Political view from the Underclass

The elections of 2016 is in my opinion the most important in our nation’s history. I believe that our nation has changed in ways that adversely affect the working people that liberals and conservatives talk about so often . Both parties claim support from the American people .Both claim to represent the grass roots, the little people, the great Americans, the patriots, the working people, the middle class, and everyday people, both parties lie.

Republicans and Democrat are really similar and like people. They agree much more than they disagree . However, Conservatives and liberals are really dissimilar and very unalike .They disagree much more than agree, especially since the beginning of the current Administration . We the people have been watching and listening . We hope positive changes will soon come from our law makers in Washington . All Republicans are not conservatives and all liberals are not Democrats .

The Democrat Party is said to have an agenda that promotes and supports Entitlements for people who don’t pay taxes .These entitlements like food stamps, social security, medi-caid,and medi-care could be extended to include illegal immigrants . Entitlements are a burden for the American people who can’t afford any more taxes .The republicans support a rightish agenda that don’t support social entitlements that they say will eventually bankrupt the nation .Under the previous administration conservatives tried to pass legislations that would allow privatization of the nation’s health care entitlements . The Republicans stance is Fiscal Conservatism .

The Democrats plan to tax the rich, wall street, and big business .They also plan to close some tax loop holes and regulate business and finances (Government Watch Dog) .

The Republicans said, Hell No! to the people in America at a time when they and their love ones desperately needed help .The conservatives said no to small business, police and fire protection, schools and education, the unemployed, the uninsured, the poor, the grass roots, great Americans ,the middleclass, patriots .They didn’t deny the Dems, they denied the American people .

I’m a Baby Boomer with a middle class back ground . I’m a recently retired truck driver receiving social security disability . My wife can’t afford to pay for my health insurance which just got more expensive on her job, last month . I must soon apply for Medicare .The majority of tea party members are similar and like Iam when it comes to government intervention .I’m more conservative than liberal in many ways .The tea party agrees with the conservative republican ideas of less taxes on the rich and powerful and less social entitlements .The right seeks to stop and turn back government intrusions and regulation of business and finances in America.

The Tea Party was promoted and conceived by conservative talk radio and television personalities and their associates .The tea party movement is financially supported by millionaire conservatives who have benefited from the status quo .The leaders of the tea party are rich and their members are working class people. There may be racist in the tea party, but no racism in my opinion. Racism is a verb not an adjective. Racism requires action in the form of a conspiracy based on a person’s race. The practices of some laws, policies,and institutions could be considered racism, but not the tea party. I told my son after his first marriage failed to choose his next wife with his ears, not his eyes or heart. I told him that if he hadn’t been distracted by her good looks he wouldn’t have been surprised by her action. The tea party’s grass roots, and everyday people should really listen to the republican position before they vote republican. The Great Americans and Patriots say they are tired of the big brother, big government’s socialized direction of the democrats and liberals. I say listen and think for yourselves, and don’t let anyone tell you what you hear or how you should feel. The jury is still out on the future of the tea party, their leaders are not elected they are selected.

The most powerful and influential (Shadow Government) political players in America are not elected, but selected. They control politics, jobs, the economy, imports, exports, health care, all insurance, in fact they controlled the federal Government most of the last decade. Today they are fighting with all the money they have to keep control of our government. Some people say they want their country back. Back from who? I think I know who took it and now want to retake it again. It’s up for grab now and we the people should be moving it out of the reach of those who took our country. They took it for their children and great great grandchildren. Who stole It? The thieves are a few thousand men and women earning multimillion dollar annual salaries while the rest of the people fight over slim pickens . They have put the nation’s economy in jeopardy. Their desire to horde the people’s money and influence Washington politics is obvious. The thieves are Big Business, Wall Street, and their lobbyist . They have cause the nation’s quality of life and economy to decline over the last decade. The world’s emerging nations and economies are where they are focusing the nation’s wealth. Their investments are raises emerging nation life styles and economies and lowers the American people’s life styles and economy. In the last decade we have lost many millions of good paying jobs to the new world markets. Big Business, and Wall Street have positioned themselves to profit (big time) as the American people are forced to pull themselves up by their boot straps. There is no money trickling down .

The influential power of money in a capitalistic society is literally mind blowing. With enough money you can buy anything and almost anybody. The president and congress can’t put people back to work but wall street or big business can do that, if they desired to do so. The administration can’t create jobs and force big banks to loan to smaller banks to promote job growth and investments. It takes money to create employment, a lot more money than what is left in the stimulus package. The rich and powerful have the American people held hostage. They have the American people mad as hell with each other. Talk radio and television every day and night tell the people what to be angry or scared of every 24 hours. We are literally overwhelm with mis or dis information. All the news distracts us from seeing the real problems and solutions. That kind of influence is very costly, only Wall Street and associates can afford such an illusion .

We the people need to stop look and listen. I’m voting Democrat because they are fighting the power. My fellow Americans please vote your interest and pay grade.


