How to Live on $150/month

Living om $150/month does not have to be a dreary existence although it will certainly be challenging.  You will have to think outside the box to make this budget work and use all of your available options.

Living on $150/month

Living on $150/month comes down to two major expenses, shelter and transportation.  Lower these to almost 0 and living on $150/month is possible.

1. Shelter - Living in a car, van, or r.v.

                 - Renting a room and subleasing it to roommates to pay the full rent.

                 - Renting a bedroom in a house

                 - Living in a tent

                 - Living on a boat

                 - Living with relatives

                 - Housesitting and getting paid to watch someones house

2. Transportation - Ride a bike

                            - Walk

                            - Public Bus

                            - Train

                            - Car Sharing

                            - Friend give ride



If you can lower or eliminate shelter and transportation costs then living on $150/month will be manageable.  Once these two expenses are lowered or eliminated the rest of your expenses are easy to handle.


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