Iraq on Facebook Calls for Day of Rage to Demonstrate

The fragile and young democracy in Iraq is just a seedling. Many of its roots are deep in Islam, Muslim ways. Yet, the showcase for democracy, still is in a brittle state and now many Iraqis supported by al-Qaida and Saddamists (to push their own agenda) are calling for a "Day of Rage" against the young government to complain about their living conditions and lack of jobs. Iraq's Al-Maliki has reluctantly agreed to the mass demonstration but fears that al-Qaida, Saddamists and those loyal to Iran, will cause problems and push their own weight around hoping to sway the populace against the government.

To date, the demonsratations in Iraq have not caught the eye of the world press because they are small and are about local issues for better services and domestic issues and have not called for the ruling government to be ousted because the people elected them! The demonstrators have rallied for reform and to fight corruption.

The site of the intended rally is Liberation Square, but the Iraqi army has made this impossible because of barb wire, road blocks, soldiers, tanks, leading up to the square. The fear of terror bombings is high as they have only recently occurred again.

Al-Maliki is right. The protesters are a mix of those who do want a better government, domestic services but they also contain the al-Qaida and Saddamists and Iranian supporters, all trying to project their influence on this young democracy. Only time will tell if it succeeds and can coincide with Islam ways and customs.

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