August 7, 2010

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American Romance profile image

American Romance 6 years ago from America

If your voting democrat then you not educating yourself as to what is really happening in our country! I would plead with you to fully understand. Taxing the rich puts them in a tight spot and they are all ready firing millions because they can no longer afford to pay their salaries! 90% of entitlements go to those who don't need them! Only conservative values and politics pull this country out of depression! Kennedy did it, Reagan did it etc. Please watch Fox, listen to Rush and Glenn, and at LEAST! See and hear both sides!

Hammy 6 years ago

Very good in sight to the who and what's realy going on , but it's to late it done.

profile image

andrewdabney 6 years ago

Excellent article, conservatives only support policies that benefit the rich, those who support them and are not rich are just being exploited. The Democratic Party is flawed but it is the best option in our two-party system. It would be nice to see a neocon write another opinion then re-site George Orwell and Ayn Rand all day long. Most of them are ignorant about how economics actually works, especially since if you talk to most Economics PhDs, they vote Democrat.

Yatman 6 years ago

I agree "The People" should pay attention. As a free citizen it is our responsibility. Questions: Do poor people create jobs for others? Who are these millionaire conservatives? (There are more democrat millionaires in the house & senate then repubs). If the Prez & congress can't create jobs, then why don't they keep their mouths shut & hands out of my wallet? Because all of them derive their power from spending someone else's money! How long can anyone (or government) spend more than they make before they lose everything? I'm not a citizen to serve the government! The government is to serve me (the people)! Only at my consent!

I'm not scared of the American people. I'm scared of any polititian that believes the state can run my life better than I can. Ben Franklin said it: Any citizen that would trade liberty for security deserves neither and will lose both.

If the government is big enough to give it to you it's big enough to take it away!

Clarence Reed 6 years ago

Conservative values seem to make ongoing sense reguardless of which party exhibits them. I would prefer that my goverment be consersative allowing me to be more liberal in my personal life.

Mimi721wis profile image

Mimi721wis 6 years ago

Conservatives are excellent at scaring some working class citizens and getting their votes. While supporting the ultra rich,they target any group (Muslims, Mexicans, etc.) and push the fear on the public. I've observed sick people with no health care saying they hope they die before they see socialized health-care. Voting no on the issues just to stay in office or gain seats, is a slap in the face to us all. On the other hand democrat have no spine. They blew an opportunity to get some good things done. When I look at TV, it's like a circus. It's a great time comedians.

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

"Taxing the rich puts them in a tight spot and they are all ready firing millions because they can no longer afford to pay their salaries!"

AmericanRomance gets excited too fast and starts saying things he does not know much about. It's understandable, politics is an emotional topic.

Let's look at the facts (the following are quarterly profits statistics, not yearly):

For Exxon as reported by Reuters this month: "Net income in the quarter was $6.05 billion or $1.27 per share".

The story at Ford is that the "Dearborn, Mich.-based company posted a third-quarter profit of $1.69 billion, or 43 cents a share, up from $997 million, or 29 cents a share, a year ago." http://www.marketwatch.com/story/ford-profit-climb...

Let's look at another example:

"Novartis International AG is a multinational pharmaceutical company based in Basel, Switzerland, ranking number three in sales among the world-wide industry, which accounted 36.173 billon in 2008. It currently is the sixth largest pharmaceutical company in terms of revenue ($41.5 billion in 2009) with a profit margin of about 20%." http://interceder.net/list/Novartis

Most of the profits from these corporations (billions of dollars go to CEO and top executives - if someone does not believe me I can get the facts). They make money from the common people, give a tiny amount back and keep us drugged up. How would taxing them put them in a tight spot? They are making billions of dollars profit; people should be outraged! AmericanRomance is dreaming.

It is time to wake-up, throw lobbyists out of the reach of politicians and maybe then people can have a non-corrupt government.

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ShortStory 5 years ago

You seem unusually fond of the term "underclass"

junko profile image

junko 5 years ago Author

I tell you one thing ShortStory, your stories are short. Thanks for the comment. Did you give me an up vote?

profile image

Fay Paxton 5 years ago

Junko, thank you so much for coming to my hub otherwise I might not have found yours. One of the commenters said Reagan pulled the country out of a mess. Reagan is the one who started it. The first President to borrow, increasing the debt more than it had been in the two hundred years before him. When he left office the deficit was $2.6 trillion dollars ( it's $1.5 now). The sad part about Republicans is that they hold his economics up as an example when Reagan himself said that his greatest regret was that he left so much debt for the country. It's pathetic.

Only 5 Presidents have governed with a surplus. They were all Democrats. Conversely, Republicans always drive the country into debt. If the Republicans had one redeeming character, I would be glad to sing it out loudly. I gotta go before I have a stroke.


