10 reasons why Barack Obama will never leave office


Out of Knowhere this Man Named Barack Hussein Obama, Comes knocking at our door.....the rest is history, The bible is right, look at the middle east right now. We are in trouble So get your gun, because you will be raided it is coming soon.

Hail Obama!! lol..
Hail Obama!! lol..

I think if beaten out Obama still wont leave here's why

10.) He loves power doesn't care about the people but just himself. He loves to speak and pause in the middle, like a cliffhanger. Does he ever really get to the point??

9.) Remember Lybia, he went over the top and bombed them without going through appropriate methods, he just pushed the button.

8.) His wife is already on NBC, for promoting biggest loser, when she looks really fit to me.

7.) Hes already made the USA a religion based country, when we never had it before. He's spitting on Catholics with the birth control bill.

6.) He thanked Hawaii for coming up with his phony birth certificate. When in fact he should have thanked Donald Trump, for bringing it to our nations attention.

5.) A marine is being ousted for speaking his values, and opinions. What happened to freedom of speech? Obama, wont let us say anything negative towards him.

4.) China owns us anyway, so he'll just give us to them before he ever leaves office.

3.) Hes creating more jobs, but yet why is it when i call my greendot card I get directed to Pakistan? or why is a computer always answering my calls, and making me go insane.

2.) Look at his name, really? Hussein is his middle name. How can we put this into Office Barack Hussein Obama....Its over, he is a dictator just like his name says. He wont leave office without a fight.

1.) Why does He want us to give up our guns. So we can't defend ourselves when the new KBG is formed? Obama isn't leaving office, he's turned our country into a place not to much different then Syria, Iran, Iraq, or Afghanistan. I pray I'm wrong, but the facts our the facts.

Are we becoming a socialist Country

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Skarlet profile image

Skarlet 4 years ago from California

Great Hub. So realistic, its scary! Not easy to write this stuff

American Romance profile image

American Romance 4 years ago from America

Soooo true! voted up!

Hi 4 years ago

Please elaborate as to how our country is:

"Not to much different then Syria, Iran, Iraq, or Afghanistan."

In what ways? I would love to know.

DavidinCorpus 4 years ago

Dude, you don't write for sht, totally ruins any argument you try to make.

RWC149 profile image

RWC149 4 years ago from Jackson, MI Author

huh, whatever do you mean? Davidin Corpus??? A lil jeoulous???

Hvlugo 3 years ago

What are you, a third grader. You never gave one cause that proved that Obama will stay in office.

RWC149 profile image

RWC149 3 years ago from Jackson, MI Author

A top ten is short sentences, it leaves the world thinking so now its your turn to do the research and find out more about my top ten. This is an elaborate thought out process to bring little hints to the surface so now its up to you to find out the rest.

ononymous 3 years ago

Obama is just trying to straighten congress

Mla 3 years ago

I'm convinced

Greg 3 years ago

I do hope you write a follow up to this article in 2016 when he actually does leave office... LOL

RWC149 profile image

RWC149 3 years ago from Jackson, MI Author

we will see...

josephinehooker 2 years ago

obuma,needstoogetthehellout, of office.we arenotslaves,weneedgodin ,american.he,needstoostayin america,allthiskilling,christains,needs,too gothemicrbaochipping,in2017,needstogostopmakingslavesandbraineeashingour,country,itneedstostopifnooneelsewillbe thevoiceofthiscountry,mygod,iwillbe theonetosaywearegoingtohavetoofightforourfreedomandjesuschrist.areyouwithme onthatletsgetour freedom backamericabeforeitstoolate

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