Immigration to the USA with a Masters in Finance.

Immigration Quotas & Permission Rationale

It is more likely that a foreign professional that possesses a Masters in Finance will be hired in Canada than in the United States of America, especially if that person is a citizen or permanent resident of any of 20 specific countries listed below. If not such a resident, this person needs to have an employer lined up and a solid Job Offer from an Employer willing to spend the money required to submit the paperwork that will allow them to work in the USA. This could be an amount of over $2000.00 total.


The United States follows immigration quotas for workers that are foreign nationals that wish to come into the country in order to work. Each year, a list of countries of origin whose citizens or residents are not eligible to apply for a Green Card in America is published. The list includes countries that have sent 50,000 or more individuals to the USA legally within the last five (5) years. This is, however, not the only barrier to entering the United States in order to work (see next section).

In 2009, individuals from the following countries may not apply for a Green Card:

  1. Brazil
  2. Canada
  3. China (born on the mainland only, the major islands are fine)
  4. Colombia
  5. Dominican Republic
  6. Ecuador
  7. El Salvador
  8. Guatemala
  9. Haiti
  10. India
  11. Jamaica
  12. Mexico
  13. Pakistan
  14. Philippines
  15. Peru
  16. Russia
  17. Poland
  18. South Korea
  19. United Kingdom and Dependent Territories - this restriction does not include Northern Ireland.
  20. Vietnam


Check with an immigration attorney for your specific situation before proceeding under either is the following:

  1. You are legally married to someone born in a country NOT on this list.
  2. One/both of your parents are/were citizens of countries NOT on this list AND NOT present in your current residence country on this list when you were born. In simpler language, you might be "charged" to another country.


Canada Needs These People

Canada lists the following skilled occupational titles that provide job openings that non-Canadians are needed to fill. These are listed at the visa and immigration website: Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

These postions for 2009 are all Manager, Professional, and Technical jobs. Applicants must demonstrate at least one year of successful past work in their occupation.

  • Financial Managers
  • CIS Managers
  • Health Care Managers
  • Restaurant and Food Service Managers
  • Accommodations Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Financial Auditors and Accountants
  • Geologists, Geochemists and Geophysicists; Geological Engineers
  • Mining Engineers
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Physician Specialists
  • General Practitioners and Family Physicians
  • Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Head Nurses (Nurse Managers) and Supervisors
  • Registered Nurses (RNs)
  • Medical Radiation Technologists
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)
  • University Professors
  • College & Vocational Instructors
  • Chefs and Cooks
  • Contractors and Supervisors, Pipefitting Trades, Carpentry Trades
  • Contractors and Supervisors, Heavy Construction Equipment Crews
  • Certain Electricians, including Industrial Electricians
  • Plumbers, Steamfitters, Pipe fitters and Sprinkler System Installers
  • Welders
  • Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics
  • Crane Operators
  • Drillers and Blasters
  • Supervisors, Mining and Quarrying; Oil and Gas Drilling/Service; Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Processing and Utilities

Working Without a Green Card

One might still be able to work legally in the US without a Green Card on a temporary visa awarded specifically for the purposes of work. Meanwhile, one;s home country may come off the list above in 2010. You must already have an employer lined up for this option. You must already have a job offer in the US with a specific employer.

In order to be awarded a Visa for temporary residency specifically for work in America, have your Employer file: Form I-129; Cost = $320.00 initially and possibly another $750 or $1500 later. If sucessful, you will be awarded the H-1B Visa for temporary residence to work for a limited number of years.

To immigrate, which means permanent residency because of your job in this instance, your American-based Employer must usually file: Form ETA 750: Offer of Employment in Non-Agricultural Occupations. Your Employer needs to prove that he needs you because he cannot find any qualified residents in America to take the job. This form can be rejected or accepted when completed. However, even if accepted, your Employer must file Form I-140 (Petition for Alien Worker) : Cost = $475.00 <OR> Form I-360 (Petition for AmerAsian Widow/Widower or Special Immigrant): Cost = $375.00.

Canada makes the immigration process easier by publishing a list of JOB TITLES that the nation needs to fill, allowable by foreign nationals. The USA does not do this.

