law it should be looked into.

So, call your Congressmen and Senators in Washington. Let them know about the harassment. Let's make them aware that it's a real issue that's been around for years. And be sure to ask them this: Where is the money going that these fine individuals are taking from us going?

BTW, got my 3rd call from Cardholders today and its not even 12:30.

Rose 5 years ago

I receive up to a dozen of these calls every day even on Sun. I asked to be taken off the list, the girl hung up on me. All my phones are on the do not call list and I have a private unlisted number, now how do they get through? I have taken some email addresses from other people so I will see what I can do with them. I want them to stop calling!!!

Chris 5 years ago

As one person Mentioned the FCC can not do anything in reality it is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the office that handles these complaints not the Federal Communications Commission so file your complaints to the right department and something could be accomplished.

Chris 5 years ago

Arce 5 years ago

There is a way to get this to stop. Every time you get a call, call your Senator or Congressman. Tell whoever answers that you got a call from Card Holder Services that is a telemarketing scam. If enough people call their federal representatives, they will get the point and fix the problem.

fed up 5 years ago

I have received 3 of these phone calls this week. I have pressed 3 to be disonnected. I threatened to turn them in and was laughed at and hung up on.

today I was put on hold for several minutes while "she was going to find someone to give me the number to the corporate office", and then was disconnected.

I reaffirm what is written above, they refuse to help you in any way. I hope these people are caught and fined severely.

The comforting thing is knowing what goes around comes around.

Nancy 5 years ago

We get a minimum of 3 to 4 of these calls every day including at 9PM. There are elderly people here and it is extremely disturbing. Nothing seems to work to stop it and they pay no attention to the "Do Not Call" list. If you've got any suggestions I'll take them.

Steve 5 years ago

They just called me and, once I got someone on the phone, I played the "Charlie Bit My Finger!" video from youTube into the mouthpiece....

Bob 5 years ago

I really can't believe this is not illegal. Their calling me, trying to scam me by getting my bank information, and that alone is not illegal? You kidding me?

As far as suggestions. Instead of playing their game of calling you without any work on their part... When you have the time, waste as much time as possible with them. You will get better at it as you do it more.

JENNY R 5 years ago


Jay 5 years ago

From reading all this I know I wasted my time filing a complaint with the fcc. NEW PLAN OF ACTION!

Jay 5 years ago

From reading this I know I wasted time filing a report with the fcc. NEW PLAN OF ACTION! I am going to invest in a set of ear plugs and an air horn, next time they call I WILL PRESS 1, then when that nice gentleman that hung up on me when I ask why they continue to call is not going to be telemarketing anymore and card holder services is going to have a workers comp pay out for every call I receive here after. Furthermore, if anyone comes after me, I'll plea temp insanity from all these wonderfully useless calls and being hung up on when I try to ask a simple question and request a jury trial so my peers can decide. Care to join me? (yes it sounds funny and YES I AM FOR REAL)

Dan 5 years ago

These scammers have all sorts of nasty tricks, and they do not play nicely with others. Law enforcement does not seem to be interested, but there is something we all can do about it which will eventually harass them out of business.

When they call, press option 1 to speak to the representative. Lead them on with ficticious information. Engage the person for as long as you can. It flusters them greatly, and eventiually they hang up. Then take pleasure that, at least for a while, you prevented that person from scamming someone else.

Bob 5 years ago

Just another idea here to add on to my last comment. But basically, you have to impersonate being their "target market", again you will get better at it talking to them...

Who are they most likely to target? Not the average joe with 10k in debt, their not that stupid to think you will fall for it unless really drunk maybe?. Just do a google search on the types of people scammers like to target. Then get better at that impersonation.

I still do not see any connection between why some of us continue to get harassed by these scum......

The very fact that were all in consensus this is a SCAM, even if a legit business is what is most concerning to me. What also strikes me as *particularly* weird, they have absolutely no profit motive to keep calling me and wasting 10 minutes of their employees time. They would have better luck just cold dialing every number once, than calling us over and over.

In short, these people should be prosecuted CRIMINALLY, and I am 100% in favor of class action suit against them. I am in total amazement this can't be taken up criminally for harassment. Has anyone tried?

Dick 5 years ago

These fuckers called me to AGAIN, 02/34/ 2012, 1005 AM. They hung up on mw when I asked them to take me off the list. Why can't someone fly a plane into their HQ. These bastards need to be killed.

Pissed 5 years ago

Why can't the government do something about this? Take what I pay in taxes and do something useful.

Stumpy 5 years ago

may not stop them, but you know what is fun? when the recorded calls says to push 1 to speak with someone, when they come on and start talking, blast an airhorn in their ear. May not stop them, but it is sure fun.

texlex 4 years ago

When they call, press 1 and then talk to the caller and keep him/her on the line as long as possible by pretending that you are someone with a lot of high-interest debt and interested in hearing about a debt reduction option. If nothing else, it's an opportunity to waste their time and have fun with them, even if they're likely to continue calling.

Greg 4 years ago

please email me if you are interested in filing a class action suit: Serious inquirys only. I am fed up with Cardholder Services.

BJ 4 years ago

same complaint, but the message said to press 9 to get a human so this time I did. He refused to remove my number from his list insisting that he had not called me. He refused to give me his number. I suspect this is a scam operation. I notified the FTC through the do-not-call registry complaint screen. If enough others do, perhaps we will get them shut down without the cost of a lawsuit. I am also going to contact the AARP scam columnist and cite this website. Maybe he can get some action.

BJ 4 years ago

If you have ATT and have caller ID, you may be able to block up to six numbers from these folks by dialing *60 and then following instructions. Not perfect, but perhaps a help, though I suspect they use a different number each time.

Anonymous 4 years ago

send them a virus

tom demars 4 years ago

they friggin'suck SOOO much!!every time i talk to a 'human',they just hang up!!they harrass me EVERY day!!!i could choke someone!!OOOO!i just HATE them SOOO much!!!

dave 4 years ago

I said some pretty mean ish to them and they called me right back after I hung up on them so they could dish it back to me! No number at all showed on the caller id. These people don't stop.

Edward Koehne 4 years ago

es, we have bee getting these calls long time,years ...maybe years They hang up if you ask to be taken off there list...very frustrating.

trainspotter 4 years ago

Finally some good news! Like everyone else years of harassment with no recourse and finding some help. Call the real Card Holder Services (800-892-8664) they are in CA and very friendly. What they are looking for is a list of calling numbers from your caller ID in order to beging action. WOW!!!! Please call them asap with at least 5-10 numbers (yes we know they are dummy numbers) but it will give this company some ammunition, where apparently the gov't is not going to do anything. Please keep up this comment list with your experience. We need to work together. In the meantime either waste their time or get a loud whistle/air horn. They will be terminated sooner or later

trainspotters 4 years ago

I neglected to include the link to them

Rex 4 years ago

KEEP TRACK OF WHEN THEY CALL! DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!!! Make sure you try and get the number if you have that service (yes, I know they are fake, but get it anyway). Someday soon we will get to go after this trash in a massive lawsuit, and I intend to be ready. I have over six months of things documented so far.

Kelli 4 years ago

what you mean no phone number.. I have a 4074765501 from cardholders services.. ?

