The Basics of Internet Banking using CIMB Clicks


Internet banking is one service that all banks must provide today. In today's world many people use the internet. It is inevitable that internet banking be developed. However, there are still many who are apprehensive about using internet banking due to security reasons or being just paranoid. I'll show you the basics of internet banking using CIMB Clicks as an example. I hope this article will help make internet banking not as daunting as you think.

First Time Login

Go to a CIMB Autoteller Machine (ATM). Request for an Internet e-PIN. You need to key in your mobile phone number. With the Internet e-PIN, you can start to create your internet banking account. You will also need to have either your Bank Card No., Credit Card No., or a Loan No. Go to First Time Login Page to create your internet banking account. Make sure your browser shows secure status (lock icon).

Login Page

Below is the Login Page. You will be able to see the many services available at the top as a menu bar. You may also access the services from the grid view. The basic internet banking will be:

  • Account Enquiry
  • Transfer Funds
  • Pay Bills

The above services will save you lots of time. You need not drive out to the nearest bank or ATM to perform the transactions. All you need is a PC and a connection to the internet.

Account Enquiry

When you click this, you will see a summary of the accounts you have with the bank. Your account numbers, type of account and account balance will be displayed here. Clicking on the account number, you can view transaction history for a particular period you choose.

Transfer Funds

Here you can transfer funds between your savings account and current account or vice versa. Or you can transfer funds to your account in other banks. You may also transfer funds to other people's account. You will need to request for a TAC code which will be sent to your mobile phone as an SMS. Key in the TAC code to proceed with the transfer. Before you confirm the transfer, you will get to view the transaction details such as beneficiary name and account number. If the beneficiary name is someone you don't know, abort the transfer.

Pay Bills

You can pay bills for most of the popular merchants using internet banking. You will need to have the bill number or account number handy. Again, you have to request for a TAC as a security measure.

Add to Favorites

If you have to frequently perform a transaction, you may want to add it to your favorites. TAC request is a one-time-deal. So for future transactions, you don't need to request for TAC.

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Glory Khaw 7 years ago

Hey YuNiq, this is a very helpful tips, I am amazed to see much of your articles.

cheahyuniq profile image

cheahyuniq 7 years ago from Penang, Malaysia Author

Hope you will be convinced to hop on the internet banking band wagon.

tika 7 years ago

how to get the internet e-pin?

cheahyuniq profile image

cheahyuniq 7 years ago from Penang, Malaysia Author

Tika, you will need to go to a CIMB ATM machine. At the ATM machine, insert your ATM card and enter your existing ATM PIN. Select "Others", then select "Internet e-PIN ". Key in 6-digit e-PIN of your choice. It must be different from your present ATM card PIN. Confirm e-PIN by keying the same 6-digit number again. If e-PIN creation is successful, the ATM will display the message "Internet e-PIN accepted"

nadhariah 7 years ago

i can't login cimbcliks since two month through office's computer..itn't hv related with server problem ?

cheahyuniq profile image

cheahyuniq 7 years ago from Penang, Malaysia Author

Nadhariah, it'd be best to check with your IT guys at your office to see if the site is blocked.

ila 7 years ago

i want to know how can we confirmed that certain website are secure?

and what function that cimb mobile banking and what other function of mobile banking cimb provide?

iena 7 years ago

Is this CIMB Clicks internet banking is safe and secure?

let say, if have some lost with our money, is it CIMB will recovered it?or have any guaranteed for this internet banking?

anna 7 years ago

Nice article for hubpages. thanks for sharing

Edmund 7 years ago

Hi,today i check my balance like usual i find out i lost few hundred from my saving acc. Can some one guide me how to do?

cheahyuniq profile image

cheahyuniq 7 years ago from Penang, Malaysia Author

Ila: Before you submit any personal information through a website, make sure that the address begins with https:// and not http://. Also find the padlock icon - make sure it is locked. As for mobile banking, I am not well-versed. I will check with the bank.

Iena: If you find any discrepancy, check your account transaction history. You could know dates and the amount debited or credited. Have this information on hand before you talk to the bank staff. With regards to guarantee, I will need to check with the bank.

Edmund: Please see my response to Ila. Hope you are able rectify the issue.

nick 7 years ago

It doesn't seem possible to transfer from current to savings account, but the other way round is ok

kash 7 years ago

cimb clicks link is broken pls fix this problem ASAP,thx

sam 7 years ago

i cant click since yesterday what happen man?

cheahyuniq profile image

cheahyuniq 7 years ago from Penang, Malaysia Author


Transfer from current to savings is possible.


The logon link is


Can't click? Sites do get into trouble once in a while. Can be frustrating, especially when it's urgent. I understand. Try during office hours. Avoid transactions at night.

knockoutpink 7 years ago

thanks..your information was so helpful..

dahood  7 years ago

how i can find TAC plz plz plz tel me now

tcfonlinebankingguy 7 years ago

Don't reply e-mail that they asked you to provide or verify personal information such as bank account information, credit card information, social security information and password information.That email is a phishing scam.

