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A Big Hi!!!!!!! from News&Views.
Welcome to this new forum. You may call it hubzine or blogzine or what ever you like.

I enjoy reading news, views, comments, hubs, blogs on internet, in news papers, magazines. I also enjoy watching tv, movies equally. Every day I spend a lot of time on these activities. It is a pleasure for me to read or watch in media and press politics, economics, science, technology, business, industry, glamor, movies, spiritualism, health practically any aspect. I send often links to friends of some of the things I read or watched and find interesting for them with my short comments added.

Many of them should be interesting for practically any one. I plan to put online some of my selections of news, views and my short comments practically every alternate day. Looking forward to your comments on them or links you find interesting with your comments.

So here I start ..

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niks 7 years ago

A very interesting idea. I will be waiting to see more such articles and your comments on it.

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soumyasrajan 7 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA Author

Thanks a lot niks! So quick response energizes me.

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