Payingattention1 5 years ago

I find your article to be very informative.Surely, they've taken our country and are now in the process of taking our Colleges.They are hopeing that once the merger

of SUNO is done it will make that much of a difference. But if they keep increasing cost on people trying to get an education, we in Louisiana won't have any college students. You pay a fortune to go to school only to find out you can't find a job when you gratuate. Take for instance a degree in Medical Billing/Coder; most places won't hire you without experience. The government is worst than a killer on the street.

junko profile image

junko 5 years ago Author

Thanks for the comment and I agree with you about education and jobs. The lack of jobs is the biggest problem the American people face, not the national debt. Jobs and the collection of taxes can solved the debt problem in America.

ForkArtJunkie profile image

ForkArtJunkie 5 years ago from USA

I gave you an up vote. :)

You have interesting Hubs, and I'll be back. As far as political views, I'm registered as Republican, but find that I disagree with them frequently. It would probably be more accurate to say that I'm actually an Independent in my views. Here's a quote from your article that made me think of a recent criticism I had of Republicans...

"The republicans support a rightish agenda that don’t support social entitlements that they say will eventually bankrupt the nation."

YET, they've fought tooth and nail to keep the tax break for the rich that President Bush implemented. That really bothered me, A LOT.

Another thing, it's a difficult economy, not enough jobs. From what I understand, companies actually get tax breaks from outsourcing. I think there are ways of regulating tax that would make it more discouraging for companies to send our jobs overseas. I would like to see that happen.

Anyway, nice reading your Hub. Have a nice day.

junko profile image

junko 5 years ago Author

Thank you, ForkArtJunkie. The Republican party is hard to follow, even by life long Republicans. It so ovious that they are not with the Republican people, if the people is not rich and powerful. You are welcome anytime, and I will learn about fork art.

ForkArtJunkie profile image

ForkArtJunkie 5 years ago from USA

You're welcome, Junko.

"The Republican party is hard to follow, even by life long Republicans."

My parents were Republican. They were responsible hard working people, with somewhat social conservative values, but were always respectful to others. They believed in being fiscally responsible, and having a smaller government. That seemed true for many they associated with, and as I grew up, these were the values that seemed "Republican" to me.

That doesn't seemed to be the case anymore. From what I've seen, at least in the last decade or so, Republicans have not supported the values of smaller government or being fiscally conservative, AT ALL. And, at least in the past few years, I've seen more pettiness and ugliness than I care to. It seems like the Republican party has been hijacked or perhaps I just have a faulty memory of what they were suppose to stand for.

"It so obvious that they are not with the Republican people, if the people is not rich and powerful."

It does seem like the Republicans have little qualms about bailing out Wall Street, yet apparently object to helping the common man out on the street. It's a shame. As far as social welfare programs for the poor, I don't believe the answer is to simply eliminate them, but to address the reasons many have come to need them (for example, lack of jobs). In that way, they can be reduced over time.

As far as the fork art...

I originally joined HubPages to promote the bracelets I was making out of forks. I never actually got around to making a Hub about them. LOL. Maybe someday...:)

junko profile image

junko 5 years ago Author

I feel your pain ForkArtJunkie. I'm not a card carrying Independent, I'm a card carrying Democrat. My views are liberal and conservative and my thinking is Independent. I support and care about the low and underclass, go figure.

Goldie 5 years ago

You got my vote for governor Junko

junko profile image

junko 5 years ago Author

Goldie, That was an encourageing comment. If you found a good read here, look under another rock.

Mary Wells 4 years ago

junko, i was just reading some of your old writing and i came this revealing insightful article. junko its like you looked into the future on the one.

junko profile image

junko 4 years ago Author

Mary, thanks for the resurrection and compliment. I didn't take a look in the future, its just been a long day. Thanks

junko profile image

junko 3 years ago Author

Stalemate equal Governmentlessness.

Atlanta Strong 2 years ago

This is another great read.

junko profile image

junko 2 years ago Author

I am so glad you took the time to read me.

Sheep 11 months ago

As usual your insights are a plus; and many who have the tunnel vision are inclined only to look straight ahead and never see short falls or even "My Mistakes"

I guess this is what makes the world go around, so we should all be grateful for never having the final decision. Someone greater than "Us" will do just fine!

Enjoyed you Junko!

junko profile image

junko 11 months ago Author

Thanks you Dear Sheep for stopping by and leaving such a thoughtful and encouraging comment about my attempt to shine a light.

junko profile image

junko 7 months ago Author

The Underclass matters as much or more in some cases than the Upperclass. Without the underclass there could be no upperclass.

junko profile image

junko 4 months ago Author

Well... We have come to the time to make a decision that we know in our heart and soul can change the World as we know it. Those of us that feel America is better off with him or her must live forever after knowing we knew better. We can't say we didn't know this would happen because the candidates talked and we listened.

junko profile image

junko 4 months ago Author

It's your vote do what you want to do, I can't tell you who to sock it to. Register and vote.

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