An Underclass View of the fall of America

Political View from the Underclass

February 1, 2013

An Underclass View of the fall of America

The Republican Tea Party, after four years of obstructionism, had decided to kick the austerity can down the road a short distance to begin the President’s second term. They have not conceded that they and their ideas were rejected by the American voters. They claim to represent the will and ideas of the American people who wants to stop the spending in Washington. There has definitely been a spending problem in America for the last 30 years. It was so out of control at one point, the Social Security Trust fund was used as a cash cow by Law Makers and never refunded. There is one fact that can and will be overlooked by Republican and Democratic fiscal conservatives. That fact is The Federal Government did not have a spending problem while the last two Democratic Presidents were in office. President Clinton left a surplus. President Obama in his first term cut Government spending. President Obama was forced to cut Government spending at a time when most economic experts and economic historians said, the Government needed to spend its way out of the Great Recession. The President wanted to expand government jobs by reconstruction of the nation’s infrastructure. When the President took office we had an 8 year spending problem. The job problems started driving millions of Americans over their own personal fiscal cliffs very soon after he entered the White House. The Presidential Credit Card was confiscated and his Administration was denied any tax revenue for his entire first term. It is a fact that this action was unprecedented in the history of American Presidents. In spite of unprecedented obstruction and denial of the respect due an American President by a Major Political Party, to the extent of being called America first Food Stamp President, he was reelected.

The Republican Party called TIME OUT! They have not decided to co-operate with the President and go along to get along. They still intent to obstruct the President by denying him the revenue to be Presidential. They have set up a three stage obstacle course Sequester, Debt ceiling, and Spending Cuts to offset and revenue spent. This is a recipe to cause the fall of America and assure the beloved Constitution and Bill of Right be abolished under Marshall Law, all because of Who the President is, not what he has done. I hope some real Republicans show up and show the party the way out of the corner they have painted themselves and our nation in, before it’s too late.

I don’t know why so much conflict and disagreement has been allowed to bring about the disrespect exhibited in our Nation’s Capital in the last four years. The disrespect is unprecedented in the House and Senate; they disrespect each other and the President also. All of the craziness exploded after the 2010 midterm election, it started when Obama was nominated. I believe the Tea-party type conservatives had plans to get the White House back in four years that they couldn’t execute on the first Woman President. I think they wanted Obama to win over Hillary so they could make him (A One Term President), but that’s just me. The fact is the Tea Party is still in the house even though, the Party is over. Their mission failed miserably and they have got no experience in law making over the last two and a half years. Their pledged mission was to vote against any and all tax revenue and Presidential Proposals of any kind, until the 2012 elections. Since the president has been reelected they are saying the same things they were saying which was rejected by all the other Americans they don’t represent. I hope for the sake of The United States of America that the stupid games and the obstruction ends and the Government and Private Sector Corporations and Big Business should be about the business of creating JOBS FOR AMERICANS. Create jobs and lower poverty, gun violence, welfare, and Food stamps. Most of the underclass don’t want the help and most need it, because they can't find employment.

Many people from all walks of life need jobs and the people are disrespectful to each other and some are armed and dangerous. The disrespect on display in the Nation’s Capitol is reflected in our society. After recess is over and TIME IN! is called, I hope the girls make the boys play nice this term and get America back to work.


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lrc7815 profile image

lrc7815 4 years ago from Central Virginia

An interesting persepctive junko. I agree with many things you've said here and like you, I hope things change soon.

junko profile image

junko 4 years ago Author

Thank you Irc7815, most Americans think America and its freedoms will last forever without unselfish compromise. I don't think so, this is the make or break time in the life of America and Americans.

always exploring profile image

always exploring 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

I am hoping the people's voice will be heard above the gloom and doom. I agree with you. Hopefully the President will get things done without ' their ' approval. Great hub....

junko profile image

junko 4 years ago Author

always exploring, Thanks for talking its always good to hear that hope is still alive. We are all in the same boat and the Captain is The Commander and Chief. I don't understand people who want the boat to sink.