Julia 4 years ago

they called twice today (2nd time was about 1pm) and they hang up. we don't have caller ID either. I don't even HAVE a credit card! next time.. I'll keep them on the phone as long as possible *evil laugh* .. it'll be like when I called Proctor & Gamble .. if you tell them you don't like them, then they won't tell you all the products but if you tell them you can't get enough of their products and what are they all.. they'll send you LISTS.. so you know which to avoid ;) so I'll be 'nice' to CARDHOLDER SERVICES and see how much info I can get AND how much of their time I can waste LOL

Velveteen 4 years ago

Carl 19 months ago

I found out who owns Cardholder Services See my page at for all the contact info. Go get 'em!


Kelli -- So, have you tried CALLING that number? I bet you won't find someone there, or if you do, they're not from that company, or it'll be a pre-recorded message, or they'll cuss and hang up on you. I tried calling and it was a pre-recorded message saying they'd take your number off. But as you can see from others' stories, all that will do is INCREASE the calls you get! Bastards.

Velveteen 4 years ago

re: trainspotter 5 days ago

This message sounds SUSPICIOUS to me. Why would THEY care about who's been calling us? If they worried about "their good name" then they'd just pick a new name, it's not like they're a huge company with offices or anything, it's all online and via the telephone. If you go to that link it says their website is I hard would it be for one of THEM to surf around the 'net and find this page, and post misleading info? It wouldn't be the first time.

trainspotter 5 days ago

If anyone HAS called them per the info below and has an update...please share. In the meantime, beware!


Finally some good news! Like everyone else years of harassment with no recourse and finding some help. Call the real Card Holder Services (800-892-8664) they are in CA and very friendly. What they are looking for is a list of calling numbers from your caller ID in order to beging action. WOW!!!! Please call them asap with at least 5-10 numbers (yes we know they are dummy numbers) but it will give this company some ammunition, where apparently the gov't is not going to do anything. Please keep up this comment list with your experience. We need to work together. In the meantime either waste their time or get a loud whistle/air horn. They will be terminated sooner or later

trainspotters 5 days ago

I neglected to include the link to them

Kenny 4 years ago

Jon Rand 4 years ago

I have had the same experience and last night I cursed the jerk out after he told me that I should disconnect my phone if I don't want them to call me anymore. Sadly, Chase, my cardholder doesn't seem to be too interested in addressing the matter. One of their reps gave me an email address to report abuse to Chase and all I got in reply was a generic reply intended for phishing victims, not for customers receiving nuisance calls.

MikeN 4 years ago

It appears to me our wonderful Gov't can seem to get what they want approved or disapproved but can't handle or do not want to handle such harassment. It's very annoying and there should be a way to get this stopped.

Charlie 4 years ago

Let's all have some fun with the idiots and Rachelle. My wife and I have been receiving call after call for a couple years. We simply lay the phone down, walk away and after a few minutes come back and the call is over. So we then hang up. Some day, this guy, or guys, who are harrassing us will get caught by the feds, hopefully, and they will be in deep doo doo just like the wikipidia guy in Europe. Then he/she will wonder why he played this game in the first place. My suggestion to the "Rachelle" caller is to shut it down now before they get caught. Rachelle is definitely a woman's voice.

ATF 4 years ago

Do not hang up on Cardholder Services.

If they want to waste our time,

we should select to talk with a person,

then waste their time.

If enough people waste their time, they may stop calling.

Dennis 4 years ago

I have started messing with them, wasting their time as long as I can.I give them bogus info to run up their phone bill and tick them off.Try it,it's fun and gives a feeling of revenge.

JoJon 4 years ago

Yep, they hung up on me right away 407-476-5501. Said they do not have a "No call list" and hung up on me.

"Call the real Card Holder Services (800-892-8664) they are in CA and very friendly" ~ They are really friendly, however, they are not the company that is doing this, they are completely different. Don't call them

JoJon 4 years ago

Just got another one from a different Number... 503-902-8477

Becky 4 years ago

I dont know how it is so hard to catch them. Someone has to set up with the phone company why cant they trace them. I am real tired of it. I am going to try wasting their time.

Colleen 4 years ago

I am sick and tired of it. This is absolutely out of control. They call my cell phone and the only people I have given that number to other than friends is the Newspaper. I am unsure when the government will get their crap together. I will soon be putting out the White house phone number so they can start receiving these call.

Flaker 4 years ago

Yep, waste their time to the extreme. Between everyone here, everyone on the Facebook fan pages, etc. I think were starting to make a dent in it. We all asked nicely, tried everything we could, after 1 1/2 years I had enough.

michelle 4 years ago

i started receiving these calls last year when i was 16. i certainly do not have a credit card, and it cannot be related to the person who previously had my number as i've had it for years and years with no "cardholder services" trouble.

usually they hang up on me, but once i got a woman named Debbie. Debbie talked to me for a good 3 minutes about what the goal of cardholder services is, and that the message was "probably meant for my mother" or some other bullshit. she acted as if she was going through a list and taking my number off. she even asked me for my mothers number, which i gave her. my mom doesnt get calls but i sure as hell still do. as early as 7 in the morning and as late as 9 at night!!

i almost believe facebook gives out numbers that its members enter. no other organization has my telephone number!

perhaps if i make a bomb threat they'll take me seriously.

Tymlaird 4 years ago

I am a person with no active credit cards, and still get Rachel calling me at least weekly. No effort of getting on the do not call list, asking the real human after the robot to put me on the do not call list, makes any difference. How can I get included in the class action suit against this company? How can you find out who they really are and where they are located?

coolmrwhiskers 4 years ago

I just received a call again and politely asked to be taken off their list (I am on the do not call list). The guy told me to quit calling him on his phone and started using profanity at me. I told him where to go and what to do and hung up. He immediately called back (twice) and started swearing at me a calling me names. I do believe that this not only an FTC violiaton it is also a violation of FCC laws.

trainspotter 4 years ago

JoJon, you need to read my posting closer. I did say they are not the problem but are willing to help solve it with our help. If you do not want to help, then don't complain.

me 4 years ago

for all of you who have had problems with "CARD HOLDER SERVICES". the company is Terremark Co. it is owned by Verizion Communications Inc. Lowell C. McAdam is the ceo, they are located at 140 west st. NY,NY. 10007.....i used to get approx 4 to 7 calls a week and at all hours of the day or night, and i tried everything to get rid of them. NOTHING WORKED, NOTHING... so i did a search and found out the ubove info. Call this number and ask for Demetrius Polinick who is the ceo's mouthpiece for verizon explain the problem and tell him you want the calls from C.H.S ie:Terremark to stop or you will sue verision comm. inc. and everyone else involved.... so far it has worked for ME and i have only had 1 call from chs since i called verizion and i called the mouthpiece back and told him ......the number is 888-483-7770 make sure to ask for the demetrius fellow..... re-post and let ME know how things go ....i hope they get floooded with calls

Dave in NH 4 years ago

They called today for the 3rd time this week. I finally pressed 9 so I could talk to someone. They refused to acknowledge that they were breaking the law by calling me, as I am on the no call list. They then told me "the law is in my underwear" and I was dumbfounded.So I asked what their number was and they told me 800-345-3825, then I asked to speak to the guys supervisor. So I was given to "Brenda" who told me that it was legal for them to call me because they had information from experian. I asked who "they" were and then they hung up on me.

