Pinecone Research Review

Pinecone Research Review

Pinecone Research Review

Pinecone research is one of the best of the best paid survey sites that pays well. It pays 3 $ per completed survey. Generally you will get 3-5 survey per month. Some times it also send free products to test; you test the product , keep it and get paid for the same. It is difficult to find a signup link as it is an invitation only survey site. So keep searching the link and once you find the link do join it. These days they are recruiting new members. So join pinecone as soon as possible. They are a great way to voice your opinion and get paid for the same.

They pay by Paypal and Check. The payment is next day. You have not wait 4-6 weeks. Pinecone is one of the best paying company.

I have been a member of Pinecone Research for a few months now and on the whole have been fairly impressed and probably earned around 280$ in the past 4 months.

Products I've tested recently include Air Freshener , Toilet Bleach, Dishwasher Tablets, Hand wash and cat food.

After testing the products it was just a case of going back online and completing a questionnaire. These took me about 15-20 minutes each, for which I also got another 5$ (edit: it is now $3/survey).

You get invited by email to participate in a survey and are given a user id and password to login.

You then go to the website and login to the current studies.

The surveys on the whole are easy to complete and have been getting a bit more "funky" lately. I quite enjoyed the virtual shopping, where it was all in images and I could pick products off the shelf.

You can join pinecone research using this signup link.

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Claudia 6 years ago

its the real deal...member since aug 2008

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