Bruce Jenner's So Called Journey....

Almost all in the world are noising their perverted support for Bruce Jenner and calling his decision to become a woman brave when said decision is borne out of chronic narcissism/selfishness, which are Spiritual by-products of demonic influences. There is an often repeated lie told by homosexuals/lesbians and their advocates that say that Christ Jesus never spoke on that issue - but in Genesis 5:2; Matthew 19:4; and Mark 10:6, all these Biblical scriptures repeat the mantra that in the beginning God made them 'male' and 'female'... including Mr. Jenner... manifested in the fact that he has fathered six children by way of his penis. To my Traditional Christian brothers and sisters, you must know that any moral issue where the world gives ample support or is supported by the secular messiah (President Obama)... then it is contrary to the living God and His Christ!.

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gregas 21 months ago from Corona, California.

Contrary to what some want to believe, not everyone believes in the same God, or a God at all. As fir Jenner's decision, that is his/her choice. He/she has to live with it. As for the rest of the world, the way they handle his/her decision is something they will have to live with. Jenner isn't hurting anyone and he/she is sucking up the publicity because the rest of the world is gullible enough to sit and watch it on TV, buy magazines and pay so much notice to something that doesn't even concern them. Let people live the way they want to live and feel comfortable doing so. My opinion, Greg.

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Verily Prime 21 months ago from New York Author

Right you are about your opinion, sir - so it is mine from my religious point of view too!

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gregas 21 months ago from Corona, California.

I agree, and you have the right to your point of view also and the right to express it. The problem in this world today is that there are too many people that have a point of view and expect others to believe the same way. And that is not just with religion. There are to many people coming into this country that have their way of life and expect us Americans to bow to their wants and needs and change our way of life that we have lived for so many generations. Anyway, I am getting off on another track. I am NOT saying there is anything wrong with the way you feel. Just keep up the good work on your other subjects. Greg

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Verily Prime 20 months ago from New York Author

I noticed that when I write about homosexuality being immoral that the Hub-pages powers that be attached gay-centered adverts to the very blogs. I found it strange that my Bible says sex between a man a woman who are not married is a Sin (Remember Christ Jesus' talking to the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well) - but somehow sex between same sexes are not. Those who read my blogs must know that I have no control over what adverts are place among them.

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