Kipp 4 years ago

THIS WORKS!!!!! I just hung up with Demetrius's assistant. She says that Account Services has a lawsuit filed on them last week. for all of you who have had problems with "CARD HOLDER SERVICES". the company is Terremark Co. it is owned by Verizion Communications Inc. Lowell C. McAdam is the ceo, they are located at 140 west st. NY,NY. 10007.....i used to get approx 4 to 7 calls a week and at all hours of the day or night, and i tried everything to get rid of them. NOTHING WORKED, NOTHING... so i did a search and found out the ubove info. Call this number and ask for Demetrius Polinick who is the ceo's mouthpiece for verizon explain the problem and tell him you want the calls from C.H.S ie:Terremark to stop or you will sue verision comm. inc. and everyone else involved.... so far it has worked for ME and i have only had 1 call from chs since i called verizion and i called the mouthpiece back and told him ......the number is 888-483-7770 make sure to ask for the demetrius fellow.

Debbie Dahmer--Colorado 4 years ago

I am thinking seriously about get a private telephone number. I can't get away from these damn calls even though I am on a no call list....

Anthony 4 years ago

What wes shold do is contact our local news agencys about whats going on and maybe they will do a piece on them. Put some pressure on someone to do something.

Barb 4 years ago

I have been receiving these calls for months. As soon as I hear who it is "Rachel", I hang up!

Erik 4 years ago

Yep. Been getting the calls for years. Call back numbers are bogus, operators rude, never give company name, address. Never honor "do not call" requests or lists. If it were one company doing this, there would be a way to catch them, but it seems to be a front for over 100 lowlife operations.

Best ideas seem to be annoy the operator on the other end (though they CAN AND WILL call you relentlessly if they choose to). Or, perhaps the best, press 1 to talk to a live person and say, "May I have your name? This is the XXXXXX police department switchboard." They MIGHT take that number off the list.


murphywi 4 years ago

Have been tracking their numbers for awhile. Today it came on my answering machine and gave me a # the call was coming from and I did a search for the number and it was the same name as the person calling - in Portland, OR. Ended the message with obscene conversation.


Gary Van Zandt 4 years ago

I hate these bastards and wish they'd all die. TIRED of their calls (often more than once a day).

waycomp2002 4 years ago

They seem to be getting worse as I asked to be taken off the list then suddenly they wanted info from me. My age sexy wether I was black or white (Her words) wiether I liked obama or not if I was gay. I started to say I didn't see what relivence it had to me wanting to be on the do not call list and they hung up wonder why. lol. If anyone gets an actuall name for them it should be reported. the program or the racel part is probably a scam. they certionly got alot of people angry

profile image

Trip Farnsworth 4 years ago

"THIS WORKS!!!!! I just hung up with Demetrius's assistant. She says that Account Services has a lawsuit filed on them last week. for all of you who have had problems with "CARD HOLDER SERVICES". the company is Terremark Co. it is owned by Verizion Communications Inc. Lowell C. McAdam is the ceo, they are located at 140 west st. NY,NY. 10007.....i used to get approx 4 to 7 calls a week and at all hours of the day or night, and i tried everything to get rid of them. NOTHING WORKED, NOTHING... so i did a search and found out the ubove info. Call this number and ask for Demetrius Polinick who is the ceo's mouthpiece for verizon explain the problem and tell him you want the calls from C.H.S ie:Terremark to stop or you will sue verision comm. inc. and everyone else involved.... so far it has worked for ME and i have only had 1 call from chs since i called verizion and i called the mouthpiece back and told him ......the number is 888-483-7770 make sure to ask for the demetrius fellow."

This DOES NOT WORK. Mr. Polinick is an employee of Verison, true. Verison does own Terremark, a wireline service and maintenance company, true. But neither VZ nor Terremark have anything to do with CHS.

Mr Polinick suggest these sites for further information about these CHS scammers:



Good luck.

Hate Rachel 4 years ago

Since I am unemployed, each time they call I make an entry into my states do not call complaint database and also the National do not call database. Yes, it takes time but hopefully when they need to buy more disk space to hold the database of complaints against CS they will get the message.

How can you make millions of phone calls and nobody knows who you are? I told the state attorney general to get me a fictitious name and credit information for me to give them. When they try to put me in credit counseling or file for bankruptcy in my name, then nail them. Still waiting on a response to my proposal.

profile image

Christi1 4 years ago

I don't even have a credit card. I have a debit card and they still call me. They call me on my To Go Phone and my Landline. I just give them bogus info. It drives them crazy and wastes their time, because they can't verify it!

DFMVt 4 years ago

I kept her on the line for 15 minutes..saying I couldn't hear her and was confused. Then I gave them a phoney credit card..she was PO'd when I told her she was a low life piece of dog poop...the calls are still coming..

FedUp 4 years ago

I don't think this is a legit company. I think it's just a scam to harvest credit card numbers and possibly other personal info for identity theft.

Blowing an air horn or providing false info seems to be a good way to annoy them, and the result can be even more calls.

What I"m interested in is this: has anybody ever actually used their alleged service successfully? Alternatively, has anyone *tried* to use their alleged service, and been ripped off as a result? I read all the comments on this page and only one person mentioned they had had an authorized $105 withdrawal that they were on their way to the bank to investigate, though there was no followup post.

The recent commenter who proposed to their state AG to essentially go undercover with fake credit info seems the best bet to me. But first I think we have to ascertain if this is a real (though unsavory) business, or a criminal activity.

So, is there anyone here with actual experience involving their bank or credit card account?

Joanna 4 years ago

I've been getting calls from this number for 2 years now. They called a few months ago and argued with me for about 10 minutes. They guy pretty much told me how 'un-American' I am because I didn't have a credit card. He said that EVERY American owns 3-4 cards.

Today when they called, a bitchy rep told me that I've never spoken to anyone about not calling anymore.

Just for giggles, I called the number back. I got an automated message saying "Please enter the number you wish to add to our do-not-call list". I didn't enter any number. I just sat there and listened. After a long pause, long enough for you to pointlessly enter a number, another recording comes on and says "Thank you. Your number has been added to our do-not-call list."

WTF?! I didn't even enter a number. LOL

The number I keep getting calls from is 503-902-8479 and shows up as 'PacificTel'.

Chick 4 years ago

We have been getting calls for 3 yrs. Have been on Do Not Call List since its inception. Talked to a young man who called yesterday (Indian accent) who proceeded to tell me what I could do with his specific body parts. Have talked to FBI, FCC, FTC, state atty generals in many states, local law enforcement all to no avail. They can do nothing unless one of the callers make a mistake-unlikely. I asked to opt out of their calls to which the young man asked me for a credit card # when I said no he said no then got very profane with me. I used an air horn but he just laughed! If you hit the button to opt out they only ramp up the number of calls. My suggestion: don't answer a number you don't know-they will tire of no response. If you don't have caller ID hang up immediately. If they can't get their jollies off they will stop. If enough of us complain to EVERYONE in authority we may get something done. Remember the 60s and 70s we spoke and they finally listened. Power to the people will prevail!

