A Man And His Panties

Muscles and Satiny Panties...

A man and his panties are not easily parted. For the man who loves lingerie, his panties are a part of him. Panties are there to provide solace and pleasure when the world is cold. When he is tired, lonely, seeking a soft place to land, panties are always there.

So much is taken from the common man when he is a boy. First he learns that he must not cry even when he is hurt, then he learns that he should willingly be hurt in order to be called a "man", then he learns that his role in society is that of protector and provider. Those are two very heavy 'P' words.

In order for a man to be considered a 'man' he must both protect and provide for his family. The scorn that is heaped upon men who fail in these duties is intense, and in many cases, well deserved (as in the case of 'deadbeat dads').With all these burdens upon his shoulders, why should he not find some comfort in panties and lingerie?

Is it a symptom of sickness in a man that he seeks the soft, the gentle, the feminine? Or is it a sign of sickness in society that we snort in derision for him having done so? Are we truly so primitive and close minded that we expect every man to fall neatly into the 'man box' designed for him at his birth?

As a woman, I grew up in the 80's being told that women could do anything. We could be doctors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians. The women of the time wore broad shouldered power suits and sat alongside men in what had previously been male domains.This change had been had fought for and was celebrated widely. In 2009 it is easy to forget just how recent the victories of women's liberation really are. Swizerland only gave women the vote in 1982.

In just 20 or 30 short years, we have come leaps and bounds in accepting women as fully fucntional human beings, capable of being soft and strong simultaneously.

The 'sensitive New Age guy' popular in the 90's, on the other hand, was more often mocked than applauded. Interestingly enough, it was not only men who laughed at this stereotype, but women too. Women, for all their liberated status, still wanted a caveman to protect them at home.

The sensitive new age guy has gone now, to be replaced by the 'metrosexual' , these are well manicured men who will still chew steel pipes with their teeth. As much as we women complain about men wanting us to be fantasy dolls, there seems to be a great deal of expectation flowing the other way.As much as we complain about objectification, we spend inordinate amounts of time drooling over men who fit the aplha male stereotype without giving the hyopocrisy a second thought.

Men who like panties are courageous men who follow after their own hearts, beimg who they are, and not what society and a shrilling, cackling bunch of harridans tell them to be.

A man and his panties should not be parted.

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ILoveLingerie 7 years ago

Great article, I really enjoyed reading it;) and I share your opinion.

iloveps 7 years ago

awesome post! we all have it hard, man or woman!

Jason 7 years ago

Change the pic please......I feel sick!

likewhatiam 7 years ago

Hi Hope once again you hit the nail square on the head, please don't give up this blog as I live for every new one. I must agree with Jason that picture is repulsive and a typical neanderthal.Keep up the good work.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

'cmon guys... the chap has panties on!

Jason 7 years ago

Hi Hope I love the Blue outfit in your 80 post Top to toe, where did it come from??

Jason 7 years ago

Sorry not 80 it is this one - Top To Toe: Sexy Lingerie Outfits For Men

scantilyclad  7 years ago

i hope i never have to be parted from my panties, i can'y imagine dressing without them, i think i look better and for sure i feel better in panties

EctomorphGuy profile image

EctomorphGuy 7 years ago

As my profile says, wearing panties...and liking it...is what I do, rather than who I am. And I like it.

quarsarte profile image

quarsarte 7 years ago

Hope, If I looked like that, wearing panties would be of minor concern.

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