Be careful with internet banking.... thanks for sharing

kalau lupa password 7 years ago

bro kalau lupa password macam mana?

mdilyas 7 years ago

i check my account balance with cimbclicks but my account balance is more than my available balance. what mean by account balance and available balance here?

helmi  6 years ago can I check my CIMB debit e-mastercard balance on atm.i did't find the option there.hoe can help.tq

senna 6 years ago

i would like to know, can we retrieve the history transaction's cimbclicks in more than 1 year duration? As example i want get the information of nov 2008 by the current date march 2010.

mim79 6 years ago

how to request for TAC?

petprison 6 years ago

i already done the e-pin at cimb atm ( requested accepted). but when i make the transaction (pay my bill ) through the cimb clicks, i cannot proceed as i not given the tac a?

yada 6 years ago

i want to a transaction and given TAC no via sms.. i've used that particular TAC and it kept saying the TAC is invalid.. tried 3 times until my transaction blocked! =(

oppps:) 6 years ago

how can i check my previous activities or history for my account

Lam 6 years ago

What should I do if I forget my CIMBClicks username and password? I also forgot the CIMB epin..can I request another one?

eric 6 years ago

hye there..just wanna to know how can i get TAC number??

ann 6 years ago

it's so frustrating that the TAC i requested for is not sent on time! i've tried so many times on different times: morning, afternoon, evening. once it was sent 4 hours late! today alone, i've requested three times, and still it hasn't been sent. what's wrong?

Hakim 6 years ago

One of the reasons I think people think it is daunting is because directions like these are not made clear in the official site. For example, I did not know (and reading the comments, neither did some other people) that you had to go to an ATM to get the e-PIN, I tried registering before but did not find the part about going to the ATM for the e-PIN (for all I know, I thought I only needed to use the ATM pin number, and I don't think you can blame consumers for not knowing). Several other official sites do not provide clear directions either (they assume people already know little details). Thank you cheahyuniq for providing this.

sidewinder 6 years ago

may i ask? how to check cimb acc number at the atm machine? last time i cannot check there

suffian 6 years ago

may i ask..what is the function of epin in the future after I started my cimb clicks..and..can anybody access to my cimb clicks account if they know my epin?

imah 6 years ago

kenapa bila sy nk login sy punya akaun skrin kom memyatakan your acces has been suspensed???bolehkah pencuri internet mencuri duit dlm bank kita tanpa tac?

Saqib 6 years ago

Hi very fruitful information shared. I have CIMB e master card, I want to add money FROM my emaster card to my CIMB account, how can I add.

yaya 6 years ago

hi im yaya,i just want to know if someone bankin money to me,can i check the transaction details just to know that they really did bankin the money or not.

please email me the answer.i need to know about is my email

thanks ya

syukri89 5 years ago

i really forgot my epin number.. n also my id n password 2...

linda 5 years ago

can i ask what is the function of the prepaid reload inside the

Thomas G. 5 years ago

HI CheahYuNiq,

Can This CIMB internet banking be use to purchase books, DVDs, electronics spare parts etc. from the website via my own CIMB saving account ? What is the procedure? A lot of Foreign country sites in the net required payment for their products by using PAyPAl, Wetern Union, MAstercard/visa.. which I don't have. Can explain to me ?

sharon 5 years ago

can tranfer money into icbc bank /china bank account(other people)

cheahyuniq profile image

cheahyuniq 5 years ago from Penang, Malaysia Author

Sharon, there is a list of 24 banks that you may transfer funds to, including OCBC. Make sure there are 11 digits in OCBC savings/current account number.

miranda 5 years ago

hi there,

i forgot my pin and my there any ways to get it back?

Liaa 5 years ago

hi im lia, just want to know if someone banked in money to me,can i check the transaction details like he or her account no??

I just want to know whther they r really did bankin the money or not.

tikah 4 years ago

I already sign up for the cimb click. My problem is I forgot my user ID name, password and even I had lost my e-pin numb? What should I do so that I can excess my cimb click?

David 4 years ago

How to read the Bill Payment History?

Coz i would like to print out.

Thank you

Selina 4 years ago

Hi,i had registered cimbclicks using my old phone number last time.. now i have a new phone number.. how can i update my new phone number to continue receiving the TAC code when performing transaction is the steps to do it via ATM? Tq..

capppp 4 years ago

how do i pay cimb credit card. there is no cimb card under the payment list...

udi 4 years ago

I forget my id and i go to the ATM mechine to get e-pin coz it is requsted by the system to help user remind the id and password..but the atm mechine presented the e pin is applied and i can't got the e pin..there are possible method i got the e pin??

Ang Wei hong 3 years ago

I forgot my PIN number how to do

bob 3 years ago

can i use cimb clicks to top up paypal?

mohamad razif bin abd. aziz 2 years ago


maheswari 2 years ago

I do like to join in internet online bank

Plz any one teach me to regiea

wani 2 years ago

HI. before this I HAVE NO ISSUE ON TAC NO.. but since last week, I unable request TAC code coz there no link to my device. i check still the same.cannot request tac code .do help.

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