Susie 4 years ago

How do I get this to stop?

Sherry 4 years ago

The lovely Rachel called me again today. Twice yesterday but only once today. They have been calling me since 2008. I am on the do not call list. I get about 5-7 calls per week. I have placed a formal complaint with the FCC. She is still calling. I have phone blocked at least 11-12 different numbers from Card Holders Services. I am 73 years old and can't tell you how pissed I am at these people. This is such an invasion of privacy. Think I will place getting these calls stoped at the top of my bucket list.

Jay 4 years ago

They called my home tonight at 11:40pm!!! I wasn't annoyed by it until then, I usually just let it ring. Pressing one to speak to a rep didn't work so I hung up and started googling them. Then I found this.

Local law enforcement agencies don't have the ability to handle this type of thing. The government might, I don't know. If I ever find out they do I'll start handing out phone numbers for senators and reps.

I've thought about playing along with fake info, but I'm not sure if I will. Air horns sound like a good idea but aren't as loud for them. Wasting their time seems like a good idea if you already get a lot of calls.

When I win the lottery I'll pay to trace the number or something to catch them.

Ray 4 years ago

I tried everything and finally wised up. I got out my boy scout whistle and waited for the call. Then I pressed option one to speak with a representative. When I heard Hello I blew the whistle long, hard, and hung up. Now that felt good!

Craig 4 years ago

This is from Racheal at Cardholder Services



SBN Peripherals, Inc., and Repo, B.V.

Owners JohanHendrik Smit Duyzeritkunst, Janneke Bakker-Smit Duyzentkunst

3230 Cornell Road, Agora, California 91301

Go to the FTC and search for any/all of these

Please File a complaint with FTC 1-877-382-4357

They have and on going investigation

dude 4 years ago

What I don't get is how they are profiting from calling the same people over and over again.. ?? They just think it's fun to harass people?

Perry 4 years ago

Calls from CardHolder Services - I preseed (1) with my guitar amp pegged to the max. When the rep came on - I hit the hightest note possible with the phone pressed to the amps speaker. They havn't called back for weeks. I'm waiting for you - sucker!!!!

FED UP!!! 4 years ago

They've already called here twice today! What a bunch of scumbags!!!

Tim 4 years ago

I get several calls a day. I"m on the do not call list. If I ask questions they hang up. If I find em bad things could happen

steve 4 years ago

everytime they call just waste there time, go along with what theyre saying as if youre actually interested. I promise that will piss them off more than the calls piss you off.

Brooke 4 years ago




Also read this blog it has some interesting and good information about a few different companies to contact who these scammers are using as a service to make their robo-dailer calls.

Brooke 4 years ago

Ooops I forget to post the link so here it is:

You have to scan all the way down & a couple of people have full information to these company who the scammers clients actually.

Gene 4 years ago

Ok My Name is Gene and im also tired of this Crap There a Group of hackers call anonymous im going to See if there a way to contact this group and ask for there help. they are not the deviant criminals every one talks about. they might be willing to help.....

Ruth Lane 4 years ago

I am frustrated with the repeat calls from Cardholder Services. From reading all the comments, I see I am not alone.

susie 4 years ago

I have gotten numerous calls from the automated out fit,but the other day a human called.She tried like hell to get my card #. She kept saying that if I gave her all numbers except the last 4 no one could use the card. When I told her I was not going to give her any of the #'s she hung up. Legit? I think not! But whst to do?

gr33mind profile image

gr33mind 4 years ago from Pa.

I have been getting calls for the last two weeks, from a credit card debt reduction service for the past two weeks. I've told them that I am on the do not call list, and to please stop calling. Today I spoke wt a person, and again explained that I was on the "do not call list," and to please stop calling. From their accent they appeared to be from India, and what they said next was completely outrageous. The guy said, "your do not call list is up your'e a**. I immediately requested to speak to their supervisor, and the person then said, he say's "f*** you." I said that I had advanced caller id, and I will be reporting this call to the authorities, and your supervisor tomorrow. I don't have any caller ID, as if it would have done me any good, but somehow the man believed me, and begged me not to tell his supervisor . What the heck can be done about these kind of calls. I was only able to trace the call using *57.

Bondoman 4 years ago

We have all read tons of these complaints. HERE IS A GREAT IDEA! Most of us know how great a job the TV stations do when they investigate businesses, cheats, scams and the like. If ANY station were to realize that they would literally be HEROES if they got to the bottom of this, they would take on the job. Please call your local "consumer advocate" or "we are on your side" department at your local station. I truly think that they do NOT give up. Once they realize that on this site alone there are many HUNDREDS of victims of this crazy organization. I wrote to two of them tonight and gave them my phone number and this website also. LETS PUT AN END TO THIS SCUM AND HAVE IT TELEVISED!

Josheee 4 years ago

As I was reading this I got my third call in the last half hour. I hate them. I HATE THEM. This has been going on for at least the last 3 years. I wish I knew where they lived so I could go to their house and ring their doorbell 15 times every 10 minutes and honk an air horn at their window all night. AM on DNC, filed complaints, called the phone companies associated with the numbers that call me, called every number I've found on various complaint pages; all to no avail. I hate them. Uggh.

angela 4 years ago

The ones that are calling me are using software called DialIt - it connects to ACT telemarketing software and allows them to change their phone number to anything they wish. Another of my calls appears to have originated from Sri Lanka.

My most recent call:


As you can see, not even a legitimate local US phone number, obviously using the software.

I took the advice on here and called *57, which for me allows for a customer initiated trace. Then I called my phone companies security hotline (it was given to me after the trace). He said to keep hitting *57 (free service) to create traces and that if they threaten me in any way to call the local police. It takes about an hour for the trace to come through at their end.

In the meantime,the 2nd to last call they made to me,I whistled a sad tune which believe it or not, kept the idiot on the phone for at least 3 minutes. He finally said f*** you and hung up.

The last call was about a half hour later and I decided to just put the phone next to a youtube soundtrack playing "Harmonica -sad instrumental music can make you cry" . the other youtube sound tracks I have cued up are The "Israel siren of the Gulf War" and "Big Alert". I really have no interest in engaging these people in conversation although I do like the idea of wasting their time for longer than 3-5 minutes.

Colleen 4 years ago

I just reviewed and compiled the above comments and then placed the applicable info on my facebook page for others who may be having this problem with the constant phone call. Maybe this will get the ball rolling!

Betty 4 years ago

They have been calling at least 2 years now. I got mad and cussed the out that wasa huge mistake. He told me he would make my life a living hell and call me twice a day for the rest of my life. If anyone knows how to get them to stop I would like to know

Barry 4 years ago

Someone mentioned this number in a comment and gave all the information they could. So I called the American Debt Negotiators which is the parent company 866-969-4236. I wasn't nasty to him, and he spoke with as much concern and reassurance that they will get these guys. He was a lawyer within the firm and they are getting calls from screaming and concerned people like us constantly, and it is keeping them too from getting their work done. He said they will get these guys. I believed him and I hope they nail these guys good! You can call them too, that may make them move a little faster. But be nice, they are as mad as we are and working on it.

