Residual Income

There are many definitions of a residual income. The best definition one that combines its goal which is a steady stream of income and one that provides a definition of the work it will take to get there. The reason it can be defined as work because there is a lot of participation in the initial growth but remarkably little after it has been established.

There are a number of advantages, and disadvantages to this type of income let’s take a look at a few.


1. Constant flow of money once it is established

2. More free time for other endeavors once established due to the constant flow of income generation

3. Less expensive than traditional business

4. Can work from the comfort of home

5. Multiple streams can increase revenue


1. Can be time consuming to initially setup

2. Hard to establish income in high competitive area

3. May needs to invest in marketing

4. Establishing a name can take time

5. Patience is the key it is not an instant income

Residual income seems easy once you have done a couple of different websites. There is little maintenance required after initial setup. The hardest part is finding the right niche that you are going to sell, inform, and establish as your own.

There are many different models of online marketing that you can get into. , The idea behind them all is the same, but there are different levels of research needed for each one. The models are

1. Affiliate marketing

2. Information Trade

3. Digital product sales

4. Drop shipping

5. Stock Investing

These top 5 opportunities for residual income each has their own ups and downs. Each of these can be tremendously successful with the right amount of attention and research in getting them started. Some of them require more some less research, but the handwork to start is where people usually stop.

The most popular one is called affiliate marketing, It is essentially the selling or promoting of establish products of others. This is one where your strategy would be to convince others to buy this product. When they do you get the sales commission from that product.

Each of these ideas can be developed into a website of information or product selling that you can use to make even more. You have your site up, and you can advertisers to it to help you gain another stream of income. So, in theory a website could have many more than just one stream of passive income as long as you keep developing it and adding to it on a regular basis. Take your time and plan it right and you will be successful at getting the perfect residual income.

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wetnosedogs 4 years ago from Alabama

Great article and combination of books.

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Very informative read...thanks for the insights!

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