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Do you need to get a prepaid credit or debit card? The AchieveCard is a reloadable prepaid Mastercard. This type of card can have several benefits for many people. It can be used pretty much like a traditional checking account, without checks. You can also shop at stores and shops all over the world. It looks and works just like a credit or debit card. Acceptance is 100% guaranteed approval without a credit check and it is easy to get setup and fund the card. With the Achieve Card you can direct deposit monies and funds to your account with no fee or you can load your card with cash at more than 50,000 retail store locations. It also comes with free online bill pay, which is a convenient to pay your bills.

This is a flexible way to buy and spend as you can use it anywhere that accepts Mastercard debit cards are accepted, and there will never be any over draft fees, no late fees and no interest charges. This type of card helps you to avoid overspending and living within a budget. Now you could spend all of the money or value on the card, but if you did, you would have to deposit more cash back into the card before you could purchase anymore. The way this type of card works is you must first pre-fund cash onto the card. You can access their website at www.achievecard.com and you can also activate your card there as well.

Achieve Card Website Information

Once you have completed the account registration process you can manage your account online, add funds to your card, manage the direct deposit accounts, pay bills online, contact customer service and more. You can also use your prepaid debit card Mastercard at thousands of ATMs around the country and get access to cash should you need to do so. You can have your income, ssn check and other checks direct deposited into your card account for free. If you spend your cash value on the card to zero, you will need to deposit more cash to your account before you can spend anymore. While this type of money account is not for everyone, it does have some attractive benefits for certain types of consumers.

If you find yourself looking for this type of financial arrangement it may be something to look into. Always check for fees and charges and be clear on any potential fee structures before agreeing to the financial arrangement. They have a convenient online website setup where you can activate your prepaid Mastercard debit card, access your account and manage everything online and also pay bills online. It may be helpful to find other pre paid credit card companies that are available and compare benefits, features and all potential costs and charges.

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thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

good hub idea

paulette Bunch 6 years ago

Iactivated my card but i don't know my pin

helen wierzbinski 6 years ago

i want to activate my prepaid card

precious reid 6 years ago


Robert Glenn 6 years ago

I will like to activate my mastercard

george polk 6 years ago

i like to activate my card

karl houze 6 years ago

i activated but i need a pin number

MEBEMAD 6 years ago

Connie Jude,

I would like to offer you a little (F.Y.I.).

"You really shouldn't put your credit card INFO out where/who knows who can see it! You may think that no one could do Hinky Bizz but i'm here to tell you THEY CAN & WILL. Take no offense, just a word of wisdom; Get your card activated by calling(1-800-206-2950)follow prompts.Add yr pin when asked.. Good Luck Maddie

vivian williams 6 years ago

i want to activate my card

Tom Jones 6 years ago

Will you be charged any fees if you haven't activated your card yet.

Kevin Brown 6 years ago


Monica Brown 6 years ago

I want to activate my card.

cynthia longoria 6 years ago

how do i activate my mastercard

Gary Stephens 6 years ago

I am trying to activate my prepaid achieve master card

Gary Stephens 6 years ago

Please allow me to use my achieve prepaid debit mastercard asap! activate it

john santiago 6 years ago

activate my "pre-paid" mastercard

raymond yoder 6 years ago

how do i activate my card?

margaret armour 6 years ago

on line survey..can i get my pay on my achieve card..how do i get the small amount put on my card....

meshanda cannady 6 years ago

i would like to activate my prepaid master card

Daryl Williams 6 years ago

I lost my user name and password and i cannot log in to my account. I did the retreival of both but still nothing

christine case 6 years ago

i would like to activate my card

nuttikaykay 6 years ago

Call the phone number on the back of your cards

Thomas Ailes Jr. 5 years ago

I had my mastercard since Nov. 29 of 2010. I wanted to get the card activated.

kibkae 5 years ago

Achievecard for very good I think.

phyllis johnson 5 years ago

I want to activate my card

mariapena 5 years ago

thank u for my card

Tina R. Johnson 5 years ago

What happens if I lose my card and it has money on it?

ADAM 5 years ago

does it cost to put money

David Rogers 4 years ago

I tried to activate my card-they said my SSN doesn't match. I wonder if the BBB could match it?

Chris Brown 4 years ago

You can only load 500 at a time and it freezes up the rest.

demetrius 4 years ago

do i have to use green dot as a load pak or can i just add cash at any check cashing place?

Randy 4 years ago

Would I be able to use it to rent a car etc...?

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