JIM N.J. 4 years ago


Vinnie 4 years ago

The Nation Do Not Call Registry is fake. Much like our elections, it gives people the illusion that government cares and are on our side. They don't care. We have no choices and freedoms. The only choices we have is paper or plastic or 31 different types of ice cream. If you believe in the American dream you must be sleeping. Fight fire with fire. Call them back, keep them on the phone when they call you...waste as much of their time as they do ours. Your rights must be earned and owned, not granted by our rich white owners who could care less about we the tax payers.

patti carden 4 years ago

I keep getting them, what if we all band together and get an attorney to go after them???? They are really making me get angry! We are on the do not call list, I ask to be taken off their list and the callers are VERY RUDE!

Ruthe 4 years ago

I agree that the DNC list seems to be a joke - a pacifier for the public. The site is a joke. So if you really care, try the *57 solution someone already suggested. Write to your Congress(wo)men and complain that DNC is not being enforced. I've had many of these calls this month, from several different phone (spoofed) numbers but the same message.

Karen 4 years ago

I got one on my mobile phone today, from Rachel, and when I got a live person, I told him to take me off his list. He kept yelling "Listen to me! Listen to me!" and I kept saying "Take me off your list." He finally called me a f**king bitch and hung up on me.

Frank Dzielski 4 years ago

I told the person answering the phone that I wanted to use their services and they transfered me to Victor.

His number is 1-800-392-8664. You have to wait until victor answers the phone. I just hang up. I hope they age the message!

Donna 4 years ago

The person I spoke too, I asked them why they kept F** calling me and he said because you F**king aren't pushing the right button. I could not believe he cursed me back! Anyway so the next time which was 30 minutes later they call back I push the take me off the list button. They called back about an hour. So I purchased a loud whistle and I always push the button to speak to a live person when they answer, I blow the whistle as loud as possible in the phone. I still get the calls but not as often and they seem to be slacking down a bit.

Davey Bob 4 years ago

These people are scum. We get numerous calls each week. I am fed up with the FCC doing nothing.

C Z 4 years ago

I have been getting calls from them for years. Each time it comes from a different number on the caller ID at least. Still have not figured out how to block them.

GAK 4 years ago

I just reported them to the FTC after getting many calls from them in the past. The best way to handle them is to just hang up immediately when you hear that SAME OLD RECORDING. Sooner or later they will be doing some serious jail time.

WHISTLE LOL 4 years ago

Guys and Gals... It does not matter how loud your whistles or horns are LOL.. The ear speaker on a phone is only so loud.. Just Sayin :)

Whitle Ha 4 years ago

Whistle lol, I agree 100%. Waste their time, or ignore. Anything else potentially profits them, especially if named companies above are involved.

sam 4 years ago

Well after what seems like 2 years of these call (at least 5 a week) they win. I am going to disconect my phone and hope they do not find me.

ken 4 years ago

I've been getting these automated calls and when I press the number and get a human and ask for the supervisor they hang up. But it is a waste of their and my time. How do I get off their call list? Will the FTC really do something after 2 years of this??

Margaret 4 years ago

Received a call today, I asked them where they were located and the guy asked me a very nasty question. I was in shock! How can they (in broken English) talk dirty on the phone? Such a jerk!!! I am ready to sue!!!

Jane 4 years ago

I am receiving these calls daily for close to a year and continually push three to stop them but to no avail.

Today I pushed #1 and after 15 rings a hispanic lady answered and asked me if I was interested in lowering my rate on my credit card. I said NO, I want these calls to stop and she said no problem I will take you off the list from my office. I asked where she was and who was credit card services and she told me she is in Tempe Arizona but the caller ID says Florida #1321-740-9999, when I tried to find out more she hung up on me. Wish we could get this resolved I am tired of running for the phone for this BS.

mike 4 years ago

i receive these calls daily , have asked them to stop i block the number and tomorrow theyy call from a different number ? I have 25 numbers from them on my blocked caller list only 5 left then what ? I surely wish someone could find a remedy to this very harrassing problem !!!!

kathleen 4 years ago

I am in the same boat. I get constant calls from these people and when i DO get a real person and infom them I am on the national do not call list they laugh at me...grrrrr and apparently reporting them to the national do not call registry does no good either, apparently they can't find out who they are either. I am sick to death of this mess, I don't have unlimited minutes on my cell phone and am leary of not answering the phone just in case it is something important. That kind of leaves everyone in a "damned if I do and damned if I don't situtation huh =[

kathleen 4 years ago

I wonder if this is them? This Business is not BBB Accredited

Card Holder Services

(405) 200-7641Unknown, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Gary 4 years ago

What could, or would, happen if I got a portable air horn and blew it into the telephone once somebody answered or if they refused to give any info about the company.

Maybe I will listen to them and have them send me some info via e-mail or US Mail. At least I would have a company name.

They may just be fishing for credit card numbers to scam people.

Joe 4 years ago

airhorn or whistle won't work. they have noise cancelling head sets.

Charlie 4 years ago

Your best move and best move for all of us is to push 1 and talk with them maybe long winded nonsense to take up their time. They wont stop and FCC wont stop them, make them unprofitable and infuriate them by being chatty and zero revenue.

Ross 4 years ago

They call me a lot - always same message from different places. It's always a male that answers if I press 1. I ask what he is wearing. If he doesn't hang up, I ask about his privates. If he doesn't hang up, I ask about performing sex acts. By that time, I ask If I can call him later, he hangs up - with an erection as evident from his heavy breathing.

You can't beat them - so have some fun.

coreilly 4 years ago

It is hard to believe in this great country of ours we cannot put an end to these nonending harrassing calls. It has been going on for years, and broke my heart when my mother was dying and they kept calling multiple times a day. In my mind they should go to hell.

I have filled complaints with the attorney general of Idaho, writtten to 60 minutes and renewed the home number on the do not call list.

I have been told there is nothing the government or the FCC can do

Again I find this very hard to believe.

This morning the calls started up again.

I want to cry.

profile image

Ben119 4 years ago

I have been getting regular calls several times a week. Today after the 4th call in 2 days , I spoke to the subhuman pos that answered and proceded to ream him a new one. He told me he knew who I was and that I would regret it. Very soon afterwards my phone was ringing nonstop with angry people who wanted to be taken off the call list. I spoke with a few of them and this steaming pile of dogshit was giving out my number to the angry mob. I think at this point as much as I hate to admit defeat, I may have to change my number. I'm sure they will eventually find that one too.I did try the wasting their time approach, but I think it's not worth the effort as I do not need my number out there associated with these idiots. Good luck everyone and take care

Gene Stevens 4 years ago

"Since they won't tell you who they are or what their real phone number is, there's no way to file a complaint with the FCC."

NOT SO! You know who they are. They're Cardholder Services. And you don't need their phone number to file a complaint with the FTC or the FCC.

I've been sending complaints to the FTC (through the Do-Not-Call Registry) about Cardholder Services for years.

And I also send complaints to the FCC.

This is not an overnight process, though. We have to be perpetual nuisances until these departments, who are funded by our tax dollars, finally do something to earn our money. Or else, when the federal government finally decides to start cutting spending, they'll be on the chopping block.

