Who is Mike McCarthy and why does he want to find me a job?

Who is Mike McCarthy?

There's this guy, Mike McCarthy. He expresses a high level of interest regarding my employment situation. He's a good dude. Frequently he emails me to remind me of his job-hunting service. What a pal he is. Recently he sent me this sincere solicitation:

Hi nicomp,

Please check your resume for these mistakes and then resubmit it.
Improperly formatted name and contact information.
A missing or poorly worded Career Summary section.

Lack of clarity and readability.
Using a common or over-used template.
Inflating skills and experience.
Missing industry and profession-specific terminology.
Including clich├ęs. Too many or too few bullets. Highlighting duties instead of achievements.
Poor grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Post here. (Mike sent me a link: I removed it)


Mike McCarthy
Phone: 312.277.1986
McSourcer Recruiting and Staffing
40 E. Chicago Ave. Suite 131
Chicago, IL60611

Every so often I'll write back to Mike. After reading his heartfelt expressions of concern the least I can do is keep the lines of communication open. Mike shouldn't feel as if this relationship is one-sided.

I Googled his telephone number: The first hit was consumerfraudreporting.org, which made me slightly queasy. Could Mike be scamming me?

I Googled his company. The first hit was again consumerFraudReporting.org. Uh Oh.

What's Mike up to?

I mapped his office address. It's an impressive-looking location, just 5 blocks from North Lake Shore Drive. It's in a nest of high-rise office blocks.

After much soul searching during commercials between The View segments, I reached the agonizing conclusion that I needed to sever ties with Mike. To my knowledge he's not actually found me a job. In all honesty I don't think he's offered me a referral. I've dealt with head-hunters; they glom on to me with both tentacles. No self-respecting head-hunter (oxymoron?) would continue to send me unsolicited email without at least a follow up phone call. They want to know I exist. I want to know they exist.

On September 29th, I sent Mike this heartrending message:

PLEASE stop spamming me. You are in violation of the CAN-SPAM act and I will report you shortly if you insist on bothering me.

I may have ruined his day; he responded with this:

Hi nicomp,

Put yourself in pole position for the January hiring blitz by getting some interviews before the break.

Post Resume Here (Mike sent me a link: I removed it)


Mike McCarthy
Phone: 312.277.1986
McSourcer Recruiting and Staffing
40 E. Chicago Ave. Suite 131
Chicago, IL 60611

Poor Mike. He was crushed to the extent that he couldn't bear to run his spell checker or proofread his message for grammar. I hope he's OK.

If you know Mike or you've dealt with him, please give him my best.

40 E. Chicago Ave. Suite 131, Chicago, IL, 60611: does Mike McCarthy work here?
40 E. Chicago Ave. Suite 131, Chicago, IL, 60611: does Mike McCarthy work here?

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breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 7 years ago

Sadly, there are lots of Mikes out there. Not only are you smart but you have a great sense of humor...Great hub about a really pathetic guy.

vrajavala profile image

vrajavala 7 years ago from Port St. Lucie

yeah those international check cashers too,.

Tom Whitworth profile image

Tom Whitworth 7 years ago from Moundsville, WV

I guess it's just the Chicago way.(8D)

lmmartin profile image

lmmartin 7 years ago from Alberta and Florida

We could introduce Mike to Greg the realtor who simply won't stop trying to sell me land. Perhaps they are related.

jobister profile image

jobister 7 years ago from Anaheim, California

Very nicely written hub. Mike McCarthy may just be a bot sending out emails. I would recommend marking his last email as spam and hopefully your junk mail filters will pick him up and not bother your inbox again. Best of luck to you!

Vicki99 profile image

Vicki99 7 years ago from Meridian Idaho

Thank you for the chuckle this morning. I'm with Tom, it must be the Chicago way.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 6 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@funride: If I had not responded to Mike, how could he find me a job?

MikeMcCarthy_the_Phisher 6 years ago

If you "street view" the map of Mike McCarthy's address at 40 East Chicago (suite 131) you will see it is a STARBUCKS coffee shop, in the midst of a row of restaurants. It is not an office or office building

Hub Llama profile image

Hub Llama 6 years ago from Denver, CO


I wonder why Mike doesn't want to find me a job?

Logan Alias 6 years ago

I have not been able to get a job in 9 months, and Mike's occasional emails seem pretty benign. I got one from him today saying, "If you have a cover letter please upload it here so we can review it," so I did it. He's had the information from my resume for months, so what his motivation is I have no idea, but I'm kinda liking Mike to be honest. The emails are very occasional and very short, never pushy, and he seems to want to help.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 6 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@DBurrrell : Please filter out your ad hominem attacks on other readers and feel free to resubmit your comment. This is a hub about Mike McCarthy.