You may apply for a Green Card if you fall into any of these categories:

  • EB-1 Priority Workers: 1)You have won a major world-recognized prize in certain career fields; 2) You are an uncommonly exceptional and recognized professor or researcher; or 3) You are a manager or executive subject to international transfer as a matter of course.
  • EB-2 Professionals: 1) Sames as E-1; 2) You have an advanced degree such as a PhD in a field lacking professionals in the USA. A Masters Degree may be less likely to gain you access; or 3) You are a physician that will serve in poor areas.
  • EB-3 Skilled or Professionals: 1) You earned a BA or BS and do not qualify for EB-1 or EB-2; 2) You are a skilled workers with at least two years training and positive business results; or 3) You are an unskilled worker in a high-demand US job title.
  • EB-4 Special Immigrants: 1) You are work in a religion; or 2) You are an employee/former employee of the US Fed Govt in another country.

For more complete information on Immigration matters, please see these ages that contain more detail:

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Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 7 years ago from West By God

Thank you very much! I wil send this to the person whom asked me about it. When he asked me, all I could do was say that I didn't know how he could or should do it so I told him that I would put in a request. Again, Thank You Very much!!

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

"United Kingdom and Dependent Territories - this does not include Northern Ireland, not part of the UK."

You definintely need to check that again. It's called "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" for a reason!

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 7 years ago from North America Author

Lady G - I hope very much that it helps. I suspect that Canada may tighten up their immigration as well, because they are experiencing recession, too.

Thanks for the info, LondonGirl. My reference was a CIA mapping and country summary, so I must not have the most updated page. I must admit that I have never seen the title "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland." Given fierce fighting about anti-Irish sentiments on discussion boards and insistance that Northern Ireland is separate certainly adds to the confusion. I will look further. In the end, Northern Ireland is not included in the list, so I'd best eliminate the last phrase.

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 7 years ago from North America Author

Information Please, which I generally find pretty trustworthy, gives the longer title, so the listing above is corrected.

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

It's been the "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" since 1922, when the Republic of Ireland was established.

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 7 years ago from West By God

I don't know where this person is really from. He contacted me thruogh my MSN Spaces page. I hopes it helps too. I will know as he will send something back to me.....I hope.

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 7 years ago from North America Author

LG - that shows what some American high schools and colleges are teaching in geography and history classes, doesn't it?

Lady G - Best wishes to him, then.

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 7 years ago from West By God

They are never up to date!! No wonder our schools are worse then any other countires, and they blame it on the kids and teachers! They can only teach what information the have. LOL

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 7 years ago from North America Author

And the "social pass" system to push kids through K-12 regardless of ability is totally wrong. No wonder some politicians are literally able to go into groups of people - even some churches - and purchase their votes.

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

If teachers can't tell the difference between England, Britain, the UK and the British Isles, they should look it up (-:

Frieda Babbley profile image

Frieda Babbley 7 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

I have to say I've never learned the intricasies of green cards and visa and work permits and whatnot. It is rather fascinating. Crisp easy to follow information. I believe I actually got it. Thank you.

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 7 years ago from North America Author

Hi LondonGirl - So true! Unfortunately, some of our teachers sadly do not realize that there is a difference TO look up. Myself, I must pay more attention - I am learning more about African countries other than Nigeria, only because I am reading the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series (many changes since my college geography/anthro classes).

I was shocked I did not know until Pres. Obama announced in a speech, Iran's full name: the Islamic Republic of Iran. Now I know -- Changes also in the Middle East since I had my Asian Studies minor, which included Arabic and Middle Eastern Nations. I will look at the new literature from those nations and learn more about them now. So, you are responsible for my knew excitment about geography and cultures.

Freida - I had to read it all several times and try to summarize clearly, and still hope our friends that wish to come to USA can speak with an attorney if needed. I have several African colleagues and from some nations, they can some in quickly, from others, almost never.

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

I forgot to say, and I apologise for it, that it was a useful, concise and informative hub.

I'm reasonably good on international stuff - being an immigration and asylum barrister will do that for a gal (-:

james navarro 7 years ago


Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 7 years ago from North America Author

Hi LG - Thanks ! It's a start, without readers needing to take in the whole immigration site offered by our govt.

Neil Ashworth profile image

Neil Ashworth 6 years ago from United Kingdom

Very good hub.

Jessicapotter24 profile image

Jessicapotter24 5 years ago from Los Angeles, California

Very informative hub with all the required info. I would like to add that the filing fee for Forms I-129, I-140 and I-360 have all changed(April 2011) now as follows

I-129 - $325

I-140 - $580

I-360 - $405( there are exceptions)

profile image

francis5k 4 years ago from New York, New York

informative blog! it's interesting thanks for the information.. goodjob!

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