Fed Up 4 years ago

Got one of those annoying calls today from 813-444-5700

nonstopjoe 4 years ago

Get a live person on the phone and respond to a question or two - then ask what to do about the problem of jerking off in front of your kids. 4 years ago

I've been getting these call too. I tried to stop them but they just keep coming. I'm very frustrated about it. After hereing that it has been going on for some time now, I wonder what else I can do about it. I would like to lead them on. Today I pressed 1 to talk to a rep, but I got disconected. I wonder if there is a way to put a trace on the call in order to find a location where the call is comming from.

highlarious 4 years ago

so i have been getting these calls for years when i called the number above posted by sam ( two years ago) about a year or so ago the calls stopped for about six moths.... now i get calls two or three times a day, and i have found out i am on a training list for new employees..... i keep em on the line as much as possible but most times a supervisor comes though and disconects our call... i called back the number posted by sam and i got a gentel man who claims no association with cardholder services and went on about some of the simmilar comments above and what not..... is there any way people have found to make thise jerk holes stop?

jondoe 4 years ago

Rachel must be getting desperate got 2 calls from them this week, Monday and Today, boy I must be special. Using what Information I found here just filed a complained, hopefully something is actually done.

Henry 4 years ago

For a few years I have been getting about one or two calls per week with a recording of a caller claiming to be an employee of card holder services. I don't even have a credit card, just a debit card. I have a rotary phone in the room I spend most of my time in I am in when these calls come in so I could not press any keys to speak with a person. By the time I got downstairs to the touch tone phone to press a key on it to ask to be taken off their list they have hung up. I was just about ready to bring the touch tone up to the room I am usually in so I could press the key to speak with a person and ask to be taken off list, then I got the idea to do an online search for card holder services. According to what I have read, pushing a key and speaking to a person accomplishes nothing and may increase the amount of calls from them. Glad I did not bother bringing the touch tone phone up to the room I am usually in. Not sure it will do any good but I figure the next thing for me to do is update my registration with the do not call list so I can make best use any opportunity for legal action that comes my way.

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trbear 4 years ago

I have been getting calls from "Card holder services" for over 3 years. I am on all the lists, and have reported them to the FTC, FCC, at least a hundered times. I have talked to them, only to be scoffed at when I asked to be removed. I have cursed them, threatened them, I told one guy that if I could ever find him, I would blow is friggin head off. I finally bought a new Panasonic phone system that allows me to block 30 callers. This has been effective. They do change their numbers occasionally, so every 4 months, I clear my block call register, and start over again. This has kept my blood pressure down, but I wouild truly like to know where they are physically located. A little visit is in order.

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justmike48 4 years ago

Been getting calls for these clowns close to 5 years now, they must have easily raked up close to 8 million in fines along calling my house alone. Its not like these people care. Just part of the scam. Oh they will claim they are helping people, but according to a piece I found on these clowns by the LATIMES there number is blocked even to caller ID. the master company is in Arizona, but call centers in various places Flordia I know has a call center, since that office has at least 112 complaints maybe more. Next time I get a chance getting a whistle and blowing it.

Wass 4 years ago

These jackasses have been calling almost every day. I wish them the worst.

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ken 4 years ago

Credit Card services has been calling me two sometimes three days a week for months now.I have filed numerous complaints with the national do not call center and have never been given a response.I have asked to speak to the managers since pushing the take me off your call list option button does not work.One of the managers i did get to talk to,his response was quit whining like a little girl.Most attempts to talk to a manager get responded to with a quick hangup.I even told them i was now tracking their calls now with dates and times so i could turn this over to my lawyer for harassment and they tell me ok i will take you off our list and then 3 more calls in the next 7 days.I hope this company gets shut down for good.

Wass 4 years ago

I was wondering what had happened to these calls since they had stopped a week ago. I submitted 3 complaints in as many days to the Do Not Call people. Looks like the feds finally got them:

FTC cuts off 'Rachel from Cardholder Services'

Hurrah! (Until the next one)

shelia 4 years ago

a working call back number is 415-825-6637 It will give you real info to the federal no call list. It will give the option to speak to someone, but you never get to a person. it goes back to the machine for you to leave a name and number. I called the number after i reported them to the police. also did an official complaint to the attourny general. They ever do catch them they will be charged for sexual obscenity within a business call.

Lynda 4 years ago

I get them almost daily now. Harrassment.

Holly 4 years ago

I receive these calls on a regular basis - Almost always when my 18 month is taking a nap, who most recently had 3 different surgeries in the last 3 months. I cannot express how frusterated I am with this company/person! Leaving the phone off the hook is not an option for us with a sick child, therefore, we are forced to turn down the ringers during nap time - seriously.......this is crazy!

A Noyd 4 years ago

Judging by everyone's responses on this post, depending on our government to help us is futile. Threats don't work either. The only way to get back at these scammers it to hit them where it the pocketbook. They only make money if they can convince someone to use their services, otherwise they are wasting their time. So WASTE THEIR TIME. Give them fake numbers, lead them on a wild goose chase, ask them to hold while you clean up the kids spilled milk...anything to keep them from trying to scam another person.

Sharon 4 years ago

I receive these calls frequently on my cell phone. Attempting to find out what company they work for, or anything about them, the caller hangs up. It is always from a different number. Since I receive calls from families out of state related to my work, I do answer them, only to find a telemarketer, not a family member.

Fran 4 years ago

I have been getting calls from this company for years. I have tried to communicate with them to no avail. I have 4 phones - I have no way to know which one they are coming in on, but Ioubt that it matters - they are all listed on the do not call list. I thought I recently read that the Government issued them a cease and desist order. Is there no way that the order can be enforced? why bother adjudicating it if nothing is going to be done?

angry 4 years ago

They just calle dme for the umteenth time . Always a defferent number. same rigamarole blah blah blah. I pressed the number to speak to a rep and I guess I talked to "Rachael" or whomever. I told her to stop F$#*ing calling me you whore!!! And she told me that I have sex with my mother and if I didnt want to talk to them I shouldnt have answered the phone. LMAO!

The thing that pisses me off is dumbasses out there wanna take a gun in and shoot up a theater or a school. Why don't these same idiots go shoot up the card holder services call center?? They would be a national hero!!

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rhovo1 3 years ago

i use to get those calls too. i tried the nice route. i tried asking to be removed. i decided to stop answering to numbers i don't recognize. the calls finally stopped.

Tito 3 years ago

I Literally Hate These People.

Sandy 3 years ago

We have been receiving these calls as well. If you attempt to talk to anyone, you can't. If you do, and you ask to be removed from their list, they can be rather crude and the language. OMG. Now we are getting letters from these people, I guess hanging up on them is not enough. They seem to have some information about you.









elvira 3 years ago

Every day, for years, I've gotten calls from Cardholder Services; the calls stop, then start again after a few months. I managed to talk to a "supervisor", faking "gosh I owe thousands of dollars, you can really help?", then, after ten minutes of Lisa avoiding questions, I announced "uh, dimwit, I don't have credit cards. If you're this stupid, why would I think you could help lower interest rates?". Calls stopped, but started again. Found this info on the BBB website in FL:

Cardholder Services, Inc.