CreatePerfection profile image

CreatePerfection 4 years ago from Beautiful Colorado

Hi junko,

I, too, am amazed at the level of stupidity exhibited by the Tea party and the Republicans. They do not care about what is good for the United States and it's citizens, they only want to destroy the characteristics that made America great in the first place. Those characteristics include compassion, common sense and doing the right thing by all of it's citizens. All they seem to want is to make the super rich, richer, and to obstruct any good that the president tries to promote.


junko profile image

junko 4 years ago Author

The level of stupidity exhibited by Teaparty Republicans shows their disrespect for the American people's ability to understand what was said and done the last four years. Thank you CreatePerfection, for stopping by and talking.

Leo Ham profile image

Leo Ham 4 years ago from earth

Great work Junko. I agree with much of what you have stated. It is politics as usual and there is definitely a high level of disrespect. They are "playing games" while the rest of America suffers.

Nathan Orf profile image

Nathan Orf 4 years ago from Virginia

Great hub, Junko!

Fortunately, I think that President Obama is finished playing games with the Tea Party. He hasn't forgotten how they humiliated him over the debt ceiling "debate" in 2011, even after Obama tried to help them save face.

Obama knows that he won the election by a fairly comfortable margin. He also doesn't have to worry about running for another term. He can just say what ever he wants to now, and push whatever policies he wishes. He is even now in Minneapolis, using the bully pulpit to pressure Congress to pass legislation concerning gun violence.

As far as President Obama is concerned, from here on out, no more Mister Nice Guy.

junko profile image

junko 4 years ago Author

Thanks leo, for your continued support

junko profile image

junko 4 years ago Author

Republicans, dixiecrats, teapartyers, blue and yellow dog democrats, are all obstacles the President must overcome and it won't be easy. Nathan,he really can't be successful without the people who reelected him. That is why he speaks to the people to be heard by Washington Lawmakers without being disrespected, misquoted, and ignored by law makers in both parties. Thanks for stopping by and talking.

Carolyn 4 years ago

Your article brings so much truth, this should be an eye opener to many.

I can certainly appreciate your thoughts and views, concerning this country in which we live. It is time for Americans to wake up. With your honest and open views, it relieves me to know someone is on the right track. Thanks and stay strong in writing. Therapy for good minds.

junko profile image

junko 4 years ago Author

Therapy for sure, Carolyn. It feels better to let it out than to keep it in, for better blood pressure control. Thanks for talking.

profile image

JCoston 4 years ago

I Love this article it is so true The Republicans want this President to fail but they are failing the people of the United States.

junko profile image

junko 4 years ago Author

Thanks for the encouraging words JCoston and welcome to hubpages.

Tootie 3 years ago

Yes Junko, we are our worst enemy and as Stevie sung. we will cause our own country to fall.

junko profile image

junko 3 years ago Author

Tootie, thanks for stopping by and talking. Yes Stevie Wonder did make that prediction in song years ago.

Credence2 profile image

Credence2 3 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

As always, Junko, right on the mark!

The GOP is captive to a conservative philosphy that can do nothing but destroy the delicate balance between capital and labor that has made the 'system' work for this long. There is a racial and social class component to all of this, that they try to cleverly conceal behind spending issues, although Bush spent like a drunken sailor on liberty. What they really want is a more vulnerable middle , working class relative to the mere whims and caprice of the politically powerful and wealthy. But we are not fooled, as they so well found out last November. But, now, we have to finish the job and get rid of the purveyors of tea, before frustration of the masses expresses itself in unorthodox ways.

junko profile image

junko 3 years ago Author

Credence the Creator has a Master Plan for peace and happiness and its for all mankind not just for White Americans and or the Western Civilizations. America must be about uplifting all mankind or against the Creator's Plans. Thanks for stopping by and talking

junko profile image

junko 3 years ago Author

What is this you said?

junko profile image

junko 7 months ago Author

American Job Creation would stop the madness. Most of the problems in American society is Job Related any other solution is a distraction not a solution.

junko profile image

junko 3 months ago Author

Millions of Americans have fell, vote for the people and not The Corporations because they or not We The People.

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