20 on 1: Richmond's High Horriffic Gang Rape

Hell Descends on Richmond High

 Every so often an event captures the attention of the world media. A media that is like a window for others to peer through from afar. Alas! Richmond, California, just north of San Francisco now has the dubious honor.

Richmond is akin to the "barrio" in the LA area, the "Watts" area of LA, the "Harlem" area of NYC. It is a working class city filled with some decent people and a lot of the other. Violence is its second name even among the lower ages. Richmond HS is a cesspool of mostly vile teenagers that have little respect for themselves or others. Gang fights are frequent and recently captured headlines when an innocent kid was caught up in one and was killed brutally.

What kind of parents do these kids have? Cesspool parents. Gutter parents. So filled with hatred for whatever injustices that have occurred to them over the years, it is transferred to their beloved little ones- now cesspool teenagers. Parents so preoccupied with their horrible condition, they have no time for their kids. Remember these kids began with a clean slate. It is only via their home life and local environment that these black and brown gangbangers turn into such despicable humans. Notice I said black and brown. Reports indicate that few, if any, white kids were involved. No surprise. Richmond High is mostly black and brown and from are from middle to below low income levels.

The Crime

Richmond's High Homecoming Dance. No different than from most. Kids acting like adults for a night, fully decked out in high-end clothes, partying, dancing. The 15 yr. old girl had just left a fun night and was about to call her Dad to pick her up. Then, she was interrupted. A "guy" friend, who had crossed over a chain-link fence, asked her if she wanted to party with some booze. She thought about it. It was still early, why not? She agreed. She followed the boy where there were many other. She probably knew or had seen most of the guys. They started drinking and she became very intoxicated. Guys started to hit on her. It is a "classic" scene from a zillion movies. Reports say she was passing out when the "guys" turned into werewolves and stripped her, laying bare on a table or bench, each took his time raping her. Others cheered their comrades on. It was free sex and there was no way to get caught. Others became violent and for some unexplained sickness, started to kick her and beat her. Some passerbys (both guys and girls) stopped and stunned, just watched and quickly moved on. They did not want to be the next targets. But, these kids acted. They knew it was morally so wrong. They call their parents telling them what and where it was going on. The parents called the police. The police arrived to find a disgusting scene of a girl severely beaten and overflowing with semen. They caught only two of the offenders. No doubt, many more will come. She was in a coma but now is in stable condition.

Police are scanning youTube for any one of the many pictures and videos that were said to have been taken during the gang rape frenzy. Someone will post something claiming it to be a "cool" sex video.

It is understandable of how the passerbys reacted at this grisly discovery. Twenty hungry demented humans violating a girl's body. A girl's thought would be- let's get outta here and rightly so. It would only take one of them demented ones to take chase. A boy's thought would be the same but the fear would be in getting beaten up or forced to partake. For a boy, their reaction might be altered by their physical size. A big, strong dude, just might enter the fray and take justice into their own hands until police arrive.  Regardless, they did do the right thing and called their parents.

Of the two captured sickos, none are talking. Gang ethics working here. Odds are, many of them were associated with some black or brown gang.

The worst part of the story is benign. Most of the homecoming dance was fun, typical and a good experience. During the whole time, four security armed officers were present at the event. About thirty minutes before the end of the dance, they were told to go home. Nothing had happened. The girl left the dance to call her Dad after the guards had left. Little did she know that for the next two hours hell would descend upon her with all its fury.

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Ivorwen profile image

Ivorwen 7 years ago from Hither and Yonder

Truly sad and sickening.

perrya profile image

perrya 7 years ago Author

I cannot agree with you more.

RGP 7 years ago

Your information is not correct

perrya profile image

perrya 7 years ago Author

At the time of the post, it was, but yes, now its only 7-10 on 1, still horrific and sickening.

Ms Wolf 7 years ago from Nor Cal

Any time some one is forced into sex it is horrible. Were have our values and morals gone.

Ms Wolf 7 years ago from Nor Cal

Any time some one is forced into sex it is horrible. Were have our values and morals gone.

perrya profile image

perrya 7 years ago Author

well, our society in general is partially to blame. Those that did this are products of it. The parents of the guilty are as guilty in some respects for creating people like this.

debyok 7 years ago

I think someone should check out RGP " how do they know if the information is right or not"

perrya profile image

perrya 7 years ago Author


big man 6 years ago

I hate that it happened...But since it did, and nothing can change it...What the heck. I'd like to see a tape of it. What difference does it make now.

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