Find a Location

Phone: (877) 888-9955Fax: (954) 377-0072View Additional Phone NumbersPO Box 550160, Fort Lauderdale, FL Additional Web Addresses! There is an alert for this business ! It's rated F by the BBB.

Jerry 3 years ago

They hate being kept on the line. Lead them on they are paid by how quickly they can bait and hook you. Ask stupid questions. Confuse them.

One told me that she would not take me off of their list and hung up on me.

Connie 3 years ago

They are driving me crazy. Now they are calling my cell and it is suppose to be unpublished so they say. How can I make them stop?

Lee Anne 3 years ago

Rachel from cars services has harassed me for several years. We have been awakened, had our childrens naps interrupted, meals interrupted and I have jumped out of the shower numerous times thinking it may be our pediatrician returning my call. I have tried replying yes to get a person on the line who I inform that we are on the National do not call list and request that our names be removed from their list which they always say they will do but still we get these calls daily. I find it hard to believe with all the amazing technology that our government can't find a way to protect its citizen from such intrusions. I bet they don't get these calls at Congressional offices andother such places.

Brooke 3 years ago

I would say today takes the cake on "Cardholder Services"...they call me almost on a weekly basis...I have to say I have had about a month break but today I guess it was my turn, the last couple of times I started to ignore since they will hang up as soon as you ask to be removed, or you have great credit, or anything besides your card number. I do occasionally get bored and try and give them fake information just to see how far they will go. So today was one of those days, this is the first time I got someone who was not white. He actually was "nice" given the circumstance that he was trying to steal my credit card information! I went along until he asked for my credit card number then I told him I just didn't feel comfortable giving him that number (I always thought about giving him one off the top of my head but my luck that would actually be someone's card number). I asked him to give me his credit card number and he gave me a number (who knows who's that was!!) After we had a discussion on to why I still didn't feel comfortable I started asking more information regarding "Cardholder Services", he gave me the name but as soon as I asked for a contact number he filled the script. He asked if I was playing games. Which I responded yes because that's the only option I have since they will not remove me from their list and they practically harass me. WELL he wasn't happy here is how the rest of the conversation went:

He asked me if I was a virgin, which I laughed and asked him the same question which he replied yes. Then he said that he f@cked my mom last night, I laughed again and told him those jokes were lame and old. He then proceeded to ask me if I f@cked n***as...which I then replied that he was a racist and that I was recording the phone call (I wish I knew how to do that on my phone, but when they call from a Private Number there is not much you can do!!) He kept on with the insults as I proceeded to laugh put him on speaker phone and let my co-worker listen. I was mostly talking over his immature a$$ but then HE SAID...the joke was on me and that I was really being charged $20 per minute for this call...I have a call into our At&t person to make sure that statement wasn't true. THIS IS SO AGGRAVATING I WISH THEY WOULD PUT A STOP TO THIS COMPANY. I KNOW NOW TO NEVER ANSWER PRIVATE NUMBERS. I HONESTLY HATE THIS COMPANY! Sorry for the length but HAD to post this story...I guess they really have some twisted people working for them!

patriot pride 3 years ago

I am so disgusted with their daily calls as many as 5 times a day. It is to harassment stages since 09. You can't get rid of them. Have reported at least two dozen different numbers and names, Rachel, Ann, Sheryl etc., only to have the calls through a different number. If you stay on the line and someone answers, you may say. Let me speak to your manager. Instantly the click from haning up is heard. I would like to hunt them down and crap in their face.

ronald rollings 2 years ago

Any one that get a call from card holder call your own bank and give them the information and they will handl it. rollings

ronald rollings 2 years ago

Any one that get a call from card holder call your own bank and give them the information and they will handl it. rollings

stacy 2 years ago

I keep getting these calls from 'carmen' calling from a local number. I finally called that number and got a really nive ol

Sandy 2 years ago

I get a call everyday at work on my cell. I have ask to be removed but they still call. I have pressed 1 to speak with someone and as soon as I tell them I want to be removed they hang up on me. What can we do to stop these calls?

Mary 2 years ago

We have been receiving these calls from "Rachel"for a while . Today, I did a star 69 and it gave me my own phone number. How do these crap ass creeps do this?

AW 2 years ago

Just got the daily (often more than once) call from 'name' at "Cardholder Services". Ask who they are and they give the usual BS answer with no real information.

Also did a *69 (last call svc) and got a number very close to mine, but which has been disconnected or no longer in svc.

Just happen to have a New Years horn handy and it just happened to honk while on the phone -

One of the few things you CAN do to minimize this is to have your calls go to your ans. mach. - pick up if you recognize the caller or else call the person back later.

There doesn't appear to be anything legit about whoever is making this

unending stream of UNwanted calls.

Get a New Years horn and have it handy!

Laura Andrews 2 years ago

card holder services is the same company as the medical alert scam company. they've called me from the same number and the rep that i talked to actually said they were.... hope this helps shut them down

rcreek00 2 years ago

i just received this call for the 1st time on my cell phone. came in as an unknown number. i am on the national do not call list w/ this number. i asked what company this is and he replied "card holder services for visa/mc." i insisted he take me off his list. he said he would after multiple times asking why.

rcreek00 2 years ago

when i hit "9" for an operator the rep asked for my name and info. i asked "why dont you have that info in front of you?" he said "you were transfered to me" when i told him i wanted my # off he asked what my # was!

Barack 2 years ago

The National Do Not Call Registry is a joke. They apparently have no more power to stop these calls than any of us do., because I get three or four calls a week, every week!

jerrold gunter 2 years ago

They called using my own land line number

Johnc413 2 years ago

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CarlNRitaRiggs 2 years ago

Our experience has also been that they use numbers that are local...when you call that number you find that it is a disconnected number...just yesterday we received one that our caller ID identified them as Century Link.... this is not only annoying , disturbing, false advertising... but since it's been going on in our home for 2 years... harassment .... we should be able to sue these people,,,, we are so tired of Rachael..."Act now, this is your final call".... FOR 2 Freaking Years... blocking calls does not work..... Class action would be a good thing if we can make it work....

DeletedMedia 2 years ago

“Richard the qualifier” says Experian "the Credit Bureau has turned us over” say WHAT ? ? in excess of four grand in debt ! ? (@approx 4:27)

More “cardholder service” fronter, closer youtube buffoons argue with soundboards.

Cardholder Services Wav 5

Michelle 2 years ago

I answered my house (saw a local #) it was a recording Hello this is Rachel with Card services ....blah blah blah so I hung up!!!!!! Double checked my caller Id it showed my own name and number calling. WTH

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Clyde M Sanford 2 years ago

Ways to Deter Predatory Unlawful Debt Collection:

Untrue, unfair, disrespectful, undignified, deceptive, and fraudulent practices imposing illegal, unfair and abusive debt terms on innocent victims that do not owe the debt the predators are trying to collect; therefore innocent victims are becoming “prisoners of debts that they do not owe.”

(509) 982-4532 from Unlawful Debt Collector Predator, Fri. 10-3-14 11:19:22 AM Land Line Query ID: 1412352964,

Caller ID indicated 509-982-4532 call from Washington (Spokane, City: Odessa, County: Adams) on 10-3-14 at 11:19:22 from a land line.

