A Terror Alert made by the Reason behind the Terror

Speaking Up

I am not a fan of the current Philippine President.  In fact, I find a lot of things that make me sigh.  After all, I believed that some other candidate could have been a better head of government.  But such a feeling was not what I felt when I read the news that President Noynoy Aquino slams Western allies for issuing the travel advisories against the Philippines.

I was, shall I say, impressed with the realization that this man indeed have balls to stand up and speak up.  After all, the Philippines was somehow brought into this mess partly by some ancestral domain and sovereignty issues, but more by virtue of our being allies of the very states who issued the travel advisories.

Imagine.  It was actually the fact that we are allies and supporters of these countries in their war against terrorism that we had become a target by the groups they combat.  To top it all off, these very countries who had indirectly made us targets of terrorist threats were the very countries which issued travel advisories against the Philippines.  Such a manipulative and ungrateful way to reward the Philippines' support to their programs definitely deserves a lashing by no less than the highest government official of the land.  I'm glad that he decided to do so.


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