Sean Hannity, Destroying The Republican Party.

Limbaugh,Hannity,their minimees,and wannabees

As a person who prefers radio to television I listen to the radio several hours a day normally during work hours I will listen to music stations but as I commute to and from work or on my lunch break or on weekends I like to listen to talk radio ,unfortunately over the past several years talk radio has gone downhill instead of getting better ,I guess the superstars of the genre have fallen victims of their own success and as they reached the pinnacle of their career there wasn't anywhere to go but down,don't get me wrong, still a phenomenally talented broadcaster and the king of talk radio by far,but because the whole industry is worse and not better i don't think he could hold a candle to Rush Limbaugh of, say four or five years ago,maybe it's not so obvious because it happened so gradually but over the past several years he's become a caricature of himself,I guess because he has to top his previous over the top comment on every show and as he strides to outrage the left,and that becomes his main concern ,he ends up being more Limbaugh than Limbaugh himself ;the caricature overpasses the person.He masters his art better than anybody in the business especially in the way he is able to make really outlandish and nonsensical comments sound like something that makes perfect sense and it's almost impossible not to see the truth in what he is saying.But as he moves further and further to the right there is less people that think, that can keep up with him ,think about it, used to be the liberal republicans were his target , besides of course the democrats,liberals socialists ,greens,feminists,but now everybody who is not in the very extreme right wing of the republican party falls prey to his attacks and if you're a republican and you make rush Limbaugh mad you're pretty much toast in a party where the moderates and of course any liberal has been expelled.the list of republican politicians and party leaders that have publicly begged for his mercy is amazing......or not, since his millions of listeners around the country are 99 percent republicans, or so-called conservatives first republican second as he likes to portray himself and so do his dittoheads and are much more loyal to him than they are to the republican party.

Talk Radio Royalty (ies)

And if Rush is the king of talk radio Sean Hannity would be the prince.I started listening to him about 12 years ago and although his show dedicated a lot of time to Clinton bashing it was varied in topics and entertaining and he had guests and interviews where you used to hear both sides of stories ,sort of , and he was much more broad in the discussion of the issues with sometimes long segments of time on issues and a more serious approach as opposed to now where to me, and i guess to most liberals as much as i try it's almost unlistenable to ,first of all his show usually starts with the same topic Rush has been discussing for three hours, he, for the most part, repeats the same things Rush was saying before him, he doesn't have the comedic demeanor Limbaugh has so he sounds angry all ll-ll the time ,he claims to have more liberals participate in his show than anybody else, but be serious do you really think that all liberals out there are as almost illiterate, ignorant and unable to string two words together as the liberal callers that manage to miraculously manage to get on the air on his show, really there are no coherent ,articulate liberals out there?and if they are somewhat intelligent he will cut them off ten times and ask one of his stupid yes or no question and refusing to continue until they answer a question where whether they give one answer or another they look like a crazy person,if you have listened to his show you know exactly what I'm talking about.another unbearable thing is the overuse of words and phrases three hundred times per show and the talking in threesome using three words that he marries together and will repeat ad nausea using this technique to attack an adversary or to congratulate one of his friends or other words his show is becoming boring. Another show I would like to mention is the Imus in the morning show, this show has remained the same over the years,it's entertaining, varied, you really get to hear all sides of stories and issues his guests are always informative whether they are right left or moderates and although a lot of times as he says he is not listening to them and is thinking about something else he lets them talk and express their" views opinions and ideas" [ speaking in threesome as Hannity would do].His show is a little watered down since the incident that got him fired about the Rutgers women's basketball team.which still pisses me off because undoubtedly the people that wanted him fired knew nothing about him or his show or what he's all about because if there's someone out there who is not a racist or holds any kind of prejudice against any people it's Don Imus, but overall the show is entertaining informative and funny[Hannitty again].

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mio cid profile image

mio cid 24 months ago from Uruguay Author

you make a great point many times the simpleton doesn't even realize the insanity of trying to protect the profits of those poor major corporations from those evil workers that want higher wages .

peoplepower73 profile image

peoplepower73 24 months ago from Placentia California

I think all Fox News broadcasters are self aggrandizing and self-righteous. They are there to bash the left wing, use "dog whistle politics", and create a voting base for the republican party. By keeping their listeners miss-informed, they have them voting against their best interest without them even knowing about it! Now that's talent!

mio cid profile image

mio cid 4 years ago from Uruguay Author

you're fun to read , love that smile,we have to fight the fight but protect happiness at the same time.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 4 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Well, it certainly makes sense that people think of Rush in the BATHROOM!!! LOL. Thanks mio cid.

mio cid profile image

mio cid 4 years ago from Uruguay Author

you made me laugh,thanks for the great comment,I agree with you onehundredandten percent,he is a despicable excuse of a human being,although he is the best at what he does, 20 million simpletons don't go to the bathroom without considering what would rush do.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 4 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

mio cid....I would never say anything as positive about Rush as , "he is a phenomenally talented broadcaster and king of talk radio."

The man is a freak of nature. He is rude, nasty, crude and often speaks the language of insanity. I see not a single redeeming quality in the fat, cigar-smoking, thrice married, drug addict.

His latest stupidity literally has outraged and sickened people nationally.

I have a loud and clear message for Mr. Limbaugh and his equally-looney buddy, Bill O'Reilly....who did his own ludicrous monologue on the same subject:

OK, gentlemen! No insurance coverage for "having sex."

Just what the HELL are the 2 of you limp-dicks gonna do when your VIAGARA is no longer paid for???

Well? C'mon, big shots, let's hear it.

Good hub, mio cid....I just don't like these jerks!! UP++

mio cid profile image

mio cid 6 years ago from Uruguay Author

if you would like to add radio prsonalities for discussion feel free to do so

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