The call was from the usual and typical radical bully parasite predators' Rogue "Isms'" State's masterminds' core and enterprise groups' co-masterminds, co-conspirators and/or inadvertently fooled and/or other facilitator traitors conspiring to repeatedly perpetuate patterns of prohibitive and other racketeering activities, including any act or threat involving robbery, bribery, extortion, embezzlement, extortionate credit transactions, obstruction of justice, obstruction of criminal investigations, obstruction of state or local law enforcement, interference with commerce, robbery or extortion, racketeering, interstate transportation of stolen funds from collection of an illegal debt, mail and/or wire fraud, financial white save trafficking, any offense involving fraud connected with a case, any act with is indictable under the Currency & Foreign Transactions Reporting Act, and prohibitive activities: It shall be unlawful for any person who has received any income derived directly or indirectly, from a pattern of racketeering activity or through the collection of an unlawful debt in which such person has participated within the meaning of the RICO Act, to use or invest, directly or indirectly, any part of such income, or the proceeds of such income, in acquisition, of any interest in, or the establishment or operation of, maintain, or to conduct of such enterprise’s affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity or the collection of an unlawful debt, any enterprise which is engaged in, or the activities of which affect, interstate and foreign commerce, and it shall be unlawful for any person to conspire to violate any of the provisions of the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act … subject to criminal mega fines, pleading guilty to felony(s), prison time, and under the RICO Act enter a judgment of forfeiture of all business and personal property to the United States and shall also authorize the Attorney General to seize all property ordered forfeited upon such terms and conditions as the court shall deem proper … and civil damages are triple (actual / compensatory damages and punitive) damages plus attorney fees and costs.

The Rule of Law give us innocent citizen victims the choice of suing the above described parasite predators. Some of us are of the opinion that the $1,000.00 per violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a scam designed to protect the criminals from being held liable for the actual/compensatory and punitive damages that far exceed the insignificant and immaterial $1,000.00!

$1,000 per Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violation and for example:

$1,000.00 Actual/Compensatory Damages per violation

Times Two = It only takes two violations of the RICO Act as a minimum = a total of

$2,000.00 or more Actual/Compensatory damages due to Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (statute of limitations is only one year)

"When people have the right information, they will make the right decision." Abraham Lincoln

But don't take anyone's word for anything, just follow the vital empirical Prime ("Prima-Facie" adj. Sufficient to establish a fact or raise a presumption unless disproved or rebutted) forensic evidence and related facts to discern the truth for ourselves by searching various sources ... and leave the judging up to His professionals!

$10,000.00 Other Actual/Compensatory damages to credit or whatever

$25,000.00 Punitive Damages

$37,000.000 Total Actual/Compensatory and Punitive Damages

Times There due to Triple Damages under the RICO Act

$111,000 Total Triple Damages

$39,000 Attorney Fees of $30,000 and Pro Se Litigation Fees of $9,000 = $39,000 Total Legal Fees

$15,000 Other Legal Costs during discovery etc.

$165,000 Triple Damages plus Attorney Fees and Costs

Which makes the whole process of getting even worthwhile!

But even more important … RICO Act makes the whole process of Collecting illegally not worthwhile!

Notices: All are respectful additional information requests, questions, constructive criticisms opinions … And following vital empirical prime evidence and related facts to discern the truth for your selves certainly may lead to allegations …; All are Subject to errors and omissions … Therefore, consult your own professional because we are not professionals and are not giving professional advice!

Mae 2 years ago

Got called from a Maine number thirty minutes ago: 207-738-5788. I'm sorry if that is a real person's real phone number. Spoke to "Paige" who explained that she is calling from Credit Card Holder Services in their qualifications department. She explained that I was put up for a review with Experian Credit Bureau ( as if this is a legitimate thing... Is it??), therefore my phone number is on some call list somewhere allowing unsolicited inquiries. She asked me if I have debt, I said yes, gave her the name of the debtor and dollar amount, just to see where this went.

I have gotten this automated call with prompts before, but this time my curiosity on what bullsh** they were selling got the better of me.

She states that there is no out of pocket expense for me if I qualify, and I qualify by them getting my account information and then asking Amex through their special corporation-corporation relationship. Apparently, they have more leeway than a corporation-consumer relationship would (if I were to just ask Amex nicely to reduce my rate to 6% on my own). To be sure, I don't see how what she explained to me gets them any benefit from my acquiescence on the surface, as if they are some volunteer consumer-friendly agency I have never heard of or asked for assistance...."Paige" said that their goal is to get my rates reduced, and thay they service 500 nationwide lenders, so based on my 6-month payment history, the rate reduction would be determined for qualification. So they wanted my balance and 6-month payment history. At this point, I put "Paige" on hold, read these complaints and hung up. Don't you know, "Paige" called me back from 1-800-847-2911, their customer service number! She said we got disconnected. I said, "I'm sorry about that but I'm not interested in your services at this time, please take my phone number off your list, thanks".

Haven't called back this 1-800 number to see if it's legit, but whatever...

Greg 23 months ago

Pushed 9 this morning to see who this was, using my own name and number for Caller ID. Had the same experience as above. Hesitant to give me company name, kept saying "Experian" and "Visa & Masters." Told me they represented my bank, but could not tell me what the name of bank is. Did admit to the company name of "Card Member Services" in Atlanta. Got the "over $4,000 is debt" line. As I continued to push, I finally got a "Fuck off! Asshole!" out of the caller. I consider that a success.

chaz 23 months ago

Get the calls twice per day.. We just hang up ,and,go about our business ...Dont get an ulcer over this !!!

charlie 23 months ago

This "Card services" scam has been calling my cell phone 2-3 times per day for 23 months now and won't stop. I have asked them nicely to stop calling and they usually hang up before I can finish my request. Sometimes they cuss at me then hang up. Then they call again an hour later from another spoofed number. One time they threatened to call everyday... and they do. Call block does not work because they keep changing the spoofed number. AT&T is useless in blocking these spoofed numbers. FCC complaints are not effective. I have found a way to get them to stop for a week or so. Get them amped up like they are about to get your credit card number then tell them the meanest, harshest, and most degrading things you can say to a scumbag for harassing you everyday. Just don't make any threats. I am now getting scam calls from a fake life alert "Hello Seniors" and some of those calls are using the same spoofed numbers as card services.

Paul Kaldy 21 months ago

Funny Real Cold Call from India w/ Eric Nelson 800 847 2911

12 months ago

I just got a call from Cardholder Services, the rep. (Johnny Parker 1800-847-2911 -Call back #) out of Atl, GA, tried to verify that I was the legal card holder by requesting exp. date and card number. he was able to tell me what number my card started with but did not want to confirm the rest. I told him that I was not comfortable giving that info over the phone, so I asked if there was any other way to verify that my card was actually mine. I got as much contact info from him as I could only to research them on the internet and find out the are 16K+ victims of this fraud. glad I did not give him anything, BEWARE!!

sam floyd 12 months ago

federal court thats what state attorney told me as soon as we lock them down

Chris Miles 12 months ago

5-7 times a day I get calls from them all somehow using my wife's cell number, imagine my surprise when it's a recorded msg. From cardholder services ... I'd love to file suit it's got to be identity fraud.

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