Eden Re-visited.

Eden revisited!



Perhaps only long after
the atom and the eve

are merged and then

split violently
with almost all mankind

erased in a scouring blast
of flesh and ash.

Perhaps then from
the remnants
who scuttle from
deep caves and shelters,
all the dissillusioned survivors
will see the cue ball
effects of their new world,
and yet still find
tiny seedlings
struggling to grow in the
radioactively cooling soil.

Perhaps they will
at long last
choose to ban all war
and bend swords
into shared plows
working as one to regrow,
loving as one to regenerate,
living as one
because so few,
can survive without
each other to lean on.

Perhaps when they become
flesh crutches for each other,
they will learn to walk
in the brotherhood of man,
without detours down the
many varied paths
of destruction.

Some day my
in future come
an empty world
a silent sun.

A gaping hole
where life should be,
and all is still
but the restless seas.

So men beware
of what you do,
lest some
this ode
comes true!

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