JoeWillie12 6 years ago

Hey MikeMcCarthy_the_Phisher, I see a lot of people setting up shop at Starbucks :) What the hay, access to coffee, and background music. I wonder if he has one of the baristas act as his receptionist when they're on break. Just saying.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 6 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@Mitch Dettloff wrote...

"Thanks for the heads up...I thought it was fishy. I have been in the Hospitality business for over 25 years and when I told him to send me a copy of the resume he said he had (I never sent him one)...he never responded back."

Hey. Mitch, you really don't wanna put your email address in your post. Trust me!

Beto 6 years ago

I live in Mexico and the guy sends me every 3 days a mail to submit my resume. I will just block him

Jobless 6 years ago

Found this website when I googled "Mike McCarthy Chicago"... spell checker? Grammar checker? Is THAT what he/it does? He emails me every 2 days. He didn't seem real to me after a short time -- no one is that diligent without a phone call.

About grammar, this is his last text, verbatim:

"There's a lot of places you can put your resume on the internet. Make sure its everywhere you want it to be.

Post Resume Here (link removed)


Mike McCarthy

Phone: 312.277.1986

McSourcer Recruiting and Staffing

40 E. Chicago Ave. Suite 131

Chicago, IL 60611"

3 years no job 5 years ago

This guy has a lot of nerve praying on those of us who want a job not to mention using the Green Bay Packer's coach's name and saying he is from Chicago.

Good luck looser!

j.in.chicago 5 years ago

i know the area around 40 e. chicago but couldn't think of which building it was. googlemapped it. from the street view it does look like it's a starbucks. but if you look closer, at the garden (basement) level, it's a UPS shipping store. methinks his address is his paid mailbox at UPS!

StewMan 5 years ago

All kidding aside, Chicago is a nest of honest hard working leaders trying to find other work....Could Mike be one of the secret double handshake Mayoral candidates in the hunt for the BEST job in Chicago? I'd be most happy to vote for him. He would likely be more honest that Rahm Emanuel.... OH oH, did I just go political...

BohemianGuy 5 years ago

I called the Chicago Police. 40 E Chicago venue is a non existent address. It is the site of a burned down water tower. I have registered a complaint with the FTC and the FBI internet crime bureau. This guy is a fraud, a phisher. I even called Net Atlantic, the marketing company that handles his email, they were awed as he is not listed as a customer. We owe it to ourselves to stop people like Mike and the more people that call the FTC (877.382.4357) and file complaints the quicker they will act. Numbers here count.

Susan 4 years ago

Thanks to your posting, I will not be putting information out into a dead end or who knows what. I'm reporting the contact.

job seeker so calif 3 years ago

Thanks for your information, I just received my first e-mail from Mike today. I usually google phone numbers hoping to determine if it is scam or legit.

Shannon 3 years ago

Well I guess I will go ahead and add my name to the list since I have just received my first email from Mike this evening. Thanks to all of you, I will not be wasting my time replying.

Mahogany1 3 years ago

I just receive my first email from Mike he will going into my spam box and will be contacting the FTC. Thanks for the posting.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 3 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@Mahogany , it's a duty that I happily shoulder.

Betsy 3 years ago

Thank goodness I decided to google this guy before I hit send on my response to him! He almost had me fooled! Thanks to all of you who posted so that I didn't get caught up in whatever it is that he is up to!

Doug Lancaster 3 years ago

This is the e-mail I received. I tried to find him on his supposed LinkedIn account and there are about 20 or more Mike McCarthys! I'm glad I came across this page before I did anything. Definitely sounded fishy.

Hi Doug,

Your resume looks very strong for some of our open positions. If you'd be interested in seeing them, please register below:


I look forward to sharing my job opportunities with you.

Best Regards,

Mike McCarthy

Phone: 312.277.1986

McSourcer Recruiting and Staffing

40 E. Chicago Ave. Suite 131

Chicago, IL 60611

nicomp profile image

nicomp 3 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

Doug Lancaster, how nice of you to create a HubPages account just to spam my article!

Margret 2 years ago

I agree with Doug, I just got an email from him saying the same thing

Deb 2 years ago

Hi Doug, I just received the exact same email today.

Hi NICOMP, Thank you so much for posting this.

Eric 2 years ago

Just like Doug, Margret, Deb and everyone else - I too received an email today from Mike McCarthy. Only caveat to my email is that they somehow managed to get my cell (maybe Mike really does exist and he did see a copy of my resume?) and embed it in the body of the email for authenticity. And just like Doug I looked for Mike on LinkedIn and came across this blog after doing a Google search for Mike.

Chrissy 2 years ago

I received my first email from Mike yesterday. Unfortunately, I came across this info after I responded. After reading all of this, I forwarded his emails to the FBI and will be in contact with the FTC in the morning! There are too many scams going on; I HAVE NO TIME FOR THAT!!


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