What I doing Currently for Residual Income


I have already signed up for an affiliate ad with Amazon which is obvious when you are viewing my hubs as I have some Amazon items on them.  I have also been signed up with Adsense for over a year on my various blogs, but due to low traffic, these have not accumulated much income on them.  

Recently I created an account with Clickbank and started to locate products that I thought might be helpful and useful on my various blogs.  I know there are many other products out there that I could potentially find as well.  There are some products that I have seen available through affiliate marketing that are things I would use in my personal life and I know some of my friends would be interested in the same products, so I want to look into those as well.

I have also been considering taking content from my blog and creating an e-book out of it.  I’m not really familiar with how to create an e-book but I have done a bit of reading and really, I have to work on content first.  I know my blog has quite a bit of content right now but I am still working on getting a bit more up there as there are some topics I have not covered.  Of course, I would also create some fresh content, or only to be found, in the e-book content. 

The affiliate programs, I plan to use on my various blogs.  I have 2 that I keep up with as the one promotes my candle business and the other is a blog all about direct sales.  I also have three other blogs but I do not keep up on them as much as the other two.  One is a listing of romance reps from across Canada and the United States.  I have found a few affiliate items that I may list on there, but have not had much time to look into them to see how well they fit and how to best promote them.  I also have a blog that tracks my efforts in making an online income (it is woefully neglected) and I have a blog that is about my cats and crafting, but I do not post there regularly.

Wow.. Typing it all out sounds like I am working on many things.  Maybe that is the problem, with so many things going on I cannot concentrate enough on one?  But they are all related! 

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Brenda Hoffman profile image

Brenda Hoffman 5 years ago from Pittsburgh

Ambitious at best :) I'm working on Hub pages, Squidoo, Examiner, Bright Hub, Associated Content and Info Barrel - Trying to build residuals there with self promo through my blogs :) Here's hoping 2011 treats both of us well in this area.

SKCandles profile image

SKCandles 5 years ago from Canada Author

I'm on Bright Hub as well. I wish you luck in your journey!

cmahan profile image

cmahan 5 years ago from Michigan

I have tried Clickbank. I get so frustrated trying to locate products to tie into my websites. I have thought about the ebook as well, but I just do not have time for it right now with all the other things I have going on. I am hoping this summer to spend some time working on these things more.

SKCandles profile image

SKCandles 5 years ago from Canada Author

it is definitely difficult to find